Happiness is a Silver Lining

I’m not going to lie, February has really sucked for me. (Not as bad as it has for Ukraine, I’m fully aware, but this is me we’re talking about.). The thing is, a lot of the suckage has turned out to have benefits. My sixteen-year-old car died, and I loved that car, but it snowed here and I took the new, heavier, all-wheel-drive Nita out onto the roads and had no troubles at all. My computer and iPad went down with Wifi and exploding power cords and I was without my usual electronics for two days, but that forced me to finally get to know my iPhone; there’s a lot of stuff on that iPhone. And my septic tank . . . actually, there’s no silver lining yet for the septic tank, we’re still in crisis mode on that one, but I’ve been putting off replacing it for years, so that’ll be a worry gone, replaced with a new enormous-debt worry, but still not a plumbing worry. Plus I’ve watched the Tom Holland “Umbrella” lip sync about twenty times, so February hasn’t been aa complete loss. That and “Shut Up and Dance” is what’s going to get me through the end of this month.

Fingers crossed Ukraine gets a silver lining, too.

What was your silver lining (or non-lining) this week?

71 thoughts on “Happiness is a Silver Lining

  1. Just Googled Tom Holland’s Umbrella lip sync – made me smile 🙂

    This week has been half term, so lots of time with DS – mainly good times, and I’m soaking up the time with him before he starts school full-time in September.

    Feeling generally pretty positive about it being spring soon – flowers in the garden, some sunshine this week (albeit cold temps)

    1. In the very last few hours of February, just as my husband and I were finally beginning to believe that our kitchen would be DONE by next week, after almost a year of workarounds, construction, chaos and so on, we discovered that our roof had sprung a leak above one of the brand-new custom cabinets, destroying the new wallboard, Sheetrock, paint, and so on. My husband reminded me that A) at least we hadn’t put in all the shelf paper, moved the china back into the cabinets, (and so on) and B) we have homeowner’s insurance.

      It’s going to be a beautiful, functional, PAID FOR, kitchen when it’s complete.

      I just don’t know what to say about the roof. Well, I do, but that kind of language is frowned upon in mixed company. And anyway, the magic words don’t work that well anymore. Overuse, perhaps. Thanks for letting me rant about things that in the grand scheme of things aren’t all that important, but sure matter to me.

  2. This post made me happy. Your books have brought me so much pleasure, returning a tiny bit of that by sharing the clip…sometimes making other people happy is exhausting (I’m a mum, on Sunday evening) and sometimes it’s happy-making too. And art, bravery, competence, beauty, always a moment of brightness. Humans can be amazing.

    Covid has finally make inroads in NZ which is a bit shit. It will be Ok, maybe. We are more than 96% vaccinated and about 65% boosted, so a lot of protection against severe illness, but. Of course, as it hits so does war come to Ukraine giving us perspective.

    I went to a friend’s wedding yesterday, more lightness and beauty and joy. Hold the moments, I guess.

    (also, tmi, but mht. Omg those little stickers are life changing)

  3. My silver lining is that yesterday I finished the set painting I was doing and today I am driving to deliver 9 paintings to a semi-local gallery for a small show. I got rejected for another show next month, which was a bummer, but I am shaking it off. I am not sure what I am going to work on next though.

  4. We discovered this week that the wooden support on the verandah at the front of the house are more rotten than we thought. We are going to have to replace a whole section. What really got us down is that if the previous owners had repaired the guttering, a £20 job, years ago according to our roofer, we wouldn’t be facing a big bill.
    We knew there were issues when we bought the house this summer but we didn’t expect quite so much.
    So far we have replaced the boiler, a fully rotted insect riddled dormer window and overhauled the roof (one of the chimneys was in danger of collapsing). We haven’t even started on the interior yet!
    It’s an adorable 1890s redbrick cottage with all the original sash windows and we love it to bits (that would be the silver lining) but it is turning into a very expensive mistress.

    1. Did you have an inspection before you bought the house? It should have turned up a bunch of these things.

      I have owned an old house for 20 years, so I can tell you that the silver lining is that each improvement you make is one more good thing about the house, and many of them will add to its value. That’s something, I suppose.

