Happiness is Warm(er) Weather

We got a break in the cold for a couple of days, and I feel like I just woke up. It’s snowing again now, but next week is supposed to be wonderful again. At first I felt a little dumb for being so responsive to the weather, but then I realized that bad weather is like bad decorating, it just wears you down with the wrongness of the backdrop, so it’s not weird that I need my outdoor wallpaper to be sunny and warm. C’mon spring. I have books to write.

How did happiness warm you this week?

59 thoughts on “Happiness is Warm(er) Weather

  1. I am in Central Texas so I hate tocomplain about the weather to any of you who live with ice and/or snow for weeks at a time regularly. My happiness specifically came from realizing we dodged a bullet a little over a week ago when we only had two days of ice disruption. A year ago, the Snowpocalypse started here in Texas- we had no idea how the whole state would be in chaos for a week!

    Happy Galentine’s Day 💕

  2. I have a case of the Sunday blues again. It was a good week with lots of nice things like Indian food and family visits, but I worked at the day job for the first half of yesterday and then spent the rest of the daylight hours in a windowless auditorium, painting a set for the local high school. So I missed the sun and today is gray. I will feel better once I get up and get going…

  3. I think I suffer from a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I started collecting flashlights, years ago, and I have a lot of them, now. I don’t collect them any more. Then there was the RubberMaid (and Ziploc and other) storage containers. I’ve given away all but the RubberMaid – I like my stuff to match, a little. Heck, I bought a four-pack this past week. Never mind. It made me happy. 🙂

    My latest obsession is hydroponic gardening. As of today, I have two QYO 12-pod systems and four Click&Grow 3-pod systems. I’m growing basil, salad greens, green onions, two kinds of tomatoes, bok choi (AKA bok choy, pak choy, and pak choi), four kinds of hot peppers and two bell peppers. And that’s with three unused pods, waiting on a decision. Whatever I decide, I’ll be happy. 🙂

    I love the extra light. I love the green growing things. I’m looking forward to the harvest(s). I’ll still need to shop the grocery stores, but I love the idea of adding fresh produce that I, me, myself, grew to whatever I cook. This makes me happier. 🙂

    I don’t think I’ll be adding another system, though anything is possible. Another of my obsessions is spreadsheets, and I’m starting one to total up the energy usage of everything that’s plugged in. I think the garage is served by only three or four breakers in the main box, and I don’t want to start popping breakers. Wouldn’t be prudent. Wouldn’t make me happy. But the spreadsheet? Happy! 🙂

  4. I have discovered that there is a Medicare “Advantage” version available to me that gives me better coverage for less money starting in April. I am thrilled.

    With my boss out of town for 3 months, it’s good/bad. More relaxing in some ways, more stressful doing some things over the phone. The happy this week was that both my coworkers came in (1st time this year for part timer, 2nd time while I was there for graphic designer) and we reorganized the basement storage area and made it SO much more usable and uncluttered. This was definitely a three person job, and I LIKE both of them, so it was a good day.

    Doing my annual period of eating virtue, and my blue jeans are fitting better again. Friday marks the end of extreme virtue with pizza, hopefully followed by more weeks of moderation. Since DH had dental surgery and couldn’t chew for weeks, we have not had pizza since December, so it is a great anticipatory happy.

    1. I am scheduled for dental surgery and no chewing in a few weeks. Any recipe recommendations?

      Enjoy your pizza!

      1. I haven’t had that kind of dental surgery (yet, knock on wood), but these are the things I go for with a really sore throat.

        A slow-cooked oatmeal porridge (with or without raisins) and a little sugar and cinnamon.
        Some people like their oatmeal hearty instead of sweet – I’ve seen online recioes but never tried them.

        Yoghurt with brown sugar and a finely sliced banana.

        Vanilla custard, maybe served with a dollop of jam or fruit preserves to stir in while eating and make it more interesting.

        Go for different kinds of fruit purees or stewed fruit for a fresh taste, not just applesauce (without sugar), but rhubarb, or stewed cooking pears in small bits. Canned peaches in thin slices cut in half will also slide right down.

        Thick soups; if you have a blender you can make any chunky vegetable-rich soup easy to swallow without chewing, otherwise you have to chop the veggies real fine and cook them extra soft, and my throat would still object to the different textures.

