Happiness is Something To Look Forward To

My fingers are ice as I type this, but it’s going to be in the forties here all next week starting tomorrow. I am so looking forward to that. Okay, what I really want is spring, and it will be here in about six to eight weeks but in the meantime, I’m happy just knowing my fingers will thaw out next week.

What made you happy this week?

79 thoughts on “Happiness is Something To Look Forward To

  1. I did tiny things to improve my warmth situation. I probably mentioned them already, but I’m old so here it comes again.

    I (when I’m home) drive a wedge into crack between the wall and the door, which forces the door “more closed” and up against the door strips. It stopped a draft.

    I disassembled a 40 gallon lawn and leaf (translucent) bag which almost perfectly covered the (only) window and taped it securely in place. As it covers the air conditioner, it stopped the window draft(s).

    I deployed a second 1500 watt heater to augment the output of the first. Now I have to toggle them between high and low settings to keep the room below 80°F/27°C. And I like it warm, so I can sit around in boxers and bathrobe.

    The week is forecast to be cold, but I’m toasty, so…

    (Because I’m happy)
    Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
    (Because I’m happy)
    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
    (Because I’m happy)
    Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
    (Because I’m happy)
    Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do


    1. Digging up the post where Jenny posted Pharrell singing this song will make me happy, too. Thanks for the reminder.

    2. I’m failing to visualize the wedge well enough to imitate it. One of my favorite places to read is not comfortable in winter because my feet are directly in front of the door. Not near it, but right in the path.

      1. A better description of the wedge position is eye level between the door and the jamb, three feet above the doorknob. Anywhere up there, give or take a foot, works for my door. The door doesn’t latch properly, but it does have rubber seals, so when I jam in the wedge, the door pushes more securely into the seals. It also closes more fully.

        There’s also a storm door, which does latch, and I keep it latched so the wind doesn’t blow open my unlockable door. (Which it used to do before the storm door was installed.) The storm door never stopped the draft, but the wedhe seems to.

      2. Mary Anne, if the draft from your door is along the floor, you could use a draft stopper instead of a wedge. That is a long thin tube of fabric (about 3 inches high when stuffed) and as long as your door is wide (or slightly longer).
        You can buy them or make them yourself. There are also rubber strips you can stick on your door.
        If you haven’t got fabric, two knee-high socks sewn together at the opening should do.
        Stuff it with pillow stuffing (or old nylons), but not drum-tight.
        With the door closed, stuff it in front of the gap along the bottom of your door.

        Alternatively, if the draft is important for air circulation, e.g. if you’ve got an open fire or gas-fired boiler, you need to get your feet off the floor by using a footstool (a crate and pillow works for that), and maybe a lap robe for over your legd.

        1. Oh, I have foot stools everywhere. Also thermal underwear.
          The only perceptible draft from the door is at the top. Yet the weather-stripping appears to fit as closely there as anywhere else. This is why I was interested in a wedge solution.

          1. Let me back the story up. Once upon a time, the door locked.

            Then I added a door shoe organizer with 24 (6 high by 4 wide) net shoe pouches. It’s screwed directly to the door, rather than using the hooks it came with. Then I filled most of the pouches with stuff like masking tape rolls, gardening gloves, facemasks, extension cords, disposable raincoats, tool kits… miscellaneous stuff.

            Then I added a Steel Over the Door Six Double-Hook Hanging Rack for hanging coats, and frankly, pants (I don’t want to go out without them). It has also accumulated bungee cords and scarves and some re-usable shopping boxes and bags.

            The door is the tiniest bit out of kilter in its frame. If I removed the coats and pants – everything on that rack and the rack itself, the door might straighten up enough to latch, and I might not need the wedge. Maybe not. I need that storage.

  2. The temperatures are too high here (ca 6 C) and it’s stormy.
    Not to sound cybical, but I’m happy that most buildings here are well insulated. No comparison to Finland (fantastic!), but still. There’s govermental pressure/encouragement to get one’s building in top shape energy-wise (Energieausweis).
    We live in a block of flats -which is the norm in our bigger cities – and this provides a kind of insulation in itself – warmth from the nextdoor flats or at least no extra cold.
    So, when I’m reading what so many of you have to endure, I’m thankful (not exactly happy) that I can sit here in my shortsleeved nighty, barefoot, knowing that my felt slippers provid all the extra warmth needed.