    2. An old house is a labor of love, but it does, mostly love you back. We have been in ours for almost three years and she is a sturdy old girl. Sometimes she pitches a fit, but I love her anyway. Also, she was a safe port through the pandemic, bless her.

    3. I bought a 1947 lakeside cottage, had it insulated, replaced the roof, had it painted, updated electric and plumbing, and replaced all the gutters; still to go, foundation, rotten out bay windows on the front, septic tank, second bathroom and, if I ever get rich, guest suite in the walk-out basement. Old houses have NEEDS, but so worth it. I love this dump.

  5. Finishing up a contract tech writing job in a few weeks, and moving over to editing a series of small books a creative friend has been hauling around in envelopes for years. It will mean less than half of what I’m making now, but it will not be a 40-hour week, it will be flexible, and it will also give me time to look after my parents as needed. Since my mom can no longer speak because of aphasia, she needs me to make phone calls, appointments, go to doctor’s appointments, etc. This will help me feel not so torn, and also I hope make it easier for me to take care myself, as in, the gym, practicing, etc.
    It may not work out, but for 3-6 months, I will have more time and mobility, which I dearly need.

    So it’s making me happy.

    1. Good luck with the life-juggling. Anything that reminds you that you have a life outside of that as a dutiful daughter will help you be there for both your parents and yourself.

  6. I finished my taxes, including amending my 2020 return, and I’m getting some money back from both. (Never mind that my goal is always to write a very small check to the feds so they aren’t holding money for a year; it’s still nice to get money back.)

    I am planning my next vacation, which is always fun.

    And Spring is definitely coming.

    1. Lol I have the same goal with the IRS. I usually manage to be plus or minus 50 dollars.

  7. After a super-busy week at my job where I had to host an annual international investigator meeting on Webex (on which I’m still a neophyte goofball), listening to a song I discovered on YouTube – Galileo by Indigo Girls – has been uplifting & raised my mood a whole bunch.

  8. Sorry to hear about your sucky February. Sometimes the world plain doesn’t make sense and it can be hard to see the silver lining through all the grey. At least for me. And that’s where trust and faith come in that it’s still in there somewhere and will eventually show itself.

    Meantime, my pup is always my source of cheer. That “live in the moment” thing she has can also be inspiring. Like now when it’s cold and blistery outside and she’s content to run around inside with her toys and flop into a nap on her cushy couch. The girl knows how to do a Sunday even where there’s literally a storm outside her window. Gotta love that:)

  9. My dwarf kiwi vine hasn’t died! I’ve been nurturing it for two years, since buying it as a bargain baby plant, but all its leaves dropped off last August, and it’s been looking deader and deader ever since. But on Friday I spotted tiny green buds.

    Friday was a good day all round: I spent it gardening in the sun. First weeding session of the year: very satisfying. And today I collected a tub of frogspawn from a friend, so am hoping to have more gardening companions. That will like my slugs.

    There’s sun on most of the garden for at least a couple of hours each day now. And I’ve had lunch there a couple of times now – though wrapped up warm.

  10. February has been pretty crappy here too, and the crap frosting on the crap cake was the call on Wednesday night from my sister to tell me that my brother in-law (who I adore) was diagnosed with cancer. At the beginning of the week, he had a pain in his side. The next day he was in the hospital, and by Wednesday they’d found a mass in his colon and a spot on his liver that just happened to be in a place that would make it impossible to operate. He’s in his late 50’s, one of his twin daughters just got engaged, and he’s a brilliant artist. Needless to say, the whole family is reeling.

    Friday he had surgery to remove a chunk of colon, and apparently it went well. They had been going to put in a chemo port during the surgery, since the cancer was apparently already in two places, but they found an infection so instead he’s on antibiotics and having to stay in hospital for another couple of days before returning to eating real food.

    The possible silver lining is that the surgeon said that he couldn’t feel anything on the liver, despite the spot on the scans. So now they’re going to do a needle biopsy there. If it turns out that the cancer hasn’t, in fact, spread beyond the colon, and they got it all, that would be a huge freaking silver lining. Needless to say, we are all holding our breath waiting to find out. The other silver lining is you have to wonder if that infection was what caused the pain, in which case it might have saved his life. You never know.

