Veronica Gets Her Own Book

I put Rosie in Crazy for You (and called her Katie). I put Wolfie in Faking It (and called him Steve). I put Wolfie and Milton in Dogs and Goddesses (and called them Wolfie and Milton). Mona is in the Riven series (as Muffin). And now, finally, the glamour girl of the bunch is getting her due. Veronica is in Lavender’s Blue (as Veronica). (Veronica was a sort of stand-in for Marlene in Fast Women, except Marlene was brown and a con artist.)

For those of you new to Argh, this is Veronica:

Veronica is an English Cream Dachshund, a product of way too much inbreeding. I adopted her from dachshund rescue, but her original owner said she was $5000, and that was ten years ago. The reason Book Veronica, who is suspicous of everybody, prefers to be left alone , and watches everything with gimlet eyes, is because she’s works really well as an avatar of Liz.

Plus, since Book Veronica was owned by a glamour girl and her insane mother, she, like Marlene in Fast Women, has a wardrobe, only this time it’s not cool outfits like Marlene’s leather bomber jacket, it’s all girly stuff. Like this crinoline dress:

Available now on

But the best thing I found was the dress she’ll wear in Lavender’s wedding:

Reader, I have ordered that dress just so I can take pictures of Veronica in it. (It was twelve bucks, a steal).

Veronica, of course, is going to hate it, but that’s the price of fame, baby.

39 thoughts on “Veronica Gets Her Own Book

  1. OMG! I could almost go for owning a dog! (But garage apartment, remember. I must settle for letting the dotter’s dogs in to visit.)

  2. That’s fantastic! I love it. Marlene is one of my favorite characters, next to Fred, in the animal department. Veronica is a beauty.

      1. I can’t remember; didn’t the best friend buy him a jacket or something?
        I know Suze in Fast Women bought Marlene a wardrobe.

      1. Bob would never.
        Actually, neither would I. Once Liz gets hold of her, Veronica goes naked.

  3. So… humiliating dogs…now. You are a sick twisted woman; I like that.
    That dress is the best laugh I’ve had today. Can’t you picture the sewers who made this just wondering WHYYYYYY?

  4. Please, please, I can’t wait for a picture of Veronica in her wedding dress. Somebody has to make sure that gets on WeRateDogs. She will be 12/10 at least.

  5. Paul put a t-shirt on Hannah the other day. It was surprisingly easy given how wiggly she is. She put her head in all on her own.

    I’m sure Veronica is much to dignified for that…

  6. I’m sure that Veronica will make you pay for months if you try to stuff her into that. It is very cute, but are you sure it is worth the hurt looks?

    1. Veronica is okay with T-shirts. I think the crinolines and skirts would just be annoying as all hell, but the t-shirts protect her tummy, which is only about an inch and a half from the ground: very short legs.

      Now that I think of it, Liz’s big things is T-shirts. Off to google dog t-shirts.

  7. Veronica looks gorgeous. Have you and Bob ever introduced your dogs to each other?

    1. Bob and I live in different states. He’s come to stay a couple of time and met some of my dogs, but that was long ago. I think he’s met Veronica but I’m not sure.

    1. Huh. No, she’s about eleven.
      Wonder who I based Marlene on. Milton was a long hair but he wasn’t around in 2001. That would have been Bernie and Lucy (not dachshunds).

      1. A case of precognition maybe?
        I remember you got Veronica and Milton in one fell swoop, together with Mona and another dachshund who didn’t stay long, because her previous owners decided they wanted to keep her after all. Very strange people.

        1. You have an excellent memory.
          Mona was a gift with purchase with Lyle. He stayed for two years and was a darling, but he was a puppy mill dog and was born with renal disease, and we lost him to that. I still miss him like crazy.

          1. O yes, I remember you blogging about giving Lyle his medication.
            That’s the terrible thing about pets, they die so soon. On the other hand that’s also a good thing. How could you take in a creature that you knew would outlive you? Who would look after them after you’re gone?

      2. I love Milton. I know you don’t listen to your audiobooks… but I have Dogs & Goddesses on audio and the readers did so great on the dog voices. Made me love little Milton all the more!

  8. Is Veronica a diva-dog? If so, she will love dresses for the attention they get her. Speaking from years of watching people dress up dogs and cats for holidays.

    1. No. Veronica just wants to be left alone unless you have cookies or chicken McNuggets. It’s taken her ten years to warm up to me, and she’s still not sure.

  9. The farthest I’ve gone is atttempting Xmas pictures with my Shelties in reindeer antlers. None of them have been amused. Haven’t tried it with Pixie yet but she won’t even look at the camera. So I’m guessing more doggy disgust if I do.

  10. I’m sorry but I’m going to need to report all you people to the ASPCA.

  11. Cooper is notorious for looking away right when you snap what would be an adorable pic of him.

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