  3. I’m deliriously happy with one exception.

    I’m happy because I have a goal for exercising, researching, and relearning French: we’re going to France in April. Happy, happy!

    The exception is my husband’s score on a prostate test which means he’s taking high-powered antibiotics in hopes that the number merely indicates an infection. Last week he awakened covered with a rash. He only phoned his doctor when a friend insisted that we rush to the ER. Turns out, the next dose could have killed him. So, he’s on another antibiotic. He expects to be sent to a urologist in March, but we just don’t know. So we’re making the trip short enough to accommodate doctors and tests if need be. Nail-biting happy — nothing like living on the edge.

        1. Don’t know if this will help (and it may be TMI), but my brother had really high numbers from his PSA test. He went to a urologist and they had to do a biopsy (which sounds as awful as it apparently was). Bottom line, they found cancer in one of the 14 biopsy sites. It was so small that the doctor doesn’t even want to see him for six more months. Don’t get the antibiotics, but my bro didn’t need them apparently. Good thoughts and prayers for you and your husband both. France in April sounds wonderful.

  4. We just installed an over-the-stove microwave to replace the ancient one that was there. I’m thankful that we succeeded (and are still married).

    My quilting bee meets this week, with our big round-robin reveal. I’m really looking forward to that. And my own quilting projects have been going well, which is wonderful.

  5. My birthday is this week and I am looking forward to it. I am scheduled for a half day at work, completely coincidental, which is fun and have plans to have lunch with my aunt. I keep looking at my coworkers and the weather thinking, now which one of you is going to screw this up for me? A little cynical, I know, but not without warrent. Still, I have had a productive weekend, which feels good and am almost ready for the long work week.

  6. My big happy this week was submitting my final assignments and finishing my Horticulture program. It’s a college diploma and I pursued it out of interest and to keep my brain active post-retirement. It certainly did that. There were some challenges, but I met some great people and started volunteering with two local gardens.

    My city is currently the site of a large protest/occupation by truckers which has shut down the inner core. It’s ostensibly about vaccine mandates but seems to have devolved to a collection of far right grievances, including swastikas, 16 hrs of honking and harassment of anyone wearing a mask. DS’s coop assignment is downtown and busses weren’t running into the core, so I drove him back and forth last week. It involved some creative navigating as different roads were jammed on various days. The protest is going into it’s 2nd week and no signs of resolution, so more driving DS this week.

    DH and I booked our flight to visit friends in another province in March. We’re going to cross-country ski, hike and enjoy great company and delicious food.

  7. I am slowly assembling an English vintage tea set as a wedding present for my eldest niece who is getting married in May. I am buying trios (teacup, saucer and dessert plate), each with a different flower pattern.
    On a walk along the estuary, I found a lovely trio decorated with violets in an antiques shop (for the princely sum of £5.00).
    I have no idea if she’ll like the present but I am certainly enjoying looking at lots of lovely china and choosing which to buy.

    1. I have very fond memories of having tea with my aunt and using her collection of different china teacups (many of which she gave to me). Now I am the aunt and can share this treat with another generation or two. In between tea parties they grace the top of my bookcase and remind me of someone who was very dear to me. Which explains why I think this is a wonderful present to give to your niece. Since you are having a good time assembling the set, it counts as a double win.

    2. Reminds me of Agatha Christie’s Harlequin Tea Set, a tea set is a lovely gift and since it isn’t identical, she won’t be afraid to use it

  8. The kitties have been hanging around with me while I am on the computer. Teeger brought me a toy to throw for him, and kept bringing it back to be re-thrown. Usually only Sasha does that (he was just into chasing today, I had to keep going to retrieve the toy). DH is usually in charge of playing, so I was proud that my efforts were deemed acceptable.

    Somehow I managed to buy ground bison instead of ground beef at the grocery store. DH is having digestive trouble lately and didn’t want to chance it, so I took it back. After I explained, and the lovely woman at the grocery said “What tipped you off, the picture of the bison on the label?” and I said”no, that went right by me.” We had a laugh.

