Working Wednesday, March 9, 2022

What’s working: My new 16″ laptop which is a beast. Also me, trying to set it up, which is pretty easy considering this one magically has all my passwords in it. I think the magic in this case is the Cloud, but damn did that make getting back up to speed easier. I have no idea what my WordPress password is, I haven’t used it since 2006. But here we are.

What’s not working: My old computer which has a dead motherboard and is now being recycled at the Apple Store, along with all its data. Most of my stuff was in Dropbox, and I’m praying my desktop is in the Cloud because that’s where the last year plus of Nita rewrites was. Along with many, many post-it notes and downloaded files. Yes, I will remember not to do that in the future. Also not working: Word, which I have been using since forever. I may just change to Pages since it’s free on the computer and will import from Word, and I don’t use 90% of the Word bells and whistles anyway. Still haven’t gotten the Dropbox logo in the menu bar. Still haven’t found my desktop stuff. Still feeling like a deer in headlights after this past couple Weeks From Hell.

Sigh. What did you work on this week?