This is a Good Book Thursday, December 9, 2021

I’ve tried several new romances lately and find myself quitting about half way though and reading the last chapter instead. I’m trying to figure out why–it’s not like I don’t know how they’re going to end–and I think it’s the quality of the writing. I’m fine (great, actually) with comfort reads, but if there’s nothing challenging in the narrative then the writing had better be top notch. Meh stories with meh writing can’t hold me. Of course, I’m also reading Pratchett (went straight from Hogfather to Thief of Time) and Stuart, so my standard of comparison is very high. Characters who think each other funny when they’re not, Big Misunderstandings, love interests who smirk (I know, I know), and just plain blah writing–I know, shut up, Jenny, and read a different book. Fortunately I have Thief to finish and Krissie’s WiP and two books by Sondheim–everything’s going to be okay.

What did you read this week?