    Since I was out, I procured some Dove chocolate squares wrapped in red foil, to hand out to anyone who is being seasonal next weekend for Valentine’s and my fellow Jazzercisers, whether they are seasonal or not. I don’t know why this entertains me so much, but for $5 I can be the Valentine fairy to people in the deli department, or FedEx, and it pleases me.

    1. I had a colleague at my last job who made sure every holiday was well-celebrated. We usually got small bags of things like seasonally appropriate notepads and pencils, along with candy. It was always a real treat, and he had fun doing it. So, good for you for spreading joy!

  9. I had Covid this week and I am feeling much better now. I had a week off work but didn’t feel like doing anything.
    I have started planning my garden, which makes me happy. I love spring.

  10. I spent far too much money again. A dress I truly don’t need and food items. I mean, I’ve been making those date and almond cocoa balls I’d posted about on here before easily. https://www.woolworths.co.za/content/recipe/kids-favourites/date-oat-cocoa-balls/_/A-cmp205798 I did it without the maple syrup. I don’t NEED maple syrup. Reader, I bought the authentic maple syrup for the newest batch. Along with almond flour.

    However, the free of processed-sugar treats make me less likely to buy other sweet snacks, so THAT makes me happy.

    I’m happy that I made the decision to start the exercise routine because it’s helped my mood improve. I laugh more easily now and I laugh for longer. I’m also back to cracking myself up with my self-talk.

    Tomorrow all 628± children are expected to return to full time schooling. I will have a full complement of grade ones sitting next to each other without any distancing. Send me Mighty Thor-like vibes please, or Cap-swinging-Mjolnir vibes. Muchos Gracias in advance.

    1. I’m sending you a mind-triggered comfort-zone-covering energy field which provides 8″ to 12″ (you choose the setting) of virus/bacteria/dust/anything protection for your entire body. Totally invisible to children and adults whose nose schnoze, finger stickiness, and omicron-laden breaths — all aimed at you — will be instantly nullifed and destoyed.

      Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.

    2. I will send you all the protective vibes I can find. I’ll also remind you that since you have been teaching a number of years, your immune system is probably stronger than average.

    3. I believe that a full complement of first graders is a very good reason to buy the good maple syrup. Since I’m in New England, of course I believe that the real maple syrup is its own justification.
      Good luck with school!

  11. I’m looking forward to the end of heating-bill season, which can’t come soon enough!

    My big happy this week was seeing a new medical journal article that addressed an issue for my rare disorder that I’m worried about, and no one had faced head-on until now (a trend toward children getting access to a new, expensive treatment, but not adults, who are wrongly considered to be not suffering enough to justify the cost — I’m fortunate to have access, but so many other patients are suffering unnecessarily and their symptoms are worsening daily, even though this treatment could stop the progression before it’s disabling). We’re seeing this issue now, but there’s such an avalanche of new treatments for rare disorders coming down the pipeline, that I bet it’s going to be repeated with many other rare disorders.

    Anyway, the whole article was well done, from minor language choices that are patient-supportive to the excellent summary of the science (that proves the authors really are experts, so their opinion at the end is grounded), to laying out exactly how bad they expect it will be for patients who are on treatment as kids and then are forced off it as young adults. It made me so happy, I reached out to the lead author and the company that funded the article to tell them how great it was, from a patient perspective. Gotta spread the happy around, and article-writers hardly ever get kudos from anyone, and they definitely don’t get money, so kudos (and being cited by other docs) is the best they can hope for — if you haven’t seen the Dr. Glaucomflecken video on how peer-reviewed journals work in terms of where the money goes, check it out (and note that he didn’t make up the fee he cites; it’s the real one): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F9gzQz1Pms&t=3s

    1. “not suffering enough to justify the cost ” ARGH!

      Somehow we have to fix this system.

  12. Today I’m happy because yesterday’s three hours of yard work achieved weed-free edges of all sidewalk-adjacent areas AND removal of weeds from in-between-existing-plants patches so I could scatter my perennial wildflower seeds. Whether any of those will come up is anybody’s guess, but at least now the whole front yard looks as though somebody actually lives here.

    And I figured out what to do with my 2022 New Plants budget. Can now spend next Saturday’s gardening time on getting new plants and plugging them into the yard instead of more weed-whacking.

