Working Wednesday, December 15, 2021

I’ve been crocheting again and remembering how wonderfully soothing it is. There’s something about really great yarn–and I have Felici and Hawthorne, so I have really great yarn–that is just valium for the senses, color and softness and weight. Right now I’m just noodling around with it, but I am working on cardigan, making it up as I go, that I’m really happy with. Yarn is good.

What did you work on this week?

Happiness is Connecting

I’ve been in the fetal position for awhile here, and today I overslept, forgot the Happiness Post, and realize I had a ton of work to do since I haven’t done squat for days. Not exactly a recipe for joy. Then Krissie wrote me a long e-mail that sounded just like her and had aa ton of questions for me and suddenly it was a Good Day. And I bet if I go to Slack, Alisa has stuff for me to read on her new story. And I should definitely call my daughter. Plus Veronica is on the floor by the bed, looking at me with Guilt Eyes, telegraphing that in a good world she would be on the bed.

Happiness is connecting with people you love. How did you connect with joy this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, December 9, 2021

I’ve tried several new romances lately and find myself quitting about half way though and reading the last chapter instead. I’m trying to figure out why–it’s not like I don’t know how they’re going to end–and I think it’s the quality of the writing. I’m fine (great, actually) with comfort reads, but if there’s nothing challenging in the narrative then the writing had better be top notch. Meh stories with meh writing can’t hold me. Of course, I’m also reading Pratchett (went straight from Hogfather to Thief of Time) and Stuart, so my standard of comparison is very high. Characters who think each other funny when they’re not, Big Misunderstandings, love interests who smirk (I know, I know), and just plain blah writing–I know, shut up, Jenny, and read a different book. Fortunately I have Thief to finish and Krissie’s WiP and two books by Sondheim–everything’s going to be okay.

What did you read this week?

Working Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I woke up to twenty-five e-mails this morning, which doesn’t sound like much compared to the 600+ I had before, but it is such a waste of time. I go through and mark most as spam, but you know what I’d rather be doing with that time? Writing. Talking with my friends and family. Going out for pizza (I’m really hungry right now, so food may creep into this post). At the same time I’ve been reading obsessively about Stephen Sondheim, and something somebody said about him stuck: He showed up. I think I’ve been ducking instead of showing up, so my work for this week is to show the fuck up. I’ll let you know how that goes.

What did you do this week?

Argh Author: K. M. Fawcett’s Wilde Christmas

Our own K. M. Fawcett has her latest book out now, Wild Christmas:

All Lacey Wilde wants for Christmas is to open her long-awaited Bed & Breakfast. When her only guest is a sexy stranger who claims her adopted Military Working Dog is his, Lacey isn’t about to lose her fur baby—or her heart—to charming Marine veteran Dean Hunter.

But the K-9 controversy is the least of their troubles. Danger lurks in the shadows of Candlelight Inn, and someone will stop at nothing to steal Lacey’s heirloom ornaments. Can Dean protect the woman he’s fallen for against a deadly threat, or will this Christmas be their last?
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Happiness is Mistakes

What I have found in my long life, grasshoppers, is that mistakes can be the best thing you make because they lead you places or provide you opportunities you wouldn’t have if you’d followed the right path. Take my order of Whitman Chocolates. It’s not my favorite candy by far, but it comes in that traditional yellow box with the hinged lid and it reminds me of when I was little plus it’s great for holding things. So I bought a 72 piece box, thinking it’d be a nice deep three-layer size retro storage piece. Reader, it was one layer. Yes, the thing is the size of a medium poster which is extremely impractical except . . . I’m about to start working with a co-op sampler from the Knitpicks group on Ravelry which is 10 gms each of 76 colors and I think it’s going to be motifs which means having a big flat box to lay everything out in is very convenient. Plus I have a ton of Felici that I think its going to be motifs. Plus the dumb box makes me laugh. Good mistake.

How did you find happiness this week, mistaken or otherwise?

Working Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Welp, it’s December, so I’m going to have to get serious about getting the Christmas stuff up, which means buying batteries and putting a cheapo Christmas tree on each side of my door. That’s the extent of my Christmas cheer: I’ll make na effort, but don’t push it. I don’t need to worry about decorating the living room because I didn’t take down the gnomes from last year. Of course now they’re a little dingy from the stove fire, but they were looking shady to begin with. Gnomes. There’s just something shifty about them. Possibly it’s the hats. Somewhere around here I have a green wreath and I was going to put a gnome on it so that anybody who came to the door would go to eye to eye with it and possibly reconsider. Wreath, gnome, lighted trees = rah, humbug, merry Christmas. Mixed messages, but bases covered.

What did you work on this week?