Happiness is a New Story in a Series

I was crocheting Friday night and decided to rewatch some Art of Crime episodes. I clicked on MHz and OH MY GOD THE NEW SEASON IS UP! So I binged the four episodes (short seasons) thinking that Florence is becoming damn near predatory (play fair, Florence) and Antoine must be thick as two planks if he doesn’t see the toxic relationship his fiance has with her mentor or his own buried attraction to Florence. Plus there were the murders. And all that gorgeous art.). Anyway it made me start thinking about series, which I have never done before, and why they’re so happy-making when they’re good (Hello, Murderbot, Person of Interest, Nero Wolfe, Leverage, the Carsington Family, and so many more) and still pleasing even when they’re not as good as we’d hoped. I need to give this a lot more thought, but the bottom line for me was that two new stories in this series made me very happy Friday night. (Also that crocheting while reading subtitles is not recommended.)

What made you happy this week?