  13. Friday with an ice storm on the way we decided to stay home and not attempt grocery shopping. So I made calzone with all the deli left in the refrigerator ham, salami, hot capicola and provolone cheese. Then went ahead and made gnocchi with the leftover mashed potatoes. That’s what happens when we buy too much and prepare as if the children were still here. So today I got it in my head to use the leftover calzone and make a strata for supper. We’ve been grazing out of the freezer, also. My husband had gotten a Trader Joe’s gift card and used it towards a TJ’s steak and stout pot pie which we cooked up one night. After the fact I looked at the ingredients and saw they were 800 calories and sodium to shame the Great Salt Lake. They were so good. I think the GBB show could come up with and probably has with a better version suited to our age group.

    The middle of the week brought my credit card bill. What a surprise to open it and see charges I never made. I called the bank right away and was transferred over to their fraud unit. Someone had piggy backed my card and helped themselves to the tune of over $200.00 with another $100.00 charge in between the time the statement was prepared and sending the bill. I have some straightening out to do when the new card comes.

    Looking forward to a glass half full this week.

  14. I’ve been enjoying doing a bit of photography every day, for Daily February. And the sun is reaching more of my garden every day. Just the tops of the fences (plus the rear corner) at the moment, but it’s exciting. And my new apple tree is coming this week.

  15. I had a belated thought to spread the happy around — I have codes (coupons, basically) for free audiobooks of each of my three garlic farm mysteries to give away. Drop me a note to gin at ginjones.com if you’re interested. First come, first serve. I have two codes for each book.

  16. Sang some cool French music in the empty church this morning, “La flute invisible” for piano, flute, and soprano, by Saint-Saens. Really fun and lovely.

    Set up the dining room table with art supplies so I can do a #February every day, which I’ve done.

    Going to see Keb’ Mo tonight!

  17. I’m happy to have finished some work projects, with 2 more to be finished by next week. Also, I set up a painting station–not that I’ve done any painting yet, but it’s ready. And I’m happy I have enough strength to do a bit of snow shoveling yesterday, though I’m really tired today.

  18. I’ve mentioned finding all my retirement checks deposited to my checking account on 2/1. I missed my Federal Tax Refund deposited on 2/2. 🙂

    1. I am hoping there is enough unexpected and uncommitted money that you could have a small extension or a second floor built onto your ADU (auxiliary dwelling unit) so you will have more space for your retirement project. Your can tell that I will never be finished remodeling this house.

      1. Alas, no. Moreover, the house is in the ex-son-in-law’s name, though the daughter and for children have occupancy. There are complications, and XSIL can be a dick.

        1. Ouch in that case, stash the cash for a rainy day … also don’t tell anyone you have it. You may need emergency move somewhere else money one day.

  19. Will it be six to eight weeks of winter weather? Punxsutawney Phil says so but he’s right only about 40% of the time.

  20. A few of my long time friends have remembered that February is my least favorite month of the year and ventured out to the post office in response. The first package was a collection of stuff from the bowels of the storage for my friend Ted’s store. Most of the stuff will have to be donated, but the box included a mug from the museum in which he has his store. I think he might be psychic. Last month one of my all time favorite mugs (purchased at Ted’s previous store) died and the Post Office ate 2 mugs I had ordered as a replacement. So now my morning coffee or tea will remind me of someone I love.

    The second dose of sunshine in an envelope was a letter from the friend in Minnesota who sends me buttons. As though a 3 page letter wasn’t enough, it was anchored by 2 truly snide buttons. I have no idea what I can send in return (half of my collection I got from him and my local source has not gotten any new stock in over a year) but I will enjoy trying to come up with an appropriate response. I was so overjoyed when I opened the envelope that I haven’t even read the letter yet. I want to spread out the joy over as many days as possible.

  21. I also plan to buy a new set of flannel sheets either today or tomorrow. I donated my old pair because my linen closet is so small, but a few nights last week convinced me that it will be worthwhile finding storage space for a set. And I saw some nice ones last time I went to Target.

  22. I was happy to kiss January goodbye. After a mild December, January was a beast. We had snow on the ground for a solid month and this is Virginia. The last of it was washed away by rain on Friday.

    Two family birthdays this week meant lots of hugs and smiles. I love being vaccinated and boosted just for those hugs.

