Working Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Multi-tasking here:

On the comment hearts: Does anybody else have hearts that till start out plain (black) and turn red and add a like when you click on them? Because I do, but it’s my blog and that often changes what I see from what you all see.

On Krissie’s surgery recovery: I have her Care Package done but I don’t want to leave the house. I like it here. So maybe Thursday. The problem is that I have to go to the DMV first (license expired) and I don’t wanna do that, either. But at least the package is together.

On an old books: I reread an old mystery I knew I liked, but I’d forgotten the beginning was a series of letters, and I like that so much that I thought about using that for a new intro to You Again. So once I’ve though that through, I’ll run it past you all to see if that’s better or worse than the old beginning. (The old beginning is bad, massive info-dump-through-chat, so the new intro will have to be mega-bad to be worse).

On the house: I have a new nine-week plan, one room at a time (the rooms are small, nine in a thousand square feet) until the place is spotless, just in time to start the new year. BIG PLANS.

But enough about me. What did you do this week?

75 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, November 3, 2021

  1. Hearts have been going crazy. I might open to all red or some red — but not the ones I’d clicked on the last time. This comment can be a heart test.

    1. Your heart showed up red with a count of 7. When I clicked on it, it turned gray and the count went to 6.

  2. I think I’ve only had the hearts issue on that last post. Or certainly not for a long while prior to that anyway. On my first viewing of your last there was a random selection of pre-hearted and normal/plain hearts – I didn’t try hearting anything as I just figured it was broken. I did note that when I went back in later to the same post (to read new messages) then the number of pre-hearted hearts seemed to increase on their own…

    I’ve just gone back in to that post, on seeing your question above, and of the few remaining normal hearts, I can click and make them red.

    And I have the same issue whether on laptop or phone (Android)

    1. Same, but it’s been the last two or three posts. I think, too, that it’s not remembering the ones that weren’t already red that I actually liked.

  3. So far this post the hearts seem normal. They were already red (except a couple) in the last couple of posts.

    I’m trying to do all the pre-winter prep and cleaning, plus make jewelry to sell in my shop for the holiday season. (Plus all the holiday sales prep at the shop–OY)

    Today I am taking all four cats to the vet for their shots and yearly check-up. Why I thought it was a good idea to do them all at once, I’m not sure. Three four year olds and a two year old, so hopefully no unexpected surprises, but you never know. Harry Dresden, my sleek black panther, got seriously ill and almost died three years ago when after he got both sets of shots together (there is one they get every three years, and one that is every year–the rabies, I think). We can’t be sure it was a bad reaction to the shots, and not a fluke viral something, but for the rest of his life, we won’t be giving both together, so in another month or so I’ll have to bring him back for the second one. Fun times.

  4. All the hearts thus far are still red for me.

    I am a little at sixes and sevens this week. I finished most of my major projects and can’t decide whether to hustle up some more, or just ride the coast… Both Etsy shops are better stocked than they have ever been for the holidays, but nothing much is selling. I hung my little show of trees, but wasn’t quite satisfied with the results. What looked good on my dining room table looks small when spread out along a brick wall. So I am considering working on some of the bigger pieces that I put aside, knowing that they probably wouldn’t sell…

    Short video here.

    To the plus, I have been slowly purging my clothes in sections. That feels positive. And I started my Christmas cards yesterday. I am turning ink blots on watercolor paper into abstract pictures of my cats doing Christmas things.

    1. Oh, and if I try to like any of the posts the hearts turn gray and take a like away. Looks like I love everyone, which is really quite fine with me.

      1. That’s what happens to me, too – all hearts start out red; I click one; heart goes gray and shows one less like.

        1. If I click a third time, the heart goes back to red and the counter shows what it was when I got there plus one-also on Frefox.

          1. Yikes, Aunt Snack, I just read about your travel stresses. Glad you had some bright spots and can still think there’ll be a next time. Good luck with the bureaucracy!

  5. All hearts were red before I even started to read them, so still a bug.
    I’ve got a few days off work but am not looking forward to the piles of stuff to do when I return on Friday. Yep, holiday cut short voluntarily since I have a Tuesday-meeting to prepare for and would never have managed to do everything on Monday. Let’s see if two days are enough…

    The kids’ schools have asked us to contribute to “xmas with a heart”, preparing shoe boxes with stuff for kids in poorer countries.
    Yesterday, I’ve got the soapy/toothe stuff, today I’ve to get out the pens and school supplies etc. Also, I’m knitting scarves and hats. Only I’m not sure if bought ones weren’t more welcome. Handmade stuff wasn’t very hip as presents when the kids needed gifts for friends. Not even the most creative ones…
    Oh well, I have fun knitzing and crocheting, so it’ll have to do.