        I can also eat pasta cooked soft with a smoothish sauce with a sore throat, but I’m not sure if that would work without any chewing at all.

        The same goes for mashed potatoes, with extra milk or (ham* and) cheese sauce added to make them more liquid and help them slide down.
        * the thin slices of ham used on bread, cut into small pieces and stirred into cheese sauce go well with mashed potatoes.

        1. You can melt lots of grated cheese through mashed spud, to give it protein too. And it tastes good!

      2. He did a lot of putting soup through the blender. Chicken styles seemed to work better than beef, except he found he could put no-bean chili through the blender, and that was a very popular choice with him. Hanneke’s suggestions look good too, he definitely ate yogurt.

      3. The only thing I could add to Hanneke‘s or Michelle‘s lists are smoothies and milkshakes. If calories are a problem (either way – too many or not enough), there are Atkins diet milkshakes – I’m fond of the Dark Chocolate Royale – or the Boost meal canned drink. Or others of that ilk. (rhymes with milk.)

  5. Had lunch with a friend – we ordered pizza from a local restaurant and ate at my house. The latest round of restrictions were listed last week and restaurants are now open but we decided on take out.

    I wrote a presentation on how to plan your garden plot for the community garden and another Board member and I presented it virtually. No one had signed up in advance so we were pleasantly surprised to have 20 participants. It’s the first educational event we’ve done at the garden and I was pleased with the results.

    The temperatures were up around 0 Celsius this week but dropped significantly overnight. Back to multiple layers and ski socks when I walk the dog.

  6. A friend returned to town who spent a month away looking for a new house on the other side of the country. Her husband is selling his business and wants to buy a home (Santa Barbara, CA) where it’s warmer than here (Conway, MA). They didn’t find a house on this first trip, but will find one eventually.

    So I am extremely happy to have spent yesterday afternoon with her. It’s like sunlight — I’ll enjoy the times I have with her.

  7. We had our next door neighbors over for dinner. We had been being extra cautious due to omicron so it was lovely to do something quietly social. I think this is one of the hardest parts for me of the pandemic: we used to have people over for dinner almost every weekend . Often twice.

    That’s a marital saga actually. My mom would maybe host a dinner once a year and it was a major production. The whole house had to be cleaned, she had to make everything from scratch, and she was extremely anxious. So when we got married the idea of casually inviting people over at the last minute made me very very stressed. Having people over felt like a big deal which you would only do occasionally. Plus I actually wanted family time with the kids so even with advance planning I felt like once a month was a lot.

    My husband grew up in an Italian American family where all 8 of his moms siblings lived within an hours drive and could show up at any time and expect to be included in meals with no warning. And his parents did the same to her siblings. The idea that you might want to wait to be invited over to was new to him. And he would invite people at the drop of a hat. He would be happy having people for every meal on a weekend. He didn’t understand why I would get upset when he would issue invitations without checking with me. (Some of this was also due to his traveling for work a quarter of the year leaving me to single parent; he wanted to see his friends when he was home and I wanted time to decompress and relax when I wasn’t solely responsible for kids and homemaking on top of a full time job. Also he’s an extrovert and I’m an introvert.)

    We eventually found a happy medium where he asks me before inviting, he often does the main course cooking and I do sides/dessert (especially since we got a pizza oven), we had people once or maybe twice a weekend, I didn’t feel like they had to be really fancy, I could say too much when I needed time alone…

    And now the pandemic has completely thrown our rhythm off. I hope we get back to it someday.

    In other happiness our bulbs are coming up, mens figure skating was amazing, DS first date didn’t work but he had a date with someone else yesterday that apparently went well, and DS and I are bonding over many many text messages about the Kamila Valieri drug test. I do feel awful for her—it’s so clearly something her coach made her do, maybe without even telling her it was a banned drug, and she is such an amazing skater. But I still hope they don’t let her skate because it’s the only way to protect these very young athletes from their coaches doping them and doing who knows what long term damage to their bodies. Really they should ban the coach from skating permanently—the drugs come on top of making her athletes starve, train 12 hours a day, not even drink water during competition so they won’t be too heavy to jump, use a bad jumping technique that damages their backs to get that fourth revolution, and what it has meant is all her athletes drop out of skating before they hit 20 with permanently damaged bodies .

    As you can see this gives DS and me a lot to talk about.

