This is a Good Book Thursday, January 5, 2022

It’s still weird typing “2022.” Feels like science fiction.

Which I am reading (Murderbot again) because romance is failing me. No, that’s not right, romance is an excellent genre. Some romance authors are failing me. I could go on at length at what makes a good romance (as could all of you), but the bottom line is that you have to know how to write, how to use words not only to best advantage but correctly, for cripe’s sake, and then use them to write character in action, not pages of back story. I’ve been reading Bookbub excerpts on Amazon all week, and the number of times I’ve hit “delete” instead of one-click is high. I could go on, but you want to know what I’ve read that’s been good. Hmmm. Articles about Betty White. And . . . yeah, that’s it this week.

Of course that could be because of me. Sometimes I get hypercritical. No, really, I do.

What did you read this week?