  6. Hearts come red and pre-liked viewing the blog in my iPhone.

    I’ve got several check ups scheduled over the next couple of weeks.

    And my cat sitting stint will come to an end this afternoon. I’ll miss her, but not her habit of pouncing on my face many times during the night. She likes sleeping on me face and head. 🤣

  7. Interesting… it took me some minutes to write my post on my phone: all posts that came in in the meantime had grey hearts, tje ones that were pre-hearted from the start stayed red.

  8. Hearts-mine are all red, clicking works, but starting with take one away or second click to put it back isn’t nearly as good. 🙂

    This’ll be my fourth day of “today I clean the bathrooms”.
    Or maybe I’ll use my awesome power of procrastination to go outside and get my own drivers licence renewed, buy some milk. Really must do that renewal thing soon. Leave it another week and I’ll have to take all the tests. I might have trouble renting a car to test in with an expired licence. Mostly the people I know live far away or don’t keep a car in this city of difficult parking and good public transit. I am assured that European licenses are much harder to get than the US version even though they transfer across. I suspect Aussie style in this to be more like Europe given that new drivers display plates on any car they drive, first L learner and then P provisional, for 3 or 4 years of driving.
    This time tomorrow, driver’s licence or clean bathrooms!

  9. And for me the heart situation is normal. All visible hearts were gray — when I clicked to like one, it turned red but the others stayed gray. I can’t for the life of me figure out why it would be different for different folks. Maybe the media/environment they’re posting on? This is on a desktop computer. However, I’ve had the heart avalanche on previous days — I noticed the heart problem starting several days ago when I posted about it (last Thursday).

    We had an overnight frost last night — the first one this season — so I’ve been busy trying to get all windows closed, houseplants inside, winter coat out with gloves in pockets, that kind of thing.

    I wish I could embark on a cleaning/organizing project like Jenny’s, but I’m working remotely, so on the computer all weekdays and spending Saturday on chores, Sunday on recuperating, and so on. I have so many dear, or cute, or beautiful things around, but I’ve been accumulating them over the past 50 years or so, and what I crave now is STORAGE SPACE. So I feel for anyone in the same situation. Hearts, everybody!

  10. Big achievements; winterizing the RV, which included pulling out all the canned/dried stuff so it’s not expired next spring, adding more plastic to the inside of the greenhouse, getting kids to/from Nutcracker rehearsals and fittings and setting up no-contact trick or treating. The no-contact thing involved stringing up treat bags at the bottom of the stairs and honestly it’s so much safer for kids that we’ll keep doing that post-covid, our stairs are a nightmare for small people even when they aren’t impaired by costumes.

    I too have Big Plans to get the house fully cleaned and organized for the holidays but I’m not making good headway on that. Making a weekly plan is a good idea.

  11. HEARTS: The hearts I see still start out black (well . . . dark grey, actually) and turn red when I click them (which I enjoy). I used Elizabeth’s heart test; thanks, Elizabeth.

  12. Some of the hearts are all ready red and some are gray.

    For example: Elizabeth’s heart was already red when I first read the blog. I clicked on it and it turned gray and went from +3 to +2. Then I clicked on it again and it turned red and went back to +3.

  13. Well, something just went wrong. Thought I’d posted a comment, but it vanished. Maybe I somehow hit the wrong button?

    Anyway, I’ve begun putting the garden to bed, so the kitchen’s full of geraniums. Trying to be outside as much as possible, as the days have suddenly shrunk drastically, since the clocks went back at the weekend.

  14. Ever since my new roommate moved in my kitchen has been spotless. It’s so wonderful. I’m trying to spread that tidiness into the living room as well with some success when I’m not creating sewing messes. She’s a godsend, my new roommate, but wants to move to England (who wouldn’t) so probably won’t stay much past next summer. So Sad me.

    Work is still good. I’m getting my mind around the Stats and did them correctly this week. My boss said I should get a sticker. I love this place. Still in the honeymoon phase after eight months. That’s pretty good.

  15. I had thought the hearts thing was a product of how I was viewing – laptop versus phone. But just checking on this post, everything starts off as gray, which I can then heart or not.

    I broke down and went to the ortho about my knee. One cortisone shot later, my bone-on-bone grating is less intensely painful. When I told my dad about this in our weekly call, his comment was that he had a hard time thinking of us (the kids) as old. I guess only oldsters need the cortisone shots. I figured he would have noticed all the gray hair, but oh well!