    Also my neighbor on the other side , with whom we have a very distant relationship (not bad, but distant) told me how much she enjoys my daughters Instagram. There is a special pleasure in having other people realize how great your kids are. I have no idea how she even found Sarah’s Instagram.

  8. For busy people … going out to eat with friends at a restaurant is best … everyone can order what they want, they can get separate cheques and you don’t have to host/hostess. Otherwise it is like some comedian said, after you have kids, if you have people round and know people will drop in uninvited … you just put out a few bowls of crisps and cheesy snacks and tell people to bring their own booze.

    1. I don’t think having people over for less than a meal is in my husband’s universe. Even when he invites people over for “drinks” there is food but his default is always a meal.

      This isn’t our biggest culture clash—his family does full Catholic masses after 4 days of open casket masses. Mine does cremation and no ceremonies and I only learned 22 years after my grandfather died what happened to his ashes. My mom learned at tbt same time. My Grandmother never did. And he was the love of her life — for the 40 years she was a widow she periodically got hysterical about his death, she just didn’t care what happened to tbe body. Come to think of it I don’t know where her ashes are and I probably should ask before I have to deal with them as my moms executor. I mean, if they are in a box somewhere I should know what to look for . I know she has my dads and her last dog somewhere . I guess I should ask about that too…

      1. I didn’t do my husbands family approach to death full justice. Suffice it to say that when one of his uncles died suddently one of the sisters fell on tbe body in tbe casket and shook it crying “wake up wake up”.

        Some of our hardest conversations were about whether our kids should go to their grandparents funerals—dh thought all the decendents should be there as a matter of respect and I was more concerned about the impact on young kids’ psychology. ( one kid was 5 when grandma died; when grandpa died she was 11 and our son was 5. Neither went to wakes : daughter went to funerals with an adult who could take her out; son skipped funeral; both went to the post funeral meals. It was a stressful process getting to this. )

      2. In our culture, there has to be enough food to make sure guests leave stuffed should they wish to stuff themselves. Our wedding banquets are more about stamina… if you last the distance, they finish with oranges to cleanse the palate and some teeny desserts, they give you a paper bag to take the little biscuits home.

        Yes ask your mother where the ashes are, she probably didn’t label them and she might have put them in the garden or something or in an ugly vase, you don’t check and give away to charity. So it will be helpful later

      3. My dad’s ashes were scattered somewhere over the ocean, don’t know where. Mom’s second husband’s ashes were taken out to sea on a fishing vessel off the Oregon Coast. Mom, my aunt, and I illegally deposited the ashes og Grandma and her dog in the outgoing tide at an Oregon Beach and I did the same with Mom’s and her dog’s ashes. The only funeral I’ve been to was my little brother’s (he was 18). We only did that because he was upset that Dad was cremate and there was no funeral. (And it wasn’t like he was around to be upset about no funeral. What the living do …) I hated it. So just little get together of friends and family for Mom and Grandma and that was so much more pleasant and comforting. Don’t want to go to another funeral ever again.

        1. I am so sorry. Losing a sibling is hard. I have grown to appreciate memorial services as a way to support the survivors and share good memories but I will never understand the fixation on the body.

  9. This week’s happy was cumulative, over the last year or two, with a new iteration this week. I’ve been getting to know my friends’ kids as adults, and they’re becoming friends in their own rights. Which is just so much fun. One I’ve mentioned before — she did a little quilting with me over the years and was the recipient of several quilts from me but was never wild about doing it herself. Until a couple years ago, when she dove into it wildly, and now I get to watch her enjoy something that I also enjoy. (And I just got her to read Murderbot, since we talk books too.)

    And then there’s another friend’s daughter, who has asked me for advice on publishing and we’re working together to make her a quilted coat (well, I’m doing the sewing; she’s doing the designing and sourcing of materials and cheerleading — it’s in lieu of a housewarming quilt that we could never decide on a design for). But what really amused me this week was finding an overlap in our interests that neither of us knew about. I follow a freelance writer on Twitter who sometimes tweets asking for people she can interview for stories. They always sound so interesting, and it’s become my goal in life to have the expertise she needs for a story someday. So when the writer asked for someone who had the skills that my friend’s daughter has, I contacted the daughter to encourage her to be interviewed. And it turned out that, while the friend’s daughter doesn’t know the writer through Twitter, she knew/admired her (virtually) in a different context/medium.

