Happiness is a Silver Lining

I’m not going to lie, February has really sucked for me. (Not as bad as it has for Ukraine, I’m fully aware, but this is me we’re talking about.). The thing is, a lot of the suckage has turned out to have benefits. My sixteen-year-old car died, and I loved that car, but it snowed here and I took the new, heavier, all-wheel-drive Nita out onto the roads and had no troubles at all. My computer and iPad went down with Wifi and exploding power cords and I was without my usual electronics for two days, but that forced me to finally get to know my iPhone; there’s a lot of stuff on that iPhone. And my septic tank . . . actually, there’s no silver lining yet for the septic tank, we’re still in crisis mode on that one, but I’ve been putting off replacing it for years, so that’ll be a worry gone, replaced with a new enormous-debt worry, but still not a plumbing worry. Plus I’ve watched the Tom Holland “Umbrella” lip sync about twenty times, so February hasn’t been aa complete loss. That and “Shut Up and Dance” is what’s going to get me through the end of this month.

Fingers crossed Ukraine gets a silver lining, too.

What was your silver lining (or non-lining) this week?