Happy New Year, Argh! It’s 2022

I figured you’d want a place to revel in the fact that it’s not 2021 anymore. I’m lifting a glass to you all right now. It’s Diet Coke, but it still counts.

Here’s to a great new year!

47 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Argh! It’s 2022

  1. Happy 2022 to all Arghers and thank you Jenny for this lovely space where we can discuss books endlessly and support each other!

  2. It was fun to write the date down today — 1-1-22. It’s a small thing but hey, small things are what build bigger small things, right?

  3. Damn. I just realized that my avatar here looks like a Bedwyn. Why haven’t I noticed that before?

  4. Happy 2022 everyone! We made it. This morning I’ve been slowly cruising news sites and reading travel articles and other upbeat bits. I like an idea from a 2020 Guardian list of New Years self-improvements: Write down the number of mistakes you make in one day, and aim to double it. It’s the only way to learn.

  5. Thank you all for being here, and you most of all, Jenny. I picked up Faking It again last night as a much better read than the Dickens novel I’m supposed to have read by Monday for book club.

  6. Best wishes to all of you. Here’s hoping for a year where the adrenal glands don’t get such a workout.

  7. Discovered Sadie Nardini chair yoga. Between that & good books – nothing but good times ahead for 2022!

    1. I have no idea if I want or need Chair Yoga, but heck – I’m retired, now. I’ll need something to do besides play solitaire. I buyed it.

      1. Good grief! I downloaded the warmup exercises, and did them from my chair. I am warmed up. Sweaty, even. This has just become a daily workout for me, starting with the warmup/breathing exercises. Every day. Maybe twice. Something to look forward to. (I need a new chair.)

  8. Happy New Year and thanks to all of you who were such a great help in getting through 2021. May we all have a happy and HEALTHY year.

  9. Happy New Year Arghers.

    The day is cloudy and damp but Pixie and I got our power walk in. It’s a great start to the year.

  10. I recently figured out how to check out e-books from my library and get them delivered to my kindle, so I feel like 2022 is already off to a good start.

    1. Ooh, wish I could do that. The library says Amazon won’t allow it (we use the CloudLibrary app). Don’t enjoy reading books on my iPad – it’s too big and glary.

      1. Multnomah County Library uses Overdrive. Not all the books have a Kindle-supported version, but a lot of them do.

  11. Happy New Year. Starting off in Covid isolation – DS caught it from DH’s BIL. We’re all still on vacation and the grocery store delivers. Plus we still have lots of Christmas cookies in the freezer.

  12. I could have spent the first day of the year productively scouring off the old laptop; instead I spent some of it lengthily reminding my mother that long-debated relocation would be best accomplished as a matter of choice, not forced as a consequence of severe health event.

    Then, antidotally, I finished the first full draft of the very queer historical frolic I’ve been working on. I love it like a rainbow. It is nearly five o’clock, time for the first glass of wine of 2022. Happy New Year!

  13. Spent the last hours of the old year reviewing day-by-day 2021 calendar, cocktail in hand. Process is instructive: the number of Zooms that went deep and enthralled–thank you New York Botanic Garden x 3 and Theodore Payne Foundation on native plant tour weekend (wow! Doug Tallamy) and David Lebovitz and his Insta tv Drinking French–and the equally instructive number of Zooms on which we bailed. Strengthened ties with my self-selected FB international horti friends, mourning those who left us and celebrating the knowledge of those around to share. Really, in spite of missed annual in-person events, a very good year.

    1. Your post made me look to my calendar. It’s not there, and I don’t remember taking it down. No matter. This year I will use the calendar app on the Windows 11 confuser. It’s time I learned the features of the 21st century.

  14. Happy new year to all! Excited here to flip open my Sandra Boynton wall calendar, “Every Day’s a Fabulous Holiday.” May that be a theme for Arghers everywhere.

    1. My husband bought me the new edition of The Daily Bitch calendar. Last year’s provided frequent and much-needed morning giggles. 🙂

      1. And I just ordered one for me and one for a friend. Thank you for tipping me off to this!

  15. Happy New Year! Spent New Year’s Eve day prepping my taxes and the evening making a delicious Marcus Samuelsson black-eyed pea dish for today. That’s not one of my family’s traditions, but we need all the luck we can get.

    It’s 60-something degrees here today, but maybe will be cold enough to snow tomorrow night. But probably just a cold rain.

    Stay safe and as healthy as possible everyone!

  16. Today, I am officially retired, after 25 years working with the Virginia Department of Corrections.

    Today, I joined a site for Chair Yoga, downloaded the video for introduction and for warmup exercises. I’ve done the warmups, and worked up a sweat. I’ll be doing them every morning (well, sometime after I get out of bed, which might still be ante meridian.) There are nine more downloads to go. This constitutes light exercise and allows me to adjust my caloric intake from 1719 to 2029 calories per day (to lose 1 pound per week.)

    Today, I shared the Jago Dibuja drawing in several sites, the one with 2022 bursting from the chest of 2021. Some sharees were tickled. 🙂

    Today, I retired the file Diet 2021.xlsx and began using Diet 2022.xlsx. The latter is a copy of the former with all the data for 2021 removed, the dates updated, the graphs replotted, and a few more tricks installed. Thursday the 6th is the first Official Weigh-In Day of 2022, but I’ll keep numbering from the Day The Diet Started, which makes it the 38th OWID.

    Today, I revisited my resolution Never To Make Another New Year Resolution. I’m pleased and proud to say this one is unbroken, and has remained so for many, many years. Today is no exception.

    Today began, as so many years have, with some idiot shooting off fireworks in the dead of night.

    Today, I am 70.863 Years Old. NOT years young. That expression is stupid. If, however, “life begins at forty,” as I have heard, then I’m in my thirties. Not young, but much younger.

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