    And on a different topic, I’d be remiss if I didn’t spread the happy around by reminding everyone that the Romancing the Vote auction starts tomorrow (Monday), and you can find links to both Jenny’s donation and the joint donation by Deb and me here: https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/74830/auctions/118039?t=search&v=crusie And there’s literally hundreds of other fun things listed (including a Murderbot signed special edition), and if you follow @RomancingVote on Twitter, you can laugh at the trash talk among bidders for the most popular items. A lot of things will go for prices that leave me (and lots of people) in the dust, but there are always some less expensive things (I MUST have a magnet, and there are some cute laptop stickers) so everyone can participate.

  10. I am super tired from rehearsal (also now rehearsing an online show at the same time) and set building, but things are getting done. Woot. My playwright friend submitted a play to the theater I performed at pre-pandemic (their 10 minute play festival has been operating online in pandemic) and got an email saying hers has been chosen to be done locally with local cast–either in person, online or both, doesn’t sound like they’ve decided yet–with my old director! I hope to get in it, but at the very least I’m happy she got in. I’m also happy the theater group isn’t totally “on hiatus” because it’s been sounding pretty hopeless on the rumor mill about them ever coming back.

    I have also heard from the crush (yeah, yeah, I know…). He didn’t give me a Christmas gift this year and Christmas gifts are a big thing for him, so I felt like complete shit about it, especially since I’d already gotten him one. I presumed it was because I asked him out and he didn’t want to and that just made things awkward. I ended up dropping it off when he wasn’t there and we haven’t really discussed it since, but I have felt bad about the whole thing and have been all “I guess this is a hint that he wants to stop gift giving with me.” Well, apparently he now has gifts for everyone and wants to have some kind of get-together for gift swapping. Go figure. I’m not sure what to make of Christmas presents in February, mind you, but okay, I guess…so I feel better on that score. I’m not sure exactly when that’s going to happen since one person keeps not being able to do things (I’m bummed it didn’t happen yesterday), but hey, that’s something.

    Ugh, now I have to figure out a birthday present, don’t I? Heck if I know.

    1. Make cookies, yum , actually you live in America so you have a range of frozen cookie dough couldn’t be easier, Make cookies of type he will like, buy those coloured icing writing tubes and write different letters on them for Happy Birthday… put in tin. Present, job done, eat left over cookies

      1. Sadly not an option since he has a dairy allergy and I am not good at cooking in general, much less in the “not killing someone” sort of way. Good idea if that wasn’t the case, though!

    2. Christmas presents in February would rock. If it’s after the 14th you could give some awesome candy for 1/2 price. But I move holidays around because I usually work them, and I haven’t mailed my Christmas cards yet.

  11. I’ve been very happy with the lovely sunny weather we’ve had this weekend, even though the wind is still quite cold. It really feels like the (too early) start of spring, with early spring bulbs blooming and the birds starting to make more twittering sounds. There is even a small dove sitting on a nest over my kitchen window! She is way too early, but maybe that will help her avoid the magpies which raided that same nest when she tried there last year.
    Even if the dreary wintery cold, wet and windy weather returns, we will have had this chance to recharge our sunlight-batteries on a few days when we could go outside and feel good.

  12. Lots of happy this week. Most of it due to the return of sunshine that started at the beginning of this month; January was all freezing fog with very little break and yes, that does wear you down. I spent a lot of the week outdoors doing a ton of little jobs in the gardens, and seeing everything coming back to life after the winter, seeing how well all my additions planted last fall are doing, fills me with happy. I got some art prints, a trail identification guide and a book on heritage plants from the local native plant organization to bring the outside in and also plan outdoor adventures to look forward to. Happiness is sunshine and plants. : )

    1. ” Happiness is sunshine and plants. : )”

      Darn skippy! Two of my cherry tomato plants were not sprouting, when all their sisters had. I swapped their pods for the biggest bushes in case it was a water flow or lighting problem and today, sproing!, up comes a shoot. I gave up on one yellow pear tomato and substituted a black cherry tomato pod, which I will expect results from in 4 to 10 days.

      Happiness is sunshine and plants. : )

      1. Gary, could you mention again what hydroponic gardening pods you are using? I know you mentioned the setup before, but I can’t find it.