    1. Virginia weather can be weird, but that’s true of many places. And Virginia has mountains on one side and coastal plains, and the Chesapeake Bay to mix things up. Back before I retired (I love saying that), the weather would change when I commuted to work the moment I crossed US 460. A downpour on the Prince George side would turn to sprinkles on the prison side, or even dry. And now I don’t commute at all.

  23. Another thing that makes me happy is that I found the cashmere gloves I had misplaced. Last night I washed them and so they are all ready for when I sit in front of my drafty windows. I am ready to watch the Olympics.

  24. I am enjoying watching the Olympics and texting with my son.
    And I made the cornbread I had a yen for. I put the recipe in the Lupe recipe blog comments if anyone wants to check it out.

  25. I didn’t think I was going to contribute because I am on day 3 of a major sinis event and really sick of it.
    But LN talk of tea sets and the responses reminded me of some sweet times.
    Years ago my granddaughter used to have tea parties on mom’s back porch. Mom would provide her with chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows and water instead of tea. I would go out there and she would have the table set and she would be having a conversation with Lucy, mom’s cat. Lucy would be laying on the floor with a miniature tea cup beside her, fast asleep.
    When my second husband adopted his daughter we sent her a miniature tea set that I’m told she loved.
    More recently my daughter and I have discovered these: Tea Forte Kati Cup Cherry Blossoms, Ceramic Tea Infuser Cup with Infuser Basket and Lid for Steeping Loose Leaf Tea https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008DVSATQ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_RNXJYH5VHKPJW0W1VN5V
    We love them.
    Now we have a tea station of sorts with cups and an electric kettle and loose leaf tea.
    I went down a happy little wormhole for a while and it distracted me from the sick.
    Thank you, LN.

    1. This reminds me of the second most apt part of the box from The Friend Formerly Known as Uncle Fun. He sent me a box called, “The Book Lover’s Cup of Tea”. This contained a tea infuser shaped like a copy of A Tale of Two Ci-Teas and a tiny Book Lover’s Guide to Tea.

  26. I am looking forward to giving up the day job. I loved it for years, and there are many aspects of it I still love, but the stress and responsibility and overwhelming EVERYONE ALWAYS NEEDS ME ALL THE TIME-ness of it make a lot easier to walk away than I would have ever expected. Mind you, doing all the work to get the place prepared for me to give it up is even more stressful than staying (including helping to find my replacement), but at least I know that’s temporary. So I am looking forward to four weeks and two days from now, when I will be a full-time writer and at least part-time human being again.

    Also spring. Is it spring yet?

    1. Once it happens, give yourself six full weeks to become accustomed to the different stress and activity levels. Sleep in if you can.

      1. This is week 6 of retirement. I am finally waking at a reasonable hour, 05:30, and going to bed reasonably as well, 22:30. Some days, I nap. I can do that – I’m retired. 😀

  27. We had the specialist out to check our stucco exterior out for hidden dry rot and moisture build up. There was almost no dry rot which means that generally we only have to deal with cracks and replace stucco in a few areas to remove the dry rot. We expected a lot worse on a 100 year old stucco house built in a climate not suited to stucco. This makes me happy. It makes up for the sewer replacement job from hell which now dragging into the 7th month.

    1. 7th month? I knew I had been hearing about your sewer for a long time but that long? You deserve perfect painless stucco!

  28. I wasn’t going to talk food or dieting today. That turns out not to be the case.

    First, there was breakfast. A three-egg omelet with sausage crumbles and cheese, that accounted for 2/3 of my allowed sodium. Sausage is salty. So is cheese.

    Second, lunch was New York Strip steak with brown & wild rice and diced peppers, regular and hot, both. Delicious without advancing the sodium load, much.

    Third is Cooking For Leftovers. I bought chicken thighs intending to make my Recipe #6, boneless skinless chicken thighs (or maybe breasts, or both) baked on a bed of onions and maybe other veggies. I got the thighs at Walmart and there were 12 in the larger-than-I-wanted package, so I had to prep three baking pans. They all got a coating of extremely virgin olive oil. They all got a serving of pepperoni slices. They all got minced garlic. They all got diced jalapeno peppers. The first two got yellow onion while the third got pearl onions. They all got chicken thighs, but the third (with the fewest thighs) got breast tenderloins as well. They all have to bake for 90 minutes, and #2 is in my toaster oven now, so I have more cooking ahead of me.