    My leave date for the day job has been extended by a week due to scheduling issues for my replacement. I guess the silver lining is that gives me more time to try and clear off my messy desk and get everything ready for the transition.

    1. I hope for only the best outcome for your brother-in-law and your family. Wishing you all a really big silver lining.

    2. And, Deb, you don’t have to find a silver lining for every awful thing that happens. That’s my message to Jenny, too. Sometimes screaming and eating chocolate are called for.

      My small, personal happy is being able to walk outside despite the snow. I can manage half a mile and I’m not wobbling anywhere near as much as I did for years.

      My bigger awful/happy was skyping with my son and daughter-in-law in Warsaw, Poland. They didn’t believe that Putin would actually invade Ukraine, so they’re reeling. My son, along with gazillions of others in Poland, has given Ukrainians rides from the border to their contacts in Poland. Son and daughter-in-law are going to meet up with us in France in April, so skyping and planning to be together is wonderful.

    3. If it helps, I had stage 3 colon cancer in 1983. I’m still here. And treatment has improved significantly in forty years. Sending good vibes his way.

    4. Fingers crossed the liver spot is just a flaw in the scan and the needle biopsy is clear.

  11. February has given me a couple of silver linings. Our main paralegal is working only from home and only minimally, so my boss has decided that I’m up to writing motions. My first reaction was who, me? But I did pretty well on my first few projects. So there’s a silver lining.

    And I stepped up in my sound work as well. For the current show I ran everything, which hasn’t been the case before. Plus I troubleshot most of my mic issues.

    Now looking for a silver lining for my niece, whose husband has decided that a)they should split up and b) that he should try for full custody of their 1m5 year old. He won’t get, but I wish she wasn’t so far away. At least her mom is with her for a long visit.

  12. My silver lining of my burnout from 2018 means that I have become very discerning about my friendships and have actually made new friends that continue to surprise me in how highly they value me.

    I know I’m loved by the people who’ve been in my life forever. BUT it is a heart-melting surprise to be loved and esteemed by people who met me at my worst.

  13. My silver lining is that tomorrow I can refill the last of the medicines I lost a few weeks ago. I have been limping along on OTC substitutions or 1 inhaler instead of 2, but the thought of going back to the combinations that work best fills me with joy. And the much larger case I now have for carrying them means that it will be much easier to spot when I’ve forgotten to take them with me. Three cheers for being able to eat and breathe!

    February has always been my least favorite month because by that time it feels like winter will never end. So even though we’ve had plenty of snow in March and April in the past, I always feel a sigh of relief when March starts.

    March is also the start of birthday season in my family. I bought a few more cards yesterday to prepare, but I have no idea what to send my youngest niece. Last year she informed me that now that she has a real job, I don’t need to send her a present or check anymore. I’m delighted that she can pay her rent, but I do somewhat feel that I’ve been demoted from my job as her aunt. I still send her cousins (or at least the ones who live in this country) a birthday check so why wouldn’t I send one to her? This was so much easier when they were still kids and my friend owned a toy store.

    The good news this week is that the State sent me a letter saying that I do not have to show them proof of income to renew my Free Ride permit for public transit. Since I’ve enrolled in another State program, they can get that info from there. The bad news is that they want a copy of my State ID. After waiting 4 months and paying almost $100, I finally got it back from France, only to lose it on the bus in Chicago. I didn’t apply for a replacement because I had my passport and getting the original had been such a pain in the ass. I hope they will accept a copy of the passport because I really would like to get the new transit ID before the old one expires. I (and all my neighbors) have not been getting all of our mail lately and that is more than enough of an impediment by itself.