        I’m no good at growing seedlings in earth, most of them die; I think I over-water them because often the tiny stems rot, but if I try to water a bit less they dry out and shrivel up and die from that.

        This hydroponic stuff is starting to sound like it might work, I don’t think that would be possible to overwater in the same way?

        1. I posted to my blog, rather than take up space in Jenny’s – and it let me include pictures. It isn’t complete. I’ll edit it to add links, later.

          If this doesn’t address your question, ask again. I love this stuff.

        2. As much as I love water gardening, I am quite cross that two of my AeroGarden seed pods are failing to sprout at all. From the Heirloom Salad Greens kit, Lettuce, Rouge d’Hiver and Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson are no-shows. On the box it says, “Germination Guaranteed” and “See enclosed Warranty for details.” All my other lettuces are thriving.

          Oh! On the other side of the box, it says they’ll replace anything that fails to germinate after 21 days, and numbers to call. They have a little more time.

          (I was blaming my black thumb. But I have thriving greenery, so…)

  13. My joy this week was calling an electrician and having them coming to see us early this week. Maybe Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. That’s kind of broad, but I was thinking it might be weeks, so I’m happy about that.
    Also got a new editing job, so that’s exciting!
    Spent lovely warm yesterday not walking in the woods, but sitting at a bar with a friend I’ve barely seen these last two years. We caught up some, and laughed a lot. It wasn’t ALL day, but late day drinking was involved. I love me a nice bar, I like the bustle and splash, and the shiny bottles and glasses.

  14. Having an unexpected break from the day job, and finally (on the third go) getting into my groove with editing my slides. Plus several get-togethers with friends. And planting my new apple tree.

  15. We’re at the opposite end of the scale where I am, and the heat is leaving me feeling wilted and drained.

    In spite of that, I’m making serious inroads into the chaos, and there are very few boxes and pikes of random stuff left to sort and clear. I’m also adding to my dressing gown collection and making a gorgeous Easter dressing gown with the cutest fabric that makes me smile every time I see it.

  16. The BIG happy for this week is that the latest greatling has arrived; she’s a couple weeks early but she and her Mom are both doing well.
    I hope to have her baby quilt finished before she starts school☺. Her Mom and I have very different tastes in color and it’s challenging to work on something you wouldn’t normally let in the door.

  17. The warmth made most of the ice disappear. The cold’s back but will only last about 3 days.

    I did my taxes. I’m so happy that’s done.

    My sister’s visit went well.Still. it’s nice to be just Pixie and me again.

    1. I love doing my taxes at the earliest possible instant. I mentioned sometime last week that the federal refund was direct deposited on Feb 2. Yesterday, I received a state refund, a paper check. But because someone in this garage had forgotten to pay his personal property tax (on his car, the delinquent!), said taxes were withheld from the refund. Ironically, I paid those property taxes, plus a fine, plus a penalty, during the week. So, I paid them twice. I’m going to sit back and wait until they bill me for this year’s personal property and claim a credit to apply.

  18. It’s a social weekend here. Today we went out (!) and had brunch with a couple of friends, outdoors at a gastropub in Torrance. Hours of chat on all kinds of topics.

    Tomorrow I have two health-maintenance appointments and then I’m picking up a fancy cake to take to our friends’ house, where we will be dining al fresco. Four people other than us in one weekend is a LOT.

    DH is now settling in to watch at least the first half of this big sportsball game that’s going on; meanwhile I’m intending to finish the novella-in-progress. Which means not opening my email or, gods forbid Facebook. It’s a pleasant sunny breezy day, and being social was (though exhausting) really lovely.

  19. I’m absurdly happy over switching the layout of my countertops in the kitchen, giving me easier access to the microwave and toaster oven. It’s the little things.

    This weekend I had coffee with a friend who’s moved 3 hours away, and a 90-minute conversation with another friend who moved 5 hours away. Makes me so happy to talk with each of them. And church went well this morning, by which I mean I managed not to trip over my alb or fall on the stairs. Also managed not to give in to a coughing fit in the middle of speaking.

  20. Last week I reported receiving a bunch of scans of old family snapshots from my cousin, who is scanning them while watching football. One was of me age ten months with a babysitter, the daughter of the couple my parents rented a studio apartment from at the time. I did a bit of searching, and after one wrong attempt, sent a FB message to someone of the same last name with a link to Staten Island, asking if by any chance he was related to the late so-and-so. Message back, “he was my grandfather.” I forthwith asked if his grandmother was still living — she is! — and sent him the scan of the picture with a little explanation. He’s supposed to have spoken to his grandmother today. Feeling chuffed!

