Working Wednesday, November 16, 2021

This is week is Make Stuff In Worsted Yarn because scarves and hats for Christmas are always good, and worsted makes it fast. Then I can go back to my regularly scheduled fingering weight projects and be leisurely again. This year it’s Chroma Twist in Wedneday (blacks and grays) and Cousteau (blues) so easy and fun.

What did you work on this week?

37 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, November 16, 2021

  1. I’m working on trying to stay sane while I pack up everything we own and move it. We now have a backyard full of things that have been sitting in our garage for ten years or more, and I’m looking forward to heaving it all into the skip next week. I’ve also rediscovered a lot of things that I thought I’d lost years ago, so that’s been nice. But I am exhausted, and we’re not done yet.

  2. I’m working on healing: The pins are out of my toes and I no longer have a drain for the wound where the stitches gave out (dr doesn’t know whether wound will heal or if new stitches will be required). Anyway, as I feel increasingly better I’m finally doing dishes, laundry, cooking, and driving my husband crazy (he has developed his own housekeeping patterns while I’ve been bedridden).

    And I’m working on getting family together: Despite inadvertently mangling a message about a niece and COVID, I’ve phoned multiple family members multiple times and now have word that everyone will gather at brother-and-sister-in-laws’ for Thanksgiving. (My husband sealed the deal by promising to bring champagne.) I’m not known for my negotiating skills, so this was a feat: folks haven’t seen each other for 2 years and old frictions are adding to COVID worries so that it’s easier to say no than to take a chance.

    Oh, and my reddened hearts are black when I reopen arghink.

  3. I worked on projects for Christmas too. I’m visiting family after Thanksgiving, and plan to stuff my suitcase. This past weekend was labeling quilts and making quilted potholders, cause those are great gifts.

  4. I got covid, which is super annoying because I am really careful, masking and disinfecting regularly. It knocked me out for a few days but I am pretty much back to normal now. Yay vaccines. My partner got a headache for a day. So it could be worse. Just waiting for HR to decide when I can come back to work. I have no idea what the rules are at this point.

    Until then, I have been doing small projects and just finished some things for an Instagram challenge, folktale week. Not sure what to do with myself. Infinite free time is a strange thing….

  5. I always bounce around with stuff I make. I’ve usually got an ongoing knit or crochet project, but the last month I’ve been working on a big quilling piece as a gift for my daughter.

  6. Working on vests for my sons for Christmas. Also working on my daughter’s birthday coat which has been ongoing since March. It’s not just me, she’s been taking her time on decisions. Hoping we will finish it while she’s home for thanksgiving. Although it looks like she’ll only be home for a couple of days so it might be a stretch.

    The day job is still the day job and going well. The roommate is fabulous. Does things like clean the kitchen and tidy the garden because she notices it needs doing. Has the same taste in TV and is a lovely friend. I will be so sorry when she moves to England.

    I am also starting a new project – a yo-yo quilt for my niece who is getting married in April. She loves all things 1950s so I hope it is something she enjoys. My BFF is going to help me make the yo-yos. I have such good friends.

  7. I have pretty extensively cleaned up my bedroom, picked up the clothing pile I stopped picking up in March 2020, dragged my butt to the laundromat to wash all the sheets in the giant washer, cleaned the bathroom, got rid of all the plastic bags I was going to turn into plastic yarn (this didn’t go well when I tried it), and picked up the living room yarn avalanches.

    I have a website that I needed to update on an almost daily basis and I needed to post all the old entries that I wrote up on and then never actually posted. I stopped updating around the end of March, so it was a ton of copy/paste and sorting out sketchy notes I made. I finally got myself up to speed last night, so YAY. I’m supposed to do a monthlong writing project there in December, so I needed to get the back entries posted before that starts, and now I’m done. Huzzah!

    I finished making a Croki Loki for a Christmas gift, I’m plugging away at a friend’s vest, and also plugging along on an elaborate rainbow cross-stitched turtle.