    1. Glad you’re finally getting all the meds you need, quality of life is so important. It is great in a way that your youngest niece is developing her independence given a lot of people don’t. Be proud maybe send her fun homemade postcards or something that is very you. You could put the money you would have sent her aside and invest it then, use it for a milestone present later on… house warming present … wedding gift…

    2. A thought for your niece: my cousin sent me a really fancy box of chocolates, handmade from a seller on Etsy. Probably $20 to $30, and all she did was click send and type in my address. Easy for her, supporting small business, a d surprisingly lovely for me. A lot of the fillings were alcohol flavored or mixed drinks, so Not my thing, but so pretty that I didn’t care. That but of fancy was really appreciated.

  14. Well, the silver lining to not selling enough books last year to cover the editing/cover-art costs is that I don’t owe much in the way of income taxes (thought I’d owe substantially due to an unexpected special dividend payment, which was its own happy back in December).

    Still looking for a silver lining to the decision this weekend to cancel attending my niece’s wedding (in TX in May) and Malice Domestic (end of April). I’m just too high-risk with too many comorbidities to fly anywhere for an indoor gathering, especially as all the various mandates are disappearing while 2K people a day are still dying in this country. I’m not even saving money, as the plane tix were rolled over from something cancelled last year and will expire before I’ll feel safe to travel.

    But on a happier note, I’m really looking forward to getting back to writing fiction on Tuesday, after my FAFO February ends with Monday spent virtually attending a bunch of Rare Disease Day events. Oh, and I just heard from a friend that I have successfully addicted her to the Murderbot Diaries, and she’s raced through the first three books (in audio) after waiting for more than a year to start the first one two weeks ago!

    1. My aunt who lives here and my aunt who was visiting her just got covid from a Super Bowl party that wasn’t even very big so I definitely respect your decision to be safe

    2. They are lifting most of the mask mandates here on Monday, but I don’t feel confident enough to put mine away. And I am not particularly high risk,

      1. Me either! I feel okay maybe around my small town but not when going to Edmonton or anyplace bigger than here.

    3. Thanks for the support. I’m feeling terribly guilty about not going. I don’t think my niece would want me to take the risk, so that helps. Still a hard decision.

      1. As someone to film the ceremony and stream it to you love via Facebook? We did that for my cousin’s wedding last summer. Or the summer before. I can’t remember.

        1. And if they do stream it, perhaps request they use a tripod. We attended my niece’s wedding via Zoom, and the hand-held phone was giving me Blair Witch flashbacks.

          Gin, you’re not alone in the tough decisions. I am the most conservative among friends and family, and while everyone is understanding, I still feel like a wet blanket. But, you know, a healthier wet blanket.

    4. I had tickets from May of 2020 that were going to expire soon, but I called the airline and they actually extended the deadline. I was surprised and it was relatively painless.

  15. I wish each of you many silver linings. I am praying for all of us. I am praying for the people in the Ukraine and for the people in Russia who do not want this war. And who are protesting so valiantly.
    My silver lining is I have a job.
    The series I’m in is really weird. It will stream on imdb.com. I can’t explain it and I can’t talk about it. But I love working. And at some point I will get back to Writing.
    also today it is supposed to get up to 76° and I’m going to go walk on the beach.

  16. Silver lining? That was, like, 46 years ago. As near as I can tell, the metal symbolizing the 71st anniversary of surviving childbirth is Natrium, and is to be avoided in one’s diet. If you’re scratching your head because you don’t recognize Natrium, chemical symbol Na, it is normally called “So, dayum!” when we find it in our dinners. (Sodium, I mean.)

    Silver linings…

    There is a Half&Half coffee creamer in individual little cups that need no refrigeration. I just ordered a supply, because I like my decaf Folger’s Crystals to be lightened as well as sweetened. (With Sweetleaf Chocolate flavored Stevia.)

    I just kicked a 175 chapter Marty Stu story to the curb, and now I’m 263 of 325 of Give the Devil His Due. The hours on the other book were wasted, but I’m loving the Tarot Mystery.

    The final Click & Grow arrived and all 15 pods are in use. Baby Basil got to return to the wetlands, so to speak, instead of slowly dying in an ice cream cone. Click on my name above and look for “About That Farm Report…”.