    1. Ooh! That’s a great find! I really enjoy reading about Ann’s genealogical excavations. It’s a nice thought that people are extending the knowledge of a whole family for future individuals who will have their own areas of curiosity to satisfy.

      1. I have to say that 95% of our ancestors were farmers and their wives — it took 95 people farming to support 5 people living in an urban area who weren’t farmers, but who probably had a kitchen garden patch and perhaps a couple of fruit trees near the house. Then mechanical harvesting machinery was invented. Most of them seem to have led pretty quiet lives.

  21. My happy is kind of odd: I’ve been staying in a hotel for the last week and still don’t know I will get back into the house. A hot water pipe broke in the concrete slab foundation (Texas…) so there’s been not hot water for more than two weeks. But the owner has great insurance so they are paying for temporary accommodations. We have two rooms, but only two of us are staying here full time (yeah, weird), so I have a spacious one bedroom suite all ro myself, except for the very infrequent roommate wanting a hot shower. After living almost entirely in just a bedroom with attached bath for two years, I hadn’t realized how compressed I’d been feeling. Here at the hotel, I’m feeling lighter, not squished, and my brain is coming back. I don’t care how long it takes to fix the leak and redo the concrete and flooring — I’m fine to stay here for as long as I can! (Plus there’s amazing free breakfast every morning!)

  22. Also weather! An excess of weather. Went to Wellington for the weekend for a birthday party weekend (well, a couple of hours drive from Wellington), and hello Cyclone Dovi! Wettest Feb day on record. Road closures, surface flooding, cancelled flights. It’s not on at all. But great party, and it makes for a good story. And we did a chocolate tasting experience, so win.

    And this joke ha ha ha ha.

    It’s being told from the commentary box during a cricket game, it’s not about cricket but if you’ve never heard cricket commentary you might have a wtf moment at the interruptions. (How many overs is this going to take?).

    https://youtu.be/5Y3AXzZqg2k it’s worth the 90 seconds, really.

  23. Not poss to redecorate New Jersey in order to write. : (

    If northeast winter an impediment to writing, can always move to Florida where the wallpaper (flora) and people (fauna?) were good to Carl Hiaasen! : )

  24. Happiness is all 3 of us now testing negative, and so DS is back at school, DH back at work, and I’m back at large (Not really. I’ve been doing a lot of catch-up housework, but it’s really nice to know I *can* go out if I want to…) 🙂

    Re Judy’s comment: some of my house shenanigans involved tidying the utility room, which routinely turns into a catch-all dumping ground, and it is so lovely to be able to walk in there without all of the things-I’m-supposed-to-have-sorted-out yelling at me. Of course several of the outstanding projects have been moved to the garage, rather than actually been sorted out, but the yelling is so much quieter from there…

  25. The thing that has been bugging me about the weather this winter is also something that brings some periodic joy. I am in the mid-Atlantic section of the U.S. east coat — between Richmond and central New Jersey. This morning the temperature was 18 degrees F. (about -7 or -8 degrees C.); two days from now the high afternoon temperature is predicted to be 67 degrees F. (about 19 degrees C.). You go from 3 layers of clothing and space heaters in the rooms where we sit, t0 summer clothes dug out of drawers and um… where did I put my light weight socks again?

    The sad part is going from the latter temps to the former ones. The joy comes from that afternoon where you ditch everything and rejoice in the sunshine and promise of spring ahead. I’ve pencilled happiness in for Thursday afternoon. 🙂

  26. I’m not really commenting on your post – I’m in the UK and we have a joyful storm on the way. I was wondering whether it was likely that you’d be adding Agnes and the Hitman on Kindle in the UK at any point. It isn’t available and it is one of my favourites. Can’t find my hardback! Desperate for a fun re read! Sorry to trouble you. Love your books.

    1. I don’t have any control over that, Katy. I thought it was available.
      What’s a joyful storm?
      Oh, and welcome to Argh!

    1. Lol! What a delightful vignette. Makes me want to hand wash dishes. I’ll need to look for–hmm–turquoise dishware that would go with my yellow Rubbermaids.

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