    I also auditioned for a musical show, The Producers which I was very excited about, but did not get a callback 🙁 I’m not entirely sure if I’m 100% ruled out for it because I just wanted to be ensemble (I don’t really like or fit the few named women’s parts in it, but the show overall is funny and I still want to do “Springtime for Hitler”) and they have a note on the website saying that no callback doesn’t quite rule you out, so if they didn’t want me for a specific role, maaaaaybe they just let me be a backup dancer in a silly outfit. But I feel a little crap about it. Especially since I talked the crush into auditioning at the last minute, and another friend auditioned at the even more last minute after she told me she wasn’t going to, and both of them got callbacks. So they will probably get in and I will not and I’ve been wanting to get into this show for months. Bleah. Well, I tried, I guess.

    Next thing to work on: getting tickets for our date (“date?” I dunno?) this weekend, since neither of us has discussed that since Saturday and presumably one of us needs to get on the stick about it. I talked to him about auditioning and then have been in a sulk since, so we never got around to figuring out where to sit and whatnot. And…thinking out what I’m going to say to him afterwards. If I get up the nerve.

  8. I, too, am trying to stay sane. In my case it’s the Retirement Paperwork, 14 pages just to request it. And the Medicare open enrollment. And finding a new PCP because my old physician was Nurse Practitioner Lois at a health care office in Ivor, over 30 miles away and in a different area code. Why that matters is my phone service only works in area code 804 and she’s in 757. The only reason I still have a landline (besides being incompetent with a cell phone) is my remote heart monitor is connected through the landline. Anyway, if they call to confirm an appointment (or for any other reason) and I am not right there to pick up, I can’t return their call. My cell phone does not deal well with answering gadgets. “Push ‘1’ to talk in English….” Bah! Humbug!

    Some things must be endured.

    1. You’ve probably already considered it, or may already have one, but even if you need to keep the land line for other reasons, what about adding a free Google number to deal with other issues? Set it to Do Not Disturb instead of forwarding to another number, and it will take a voicemail and even transcribe it (sometimes to hilarious effect). And then you can return calls on your computer if necessary — I sent all my medical reminder calls to a Google number after I cancelled my land line. Then you don’t have to worry about area code or cell phone limitations.

  9. I am working on extricating myself from the part-time day job, effective Dec. 23. It’s more than time, and I can manage retirement with small pension, freelance, and Social Security. I’m tired of being angry at people/policies I cannot control. So turned in the official letters yesterday and today will fill out paperwork for the pension. Very happy about this,
    and also thrilled that my last labs came back no malignancy–always a relief.

    1. Wow! We’re having a run on retirements here! My brother retired a couple weeks ago, although he’s only an Argher by relationship to me.

      I read somewhere, but I’m not sure how accurate it was, that a huge percentage of the number of people quitting their jobs in the recent tide of quitting did it for retirement, rather than a different job. Which makes sense to me, for the sort of reasons you and Gary are retiring now — eligible for retirement for a while now and the down sides of working just weren’t worth the up sides any longer.

  10. Doing my Christmas gift dishcloths which are mindless and good for TV viewing/audiobook listening. AND — I started one of those throws where you knit a row daily based on the high temperature of the day. I had to alter it somewhat — I live in New England and the lowest temp/color was fir the 30’s!

    1. I am planning–if I ever get around to it–to use the colors my weather app uses.They go well below the 30s!

  11. I’m working on getting my COVID booster, which is scheduled for this afternoon. I’m so glad to get it before Thanksgiving because my sister wants us to drop by to visit for a couple of hours that day, and her son and DIL are strident anti-vaxxers. Meanwhile, said sister has COPD, and our 87-year-old mother has severe asthma. But hey, you selfish 30-somethings stay on your science-free soapbox!

    Sorry, rant over.

    In other work, I’m working on a new schedule with evenings and one day off per week, working up to two full days off per week. (Self-employed writer, so the boss will let me work endless hours.) My theory is that I’ll get more done in five well structured days than in seven meandering ones. I’m hoping to prove myself right!

    1. I just realized I need to get back into the habit of playing (quilts and other fun things) on Sundays instead of writing 7 days a week. I think you’re right, that some time off is actually beneficial to productivity, but I keep forgetting the lesson learned when I bump up against a need for extra productivity. I took this past Sunday off for the first time in ages, and followed up with writing about twice what I normally would over the next couple of days.

    2. I’m a big fan of rants. And you are 100% right, as far as I’m concerned, about those who don’t consider transmissibility of the virus as anything they have a shred of responsibility for.