    The dotter is away for the weekend (with my car) but I managed to refuel and stock up for the weekend. I just ate tuna steaks on brown & wild rice for late lunch/early supper. I’m thinking deviled ham spread on water crackers for late dinner. Plenty of food to outlast a snow storm, and no snow expected. 🙂

    Hi. My name is Gary, and I am a chocoholic. It has been over 40 minutes since my last fix. (Atkins Snack Triple Chocolate Bar. It was excellent.) Before that was the sweetener in my coffee. There will be more, and all part of surviving-a-blizzard supplies. Like Denny Wheeler always used to say, sometimes, “Money talks. Bullsh*t walks. But chocolate sings.” That silver lining is the shiny wrapper around my chocolate. 🙂

    I used the download button on the YouTube video of Tom Holland Lip Synching in the rain, but I don’t know where it went!

  17. Hoping that March is better. The protests are over Ottawa, which is a relief to many. The city council is completely dysfunctional but the silver lining is that the current mayor is not running again.

    My eldest niece got engaged this week. Wedding is planned for Italy and DS thought it was unfair that I won’t be invited – he knows I love his cousins. However, an event will be planned for the Canadian contingent at some point, which will be fun.

    Lots of cooking and baking this week, as well as volunteer meetings. I was worried I would be bored after school finished and I was fully ‘retired’ – so far, I’m having no trouble filling up my days. I figure by the time I get tired of being inside, it will be gardening season.

  18. My silver lining is Encanto. My daughter got it for me and I have lost track of how often I’ve watched it. I can forget everything for a little while. And quilting. Quilting makes me happy, even when it doesn’t line up exactly the way I want it to. And my dogs make me laugh every day. Really, when I think about it, there are lots of good things in my life.

    1. After feeling glad for our fellow Arghonauts, the best part of Happiness Sunday is that it reminds us to look for the good in our day to day lives.

  19. Silver linings! Our local 1/6 insurrectionist started serving his prison sentence.

    He had to miss Bob Bolus’s big (one tractor trailor and a half dozen pickups) convoy to D.C. They apparently drove on I-95 for awhile and then gave up.

    And the Board of Election voted to keep the Spanish/English ballots. (We’ve had them since 2012 without issue. This year they’re an issue.)

    Ukraine? No silver lining there. Sigh.

  20. Happy this week was another productive 3-hour gardening spree (installed trellises for the grapevines & the bougainvillea); birds are already perching on them as if they were simply waiting for some furniture. Husband swapped out the shredded old canopy of our back-door grill gazebo for a nice new one.

    Yesterday while scanning some pages from books I’m sending to my sister (for redistribution) I had a moment of clarity about what I definitely don’t feel any need to do again, i.e. bead jewelry. I’ve still got ideas and motivation for beadwork that isn’t intended to be worn, but that little epiphany helped me get down to business and put in 4+ hours today decluttering the bead hoard. Packed up another box for sister (for proposed bead workshops with teenagers in her church this spring). Significant organizational gains! And another dose of *whew* now I don’t have to feel guilty about having so much unused jewelry-making stuff.

  21. I had a sinus infection Wednesday and it was too icy for me to go to work on Thursday (I’m afraid that if I fall I’ll end up in the hospital) but today an old friend that I’d lost touch with several years ago found my phone number on an old Christmas card and called me. We are catching up via text right now! (Also, thank you very much for the Umbrella lip sync. I needed that.)

  22. I work in a Covid ICU and it was overstaffed and I got 2 days off. I am not in anyway implying an end, but right now, it’s a little better.

  23. It’s the last day of February, and the sun is shining. My cats have found personal sunbeams to bask in. That’s happy enough for me.

  24. Happy Linus Pauling Day!
    Happy Feb 28, Monday which is
    Carnival Andorra, Argentina, Aruba, St. Barts, Bolivia, Brazil, Curaçao, Germany, Dominica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela
    Isra and Mi’raj Australia, Brunei, Djibouti, Indonesia, Comoros, Philippines, Russia (Boo! Hiss!), Somalia, Mayotte
    People’s Sovereignty Day Benin
    Day of Andalucía Spain
    Al Isra’ wal Miraj Jordan
    Public Sector Holiday Kuwait
    Day off for National Remembrance Day In Memory of Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare Papua New Guinea
    Peace Memorial Day Taiwan
    Maha Shivaratri United Kingdom, United States, South Africa

    Happy Publix Shopping Day (which is only celebrated in my garage apartment, because I bought groceries and water. And carbonated beverages. And stuff.)