    I’ve also been thinking and planning for my quilting vacation that starts tomorrow. It will be cold and damp, so I’m making a tortellini soup for lunch tomorrow (we share cooking duties). Then there are the projects. My niece is having another baby boy – her third. I asked if #2 would like a big boy quilt like I had made for his brother. The answer was yes, but she didn’t really have a theme – he like a lot of things. So, I’ve decided to make an “I Spy” quilt, with lots of different things he can look at. That will be my big project focus for the weekend. I also have tons of other things I can do if I get finished or bored. 🙂 I just need to pack warm clothes because we sew out on the porch! Tomorrow it will only be 45F (7 C) and rainy/damp. Yuck!!

    I did put the quilting on a couple of quilts on Saturday, and have gotten the binding halfway done. They’ll be good handwork for nights at the cabin.

    Back to work now!

    1. I forgot! I finished a baby blanket! For baby #3 mentioned above. I found most of a giant skein of blue/white and 1 full skein of white. I worked the white border by pulling yarn from the outside for one side and the inside for the other. I worked until I had about 10 inches of blue left and then finished up. Thrilled with how it turned out.

  16. All the hearts are grey until I click them, then they turn read and the count goes up.

    I am doing my best to stay on writing track but it has been a very busy month and I am falling behind. Oh well – lucky I set my own deadlines, I guess.

    On the crochet front I finished a throw I am very happy with – FINALLY. I had to pull the whole thing out as I had read the pattern wrong and didn’t notice until two large balls of yarn in that it was working up in a perfectly even Aztec temple shape.

    The good result is here

  17. I have not had a problem with the hearts on either the ipad or my MacBook, both of which are 5 plus years. They start out grey then turn red if I click them.

  18. Hearts are grey->red as normal on work computer (Windows 10) but were red -> grey on my home laptop (Windows 7 and I am not changing until it dies), in case that is any help. Both using firefox.

    Oh, and working, yes, I am doing that. And have an appointment on Friday to have my snow tires put on, which is technically work for someone else, but sure FEELS like work to me!

  19. Hearts are pre-liked (red) on my desktop (Windows 10 PC) but not on my phone (Android), where they appear to be working normally.

    Not sure it matters, but on my phone (where hearts are normal), the comment box is pre-filled with my name, etc., while on my desktop (where hearts are abnormal), McAfee erased my cookies a couple days ago, so the comment box doesn’t have my name, etc. pre-filled.

    1. P.S. I wonder if the cookies has something to do with it. Or maybe commenting. Because after posting the above comment (on my desktop where hearts were pre-liked originally) and saving my name/etc., all the hearts went back to gray. Just throwing it out there as an additional bit of data.

  20. As before, the hearts are dark until I click them, then they turn red and increment. I’m on a Windows 11 computer. Also, I joined WordPress so I could comment elsewhere, if that makes a difference.

    I’m going to make a batch of chili (at home) for dinner (at work.)

  21. I must have missed the news on Krissie and surgery. I hope she’s feeling okay now and wish her a swift recovery. I’m not having a problem with hearts.

  22. Hearts have been working great for me since they system changed my “_” to “+” whenever that was going on .

    Working correctly on Firefox on PC as well as Mac.

  23. Hearts seem to be working normally for me (Chrome on desktop).

    Working: Mostly on day job – catching up from a few days away + getting ready for another day off (today is my birthday and I’m At Leisure). But did a ton of writer business over the weekend and also have written 9000+ words of new novella, which is my To Do treat to myself for most of the rest of today. 🙂 First I have to go to my shared Google Drive and see what my designer has delivered! More treats!!

    1. Happy birthday! For the longest time I read your name as cha-CHAL. Then I saw you were writing about dancers, and the light dawned. 🙂

      Anyhow, hope you’ve had a great day.

  24. Hearts have behaved normally for me, in Safari on the Mac, and now in Safari on the iPad.
    Work: I’m using the iPad because I spent six hours updating the laptop and am now running what will be a lengthy backup. Downloading 12 G here in the country is not a certain thing and I was several updates behind. I had to leave it running and go off to the dentist and grocery. Fortunately all is well.

  25. We’re gearing up to move house – we pick up the keys tomorrow – and we’re weaving our way around the Boxes of Stuff that have taken over everything. I’m stressing about that, and trying to line up utilities and fun stuff like that.

    I’m also at the pointy end of organising the year book for my youngest son’s school, which means I’m spending a lot of time harassing the staff about submissions, and constantly checking to see what’s come in and what’s still outstanding. I’m sure they’re all sick of me by now.

    I’ll be glad when November is over and I can collapse in a little heap.