  12. This morning I trudged upstairs to put the pillowcases on the pillows I washed and let air dry. On the way down I noticed the ceiling fan was dusty. Downstairs for the step stool and back upstairs I went with a dust cloth. Then I remembered to bring down the winter coats also brought up some summer duds. All the while I’m thinking wouldn’t it be better if I only moved us upstairs for the summer and stayed downstairs in the winter. That way there would be no juggling of clothes. Not going to happen but it was a fun thought.

    I bought a pearl and floral design bracelet that I knew was going to be too small, but on looking at it I figured I could lengthen it. It has a toggle clasp and with a split ring and a circular ring from another set it worked.

    For all the crafters SBTB showcased and interesting book titled Crochet Cafe by Lauren Espy of crocheted foody items. Things like crocheted pies, fried eggs, spaghetti and meatballs, etc.

  13. I got my booster shot last Friday and it kicked my butt, so I haven’t accomplished as much as I would have liked. (Still glad to have it, since I’m going into the busy season at the shop I run. Even though we are requiring masks for everyone, I still feel better with the extra protection.)

    Mostly I have been dealing with computer issues on both the desktop (which had a hard drive crash which necessitated updating a bunch of programs in order to bring it back to life, including my ancient LiveMail email, which meant I lost ALL my contacts) and my laptop. Right as the new book was releasing. Which was yesterday. I literally was posting my usual celebration giveaway on my blog at 10:30 at night, after finally getting both machines back right before dinner.

    Now I’m working on not twitching about having a new book out. Har.

  14. I’ve been plugging away at the allotment, and it’s starting to look much better. Also getting on with editing my gardening research; next step is to check my gardening journal.

    Still on call for the roses book, but now down to half an hour of their budget left. If I’d counted all the time I spend reading emails and firing off brief replies, there’d be none.

  15. I’ve done more thinking about working than actual working lately, but the good thing about being a writer is that thinking about the story is actually part of the job (unless, of course, it’s procrastination, but I’ve been doing productive thinking).

    Beyond that, I have also been writing a good bit on a new WIP, and I arranged for covid booster & flu shots tomorrow (so won’t be working then or Friday!), and I picked up more than 500 pig nuts (with another 200+ to go) from ONE tree in my yard, so they wouldn’t be a tripping hazard for the meter reader, etc.. It was a super-harvest year. Too bad they’re far more work to get to an edible state than they’re worth. (Extremely hard shell, very small nut, and if I remember correctly, require some form of cooking to not be bitter.)

  16. I finally switched my t-shirts and sweaters yesterday so that I will be ready for winter and the weather responded by warming up to 60F today. Since a cold front is coming through later today, I am not kicking myself for doing it too early. For a change I was able to fit all the sweaters in the drawer with no difficulty, but that is only because my favorite thrift store has only recently reopened and I haven’t been able to replenish my supply for the last 2 seasons. Maybe I’ll brave the lines and check out the selection there for the next sale. Sweaters are the only clothing I’ll be able to buy there because the fitting rooms are still closed due to the pandemic.

    Yesterday I got my Covid booster shot so I will be ready for Thanksgiving. Whoopee! My arm is sore today, but that is a small price to pay for the treat of being able to spend the holiday with loved ones. I almost couldn’t get the shot because the automated kiosk where you make appointments went down and they wouldn’t make an appointment manually, but after I got the store manager to intervene, they relented. The had wanted me to come in at 8am on Friday and sit around all day until they could fit me in. Since I will be doing colonoscopy prep on that day, I didn’t think that was a practical solution.

    I wish that I had been as successful in my other negotiations last week. I didn’t pay my cell phone bill on time since I was waiting to hear how much credit they were going to give me for the 5 weeks the phone didn’t work in France. Unfortunately, they never notified me as to how much I actually owed so I didn’t pay the bill until Monday. They turned off my phone and will not turn it back on until they get my check. Since they are in California, that won’t be before Friday and then they will close for the weekend. This is the same company that I was on hold for hours at a time from France and who told me that they never notified me regarding the size of my credit because I didn’t ask for a call back. They put me on hold for hours at a time and think that I don’t want to know the answer? That was exceedingly rich coming from the company whose misrepresentations also locked me out of my email.