    Be happy!

  25. My crappy February doesn’t really have any silver linings since losing a pet, let alone 2 in a week, should never have a benefit per se. However, I have realized that I was spending a lot of time worrying about Charlie and that stress is gone, which is a relief. I think anyone who has ever worried about an elderly or sick loved one, human or animal, knows what I mean and I think pretty much everyone has been in that particular boat at one time or another. I am throwing myself into plant ownership like a madwoman now that I can (Pumpkin Cat liked to eat plants) and have acquired 9 new plants this week. There is much less pain when a plant dies. Though I did cry when my 30-year-old pony tail palm died but only for a minute.

    On Friday we went to my mom and dad’s and had lunch with them and my aunt and her friend which was really nice. Then on Saturday we went to Edmonton and Paul bought himself a new recliner. He’s not 100% happy with it but we both think that he will be once it’s broken in a bit. The floor model seemed like it had more room but that was probably just squashed padding.

    Here’s hoping March doesn’t suck.

    1. Yes, the decision to end the pet’s suffering is one thing, and the hole their absence leaves is another!

      Here’s hoping things will be better. It usually takes six or eight weeks and then one feels better. I’ve always thought that the reason for that is that the body adjusts to the change in physical effort of looking after the one who’s gone (whether pet or parent).

  26. This is the last day of my birth month. On Valentine’s day my husband gave me half a dozen sunflowers and they were happy little guys until they weren’t. So now my focus has been on my African violet plant, from squinting at the miniscule budlets to now seeing flowers forming. Purple flowers at that. I could have sworn the last couple of years the flowers were pink. But I’ll take it. Tomorrow is the unofficial start of spring, anything to get beyond winter.

  27. My snow drops and crocuses are in bloom and the daffodil narcissis and tulip leaves are about halfway up so I’m guessing they will bloom in about two weeks. Mind you these are all old bulbs which I guess are well established. No peep of green yet from the 100 new bulbs I planted last fall.

    Also I convinced DH that he has to clear it with the other dinner guests before he invites his partner and the partner’s unvaccinated wife who I’m afraid we call the vector. (S she moved here from Armenia about a year ago and they have their own anti vaccine myths.)

    Our local Covid rate right is about 10/100,000 so I felt I had to say it was ok but I sure hope the other guests say they would prefer not. DH agreed he has to make it easy for them to say that.

    While the war is awful and terrifying DS and I are having something of a black humor moment watching what looks like the French government and figure skating association banning the Russian skaters from worlds which is supposed to be held in France at the end of March.

    Will the international skating Union try to move the event? Postpone it? Actually agree the Russians shouldn’t be allowed? Place your bets folks.

    I honestly think the loss of international competition may be something putin cares about enough to increase the pressure on him to back down…

      1. France denied the Russian skaters visas so the ISU announced Russian and Belorussian skaters can’t skate in international competitions.

        I guess DS and I will have to find alternate sources of black humor.

  28. It’s Collop Monday. I spent the morning dashing around to local high schools presenting Good Citizen awards — at least I found a decent jacket and a plain pair of slacks; I was afraid I’d be reduced to jeans and a denim barn jacket, between retirement and Covid retired living. Spent the afternoon sitting at the computer trying to stay awake! I guess I’ll have to find a collop for tomorrow.

    1. I had to look up “collop.” It has lots of definitions (from a slice of meat to a fold of skin — such as one on a fat woman like me), and I can’t have the traditional bacon and eggs one feasts on for breakfast the day before Shrove Tuesday.

      Ann, what is the connection between Collup Monday and Good Citizen awards?

      1. I looked it up, too. I think the connection is that Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday, where Collop Monday is Little Fat Monday. I hope Anne will confirm or deny.

        1. Collops are pieces of bacon or chops or meat. Mardi Gras does mean Fat Tuesday. Both are related to Ash Wednesday and fasting in Lent. You finished off whatever meat you still had on hand — that’s the collop — and any butter and other dairy products, traditionally in pancakes.

