It’s November 26th on Argh, So It Must Be . . .

The Drifters! (Yes, I know it’s a Christmas song and we’re multi-holiday here, but c’mon, it’s The Drifters. Also an Argh tradition since 2010, Clyde McPhatter and Bill Pinckney forever.)

12 thoughts on “It’s November 26th on Argh, So It Must Be . . .

  1. My signal to get ready to go to The Artisans Guild to work on (a non-commercial retail, thank goodness) Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!

    I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do love this tradition. (After all, I still read Christmas books and watch the occasional Hallmark movie. ‘Tis the season.)

  2. Sirius XM is free this time of year, so we listened to Broadway tunes on our way to Thanksgiving dinner and 60s songs on our way home. Fun times.

  3. Right. Black Friday.

    Remember when every Friday wasn’t characterized so? Now, I receive advertisements from every retailer I deal or have ever dealt with offering to let me enjoy Black Friday savings – Dell, HP, Amazon, You Tube, Downpour, Audible – not just today, but every freaking Friday! Or like Walt Kelly’s Pogo strip, Black Friday done come on a Wensday this week.

    Right. I did say, yesterday, that one of the functions of That Thursday was to officially kick off the (commercial) Christmas Season, so Welcome, Drifters! Now I need to queu up Santa Baby and Mariah Carrie singing about all she wants for Christmas on infinite repeat.

    Then I’ll see if I can dream about Bruce Willis in a Santa suit shooting Hans Gruber right in his Nakatomi and saying, “Merry-ki-yay, malefactor!”

  4. The only reason I’m accepting that it’s the end of November is because it gets me the Drifters and I love this Argh tradition. It’s currently above freezing outside and the ice on the back steps has melted so that’s a good thing in my books.

    My town had the Christmas light up last night with fireworks, it’s too dangerous to have fireworks here in the summer so we have them in the winter. We got our lights all put out and plugged in yesterday, including our new inflatable Grinch and Max, just in time. Paul was saying last night that we are going to get more lights for next year and he’s going to put them higher up in the trees. That makes me happy because I dearly love a bright colourful light display, no matter the reason. I’m happy to chase away the darkness with some brightly-coloured LED lights whenever I can.

  5. Celebrating by not spending any money. I do want to buy something from a small business; but, I’ll leave that for tomorrow. Mostly, I’ll just be doing a small amount of decorating this eekend.

    And baking dog buscuits.

  6. I had to listen to live Christmas music at work today. One of our members is a musician and he loves to play so much that a couple of years ago, he offered to play for free for a couple of hours. He’s been back a few times since then and today was one of those times. He sets up right by my desk so I have no way of escaping and plays so loudly I have trouble hearing what the members are saying to me as well as hearing what the people on the phone want.

    Unfortunately, I am the only one at work who doesn’t like it! I worked retail sales for several years and had to listen to non stop Christmas music for several weeks every year, and to this day I still don’t like most Christmas music. I am happy to say, the Drifters performance is not included in that list. 😊

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