  26. I don’t have a problem with hearts, really didn’t give them a thought. But I am thinking of Jenny’s BFF. One thing led to another and now I’m reading Shadows at Sunset by Anne Stuart. Just in time within the waning days of Halloween. Sorta. Derelict mansion with a pair of ghosts, by way of murder/suicide in the early 1950’s. Current owner’s are two sisters and a brother with one of the sisters trying to keep it together and away from dad who wants them to sell. Dad has a right hand man which just aggravates the sister, Jilly.

    And we got our booster shot last week.

  27. Not sure how much of the week I should describe online . . . my Monday lunch date turned into a medical emergency as I showed up at the senior center with the other guest to find the hostess’ door surrounded by police and neighbors breaking in to do a wellness check. As it turned out, the hostess had had a stroke and was found lying on the bathroom floor. I’ve been getting updates from the hospital ever since as I was her emergency contact, and instead of lunch, I came home with her cat in a pillow case (on the excellent advice of one of the police officers). Maggie has spent two days under a corner table in the living room, watching television with my brother. Hope she enjoys his choices . . . .

      1. Ann, I’m sorry for your hostess’s stroke. I hope you report good news to us soon.

        I would love to come home with a cat in a pillowcase. May Maggie calm down and enjoy her visit.

        1. Maggie is doing better — she emerged to use the litter box, enthusiastically praised by my brother — she emerged briefly a couple of times — and then our tenant arrived home and Maggie decided that she’s a Cat Person — apparently slept in her room last night. (Our tenant spends part of the week caring for a dementia patient in a neighboring community, so she’s here part of the week and gone part, and she absolutely is a Cat Person, practically a Cat Whisperer.) I hope it’s because Maggie’s feeling less frightened, but possibly she’s tired of television sports.

          News on the hostess is not great, except that the local hospital where she was taken was finally able to get, from the university hospital where she normally is treated, her health directive, which turned out to be very specific and to cover her current situation. Since up to that point I was winging it with no authorization but no one else to contact, I was hugely relieved.

  28. Hearts are a mix for me, which is just weird. The more recent ones are more likely to be grey but there isn’t a cut-over time.

  29. Some hearts are red, some are Grey. No pattern to which is which.

    The weather is getting cooler and feels wonderful. Some of my garden is regrowing. Does anyone know if the tomatoes will ripen since it is cooler and there is not as much daylight?

    1. They will, eventually, but if you pick them green before frost they will ripen indoors.

  30. About 2/3 of my hearts are pre-hearted, Click and they turn grey and decrement the count, and the other third are grey and I can click and they turn red and increment the count.

    I got tested for Covid today. My wife and her friend and coworker both got sick over the weekend, and took a Rapid Antigen Covid test yesterday. They were both positive. I then took one too and was negative (I also have no symptoms), but we then both went and got a PCR test to doublecheck it. Results expected tomorrow.

    The wife is feeling better by the way, but not all the way back yet.

  31. Hearts schmarts. I just click.
    Went to the optometrists for new glasses, I use three kinds. Normal (bifocal), computer, and sun glasses. I have to wear those a lot because one eye has been stuck dilated and is sensitive to light. Also, I look cool.
    They are amazingly expensive. But, I will look cool.
    So, working away at the day job, must pay for my glasses habit.

  32. Harking back, hearts were harmed Oct 27 but were hardy (and still are–I hearted a few comments) on October 24.

    This is the case in both Safari and Chrome on my Mac and on my iPhone.

    Early Halloween trick? Har, har!

  33. BIL came and went back home after a short holiday. Things are good except for the coming legal stuff which will sure to be a Hugh mess.

    He has challenged me to a duel, he on the guitar and me on the piano. I haven’t played Fur Elise in forever. I’m suppose to go from 0 to a winning performance in a month. I can barely read music now it has been that long. So…I have been marking the notes and got out the old theory book and will try. One good thing is playing or learning to play an instrument is very good for the brain.

    Love reading letters in books. Looking forward to reading your endeavours.

    Has anyone watched LETTERS LIVE on You Tube. My favourite thing. Joss Ackland reading his own letter to his future wife, one of my favourites so far. My husband wrote me a few letters once, not a romantic but I do have letters.

    Hearts are half and half. Able to click a few grey hearts to like.

  34. Heart-wise: I now appear to have red hearts on all the comments automatically, and when I click one it turns gray and the number of “likes” nexts to the heart goes down one. (I’m using chrome on a macbook if that helps). Since I feel confident that I’ll like whatever ARGH peeps say I don’t have a problem with this, but since you asked…

    Work wise: Got 500 words in today, 1,400 in yesterday. Not great, but we’re moving!

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