  17. Somehow I managed to accumulate an insane number of magazines that I hadn’t read and recycled. You’d think that all that pandemic time would have been a good opportunity, but no. However, on Monday, I sat on the couch and did a speed review, recycling as I went. The pile is down to cooking magazines that I plan on keeping for the moment. I just need to store them. Eventually I’ll get rid of most of those too, but the amount is good for the moment.

    Next on the list is the mysterious pile of papers that has accumulated. I’m sure 90% of it can be shredded or recycled. I do almost everything online, so there’s just no reason for the paper!

    On Sunday my allotment partner and I did a fair amount of cleanup. We should be able to get most of the rest done this weekend. We’ve been flirting with overnight freezes, but there are still unripe peppers on a few plants and we’re trying to give them a chance to ripen a bit more. And I need to move compost from one bin to another so it can develop over the winter and I can keep adding to the first bin. Honestly, the allotment is worth it just to have a place to put all my vegetable scraps. We have the happiest worms in Virginia.

  18. I am working on sorting out December (DS and DH birthdays in addition to Christmas). So far I think it’s going fairly well, although we have not agreed what we are going to do in terms of DS birthday celebrations yet.

    I’m also working on a Christmas tree skirt – so far it is cut out, and some parts are even sewn together. Hoping to get it sandwiched before the weekend so that I can machine-quilt it on Sat/Sun…

  19. I am working on what to with a minimum of two free hours all to myself. Since my husband retired many years ago, I went from running all the errands myself but having several times a week of having hours to structure as I like, to having someone to split the errands with but more meals to prepare and rarely more than an hour by myself. This is real luxury.

  20. Working on the election. People have no clue as to the hours of work that needs to be done. Got the write-in votes and the audit completed. Now it’s the statewide recount for a judicial race.

    I think we’ll have it all wrapped-up on Monday when we’ll certify. It’s gratifying to serve but I’m starting to get cranky.

    Pixie goes for her dental tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it goes well.

    My misdirected package arrived yesterday. Deborah’s book arrived today and the latest JAK is on track.

    My sister will be visiting from Virginia starting Sunday and just for a few days. I did warn her that I might be tied up with election work but she figured she can hang-out with our cousin. OK, but when do I get the house cleaned? Been neglecting that because hours of election work. Argh!

  21. This week I’ve accomplished more tiny bits of housework; assembled a menu for Thanksgiving (the husband looked at my green peas and counteroffered with asparagus to which I said No); secured & wrapped a birthday present for said husband; and have been writing steadily.

    Not the project I was working on last week. For some reason the brain wants to work on another project which I started in Florida. So: okay then, brain, let’s do what you want. Have had some downtime at work so I’m writing on my Chromebook while I watch the work in-box. This weekend I’ll pull it all down into my Word doc and see exactly how much I’ve done.

    Also set up a pre-order for a holiday novelette. 🙂

  22. I’ve been in constant communication with a cousin who has had me identifying the subjects of pictures (including cats and dogs) for the video they showed today at Aunt Ruth’s funeral. Bill said it was a “success” — whatever exactly that means, in the context. They especially liked the twin stuff, in the video and elsewhere. Three Navy corpsmen played “Taps” at the gravesite.

    If anyone is interested, here’s the link. I’m not sure how long it will be live, but it is now. Don’t know where they came up with the Tinpanny music!

  23. I was talking to my brother last weekend and he mentioned that when he stayed with us last May, he noticed the roman shades in our guest bedroom were broken. What, he couldn’t have told me then? I have guests arriving next week! Checking the shades out to see if they were repairable, I discovered the little plastic rings that guide the strings had either broken or broke while I looked at them — 15 years of heavy sun is the culprit, I guess. Conclusion: they had outlived their usefulness. So then I started freaking out about how to get window coverings in less than a week.

    Fortunately, my DH remained calm and suggested a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. I was skeptical, because our windows are all odd sizes, and a lot of BB&B stuff isn’t great. Luckily, we did find some drapery panels with grommets at the top that will work. New rods are up. I have to shorten three of the panels, and add weights to all of the panels, but I’ve got a good start and should finish before I have to start all my Thanksgiving make-ahead cooking.

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