          That set you up to go without meat, eggs, dairy, fish, wine, and oil.

          I remember reading some years back that there are records of medieval people who went on record as being really tired of Lenten fasting by the afternoon of Ash Wednesday.

      2. No connection; the chairman was anxious to make the presentations this week, because the next level (state winners) will be announced at the end of next week.

  29. Anyway, tomorrow is Mardi Gras, and I have a couple of promising books I’ve been saving to read in Lent. Also discovered the Friends Library of audiobooks at https://soundcloud.com/friendslibrary, so that will provide some interesting things to listen to as well (I find Quaker plain speech and plain writing very little different from standard modern plain writing once the spelling is standardized, even 17th and 18th century texts).

    So while most of the news is gloomy, Ukraine is doing better than anyone hoped, and armies really don’t much like enemy cities — you have to move in straight lines, and every intersection is an opportunity for the enemy to catch you in crossfire, and buildings are opportunities for people to drop stuff on you from above, in the best tradition of medieval boiling oil and flaming pitch.

    My favorite quotes, so far:

    “With the entire world seeing the kind of leader Zelensky is, remember that Trump’s only interaction with him was extorting him by withholding military aid for dirt on Joe Biden.”

    “As a Ukranian-Jewish man, I’m getting a little concerned that Zelensky is setting some unachievable standards of behavior.”

    Cheer David . . . .

    1. Why isn’t that evil genius despot wannabee in jail? Cheers to NY AG and Liz Cheney for their efforts towards that end.

      1. Would it be too much to ask that he be in general population in a blue collar prison instead of some elite jail for rich white criminals?

        1. Gen pop for him for sure. Altho. He might incite riots. Maybe a Hanibal Lector type prison.

          1. It needs to be a prison where inmates/offenders are not permitted cell phones or internet access. No social media whatsoever.

  30. I think it’s a combo of normal slow process, pandemic delays, prosecutors trying to be super cautious to do it right since his lawyers will jump on any mistakes, and Trump fighting it tooth and nail.

  31. Which reply segues me into my happiness – silver linings post.
    My February silver lining is knowing that his house of cards financial empire built on deceit and legalized robbery is likely to crumble soon.
    It’s not enough, though. He needs to be convicted of a felony so that he & his supporters know he can never run for office again!
    Personally speaking my silver linings are that I learned a lot this month. Things that aid me in my pursuit of my own dump to love. Although I don’t want a fixxer upper. And I finally know where I want to live so that helps.
    One of my silver linings for my whole life is my brother. He is my sounding board and a non-judgmental financial advisor. I would make a lot of stupid impulsive decisions without him.

    1. My brother and I don’t talk much, but when we do, it’s like we’ve never been apart. He really is the best man I know. We were talking last month and his wife took the phone for a minute (Ruthie is wonderful, too) and she said, “I knew it was you he was talking to because he was laughing.” Good brothers are beyond rubies, so glad you have one, too.

  32. My silver lining is that I joined the ranks of the officially retired, as of today. Yesterday was my last day at work and my co-workers let me know just how much they will miss me. And I realized just how much I will miss them!
    Today, I am somewhat at a loss as to what to do with myself. It’s cold out but I made myself go for a walk, after the plumber fixed my bathroom sink and I dropped off my tax stuff to the tax guy. I am so used to using my days off to run errands and do laundry etc. that I feel like I am wasting valuable time. I am not in the mood for housework yet (although spring cleaning is top on my list of things to do).

    I keep feeling like I “should” be doing something productive so I am squashing that feeling by sitting down with a mug of tea, some chocolate (thanks to those co-workers) and am going to read a book. Tomorrow is soon enough to consider spring cleaning…maybe. Lol

    1. Congratulations on your retirement!

      I have settled in, slowly. Over the weekend, I even caught up on the dirty dishes. It’ll all work out. 🙂

      1. Thanks Gary! I have ideas on how to occupy my time besides reading and housework, but they all entail being outdoors and enjoying nice weather.

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