    My cooking for the week is almost done. I still have leftover stir-fry, and plans for more.

  29. We survived the snowstorm without difficulty, and the new snowblower performed just fine. And today was bright and sunny outside, although it didn’t get above freezing. That made me happy.

  30. The family had a small surprise birthday party for our cousin on Saturday. It entailed working around all the ice we got on Friday. But everyone got to where they were going safely. (A lot of deer moving around out in the country later in the day.) And everyone enjoyed themselves.

    Brenda’ll be around until Thursday morning. Maybe we’ll go to the local antique mall and we’ll definately hang out with family. Should be fun. And warmer. Hoping the ice all disappears. That will really make me happy.

  31. Discovering `competitive napping´ while reading synopsis of children´s books.

    Preparing myself a delicious, and almost crumb-free, breakfast in bed.

    Buying a pass for the swimming pool that expires in 2027! (I hope excuses to avoid going to 20 recreational swims will expire earlier).

  32. I am happy we are heading toward Spring, though it sure doesn’t feel like it.

    I am also happy I saw two movies in the movie theater this weekend.

    And the busiest week of the quarter is over (though this coming week is the second busiest, it will be half as bad as last week. I hope.)

    But most it is staying light latter, and that definitely makes me happy.

  33. It’s slightly ridiculous, but I was happy to have reread Emma Lathen’s SOMETHING IN THE AIR, because I learned that Emmett Gabler was a loyal son of Haverford. All these years I thought he was a Congregationalist.

    Also happy to learn that the state of Georgia does not allow the governor to pardon anyone — pardons go through the state pardon board and may only be applied for after one has served all one’s time and then lived a crime-free life for five years afterward. For ordinary citizens of Georgia this is not good news, but for Georgia’s most prominent target I can’t regret it.

  34. My baby girl turned 14, the age you can stay at home or babysit. And she is a teenage girl, surgically attached to her phone and allergic to chores, but she is adventurous and funny and smart and kind and beautiful and that’s pretty happy making.

    I’m looking forward to getting on top of work this week. (I’m also a glass of wine down and delusional, shhh).

  35. A Day Late and a dollar short, as usual. But I finished the boys’ Christmas presents, and the end to the never-ending jacket for my daughter is in sight. Plus friends are helping me with my yo-yo quilt for my niece’s wedding.

    Plus at least one hive of bees is still alive, and if the waft of warm air is anything to go by, the other hive is alive too. Bees are fed and bundled back up.

    I’m pretty doggone happy for mid-winter in Vermont.

  36. I’m not happy to be back home in February Toronto weather but…I’m very happy to be reunited with our dogs today. Looking forward to be jammed between them and my husband in bed tonight.

  37. I realized yesterday that many of my bulbs are coming up and my neighbor’s snowdrops are actually blooming.

    Spring is coming. And I planted about 300 bulbs last fall.

  38. I am forced to share this, because shared joy is multiplied:

    My doctor asked if anyone in my family suffered from mental illness.
    I said, “No, we all seem to enjoy it.”

    My bucket list: keep breathing.

    Camping: where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person.

    Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say: “close enough.”

    Being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done.

    I’m a multi-tasker. I can listen, ignore and forget all at the same time!

    Retirement to-do list: Wake up. Nailed it!

    People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full miss the point.
    The glass is refillable.

    Retired: under new management. See spouse for details.

    When you can’t find the sunshine . . . be the sunshine.

    I don’t have grey hair. I have wisdom-highlights.

    Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done.

    I don’t trip; I do random gravity checks.

    My heart says chocolate and wine, but my jeans say, please, please, please,
    eat a salad!

    Never laugh at your spouse’s choices. You are one of them.

    One minute you’re young and fun. The next, you’re turning down the car
    stereo to see better.

    I’d grow my own food if only I could find bacon seeds.

    Losing weight doesn’t seem to be working for me so, from now on, I’m going
    to concentrate on getting taller.

    My body is a temple: ancient and crumbling.

    Common sense is not a gift. It’s a punishment because you have to deal with
    everyone who doesn’t have it.

    I came. I saw. I forgot what I was doing. Retraced my steps. Got lost on
    the way back.
    Now I have no idea what’s going on.

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