Argh Author: Bob Mayer’s Shane and the Hit Woman

Bob’s follow up to Agnes and the Hitman, Shane and the Hitwoman, is out today, with a kickass heroine named Phoebe and more wedding snafus. It’s back to Two Rivers with another wedding debacle in progress and Rhett drooling on everything, but the danger is new and international and worse than that, Shane’s going to have to deal with his relationship with Agnes as their careers collide.

No one warned Shane or Agnes that it was going to be a red wedding. It’s eight months after the first, bloody, wedding at Two Rivers and things have calmed down and seven weddings have been hosted without a problem. But no longer.

Bring on an eclectic hitwoman, an amiable Duke, an icy Duchess, a lot of sharp swords, a crazed ex-Duchess, a computer hacker and a dog named Rhett, and you’ve got a recipe for an action-packed, hilarious novel about the perils and promises of commitment.

Shane has no idea when he’s hidden on a snowy hillside with his sniper rifle on a job for the Organization, how the mission connects to a pending wedding. The operation goes to hell and he’s rescued by his back-up; a younger, diminutive operative named Phoebe, who is armed with a short, but very sharp sword and an even sharper tongue.

A ‘small, intimate wedding’ is what was promised. But too late he learns that it involves the fate of a small, but powerful European kingdom. At stake for Shane? Not just his life and Two Rivers, but his future with Agnes and the Organization. For Phoebe, an up and comer in the Organization, it’s her chance to show what’s she capable of. But standing in the way is the crazed ex-wife of the Duke, a mountain of a man armed with a very big sword, and a traitor within the ranks of the Organization itself.

Who will be left standing and what will their future look like?

You can buy Shane and the Hitwoman at any of these sites or just go straight to Amazon here.

36 thoughts on “Argh Author: Bob Mayer’s Shane and the Hit Woman

  1. I’m really looking forward to going back to the world of Two Rivers, but ohmigosh. Why IS it that guys like to imagine pointing their penis, I mean “sniper rifle” at people and letting go? This part is reminding me of the disturbed boy with the sniper rifle who killed the children in the kindergarten at Sandy Hook, or the boy who is on trial now in the U.S. for bringing an AR-15 to a protest march.

    That said, the fact that the girl on the cover looks a lot like Bob to me is interesting too. I’m glad Jenny did some inputting here. A teaspoon of female intelligence can do a lot for an otherwise manly main dish.

  2. I’m a little nervous about a book including Agnes where Jenny isn’t a co-author. Okay, make that very nervous. Also, it looks like Agnes and Shane’s relationship is tested. Umm . . . . I think I’ll wait for a lot of reviews to come in before I read this. No offense meant to Bob at all.

    (Also, I thought Shane left the Corporation as a result of the events in Agnes and the Hitman. Agnes was really clear about how his job bothered her.)

    It’s just me: Bujold’s Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen soured me on the entire Vorkosiverse. In addition, I can’t stomach continuations by other author’s of Dorothy Sayers’ or Charlotte Bronte’s or Jane Austen’s stories.

    I apologize if my note is inappropriate — Jenny, please nix it if you think it’s out of place.

    1. I am with you. My plan is to pretend this doesn’t exist because I am afraid it will change one of my favorites to revisit regularly.

      No offense meant, but I don’t trust Bob’s writing style to meet my requirements. And I am always coming to a story for the characters, not the action, so that pretty much leaves me out.

    2. I am curious as to why Bob is doing this book alone without Jenny, myself.

      On a related note, I loved “The Rise and Fall of DODO” and only found out recently that there’s a sequel, but the original was done by 2 authors and only one author wrote the sequel. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I have been trying to scour the Internet to figure out what went wrong there. It kinda sounds like the vague answer is “Nicole wanted to write this theater story, so she did it, we’re cool.”

    3. Um….as far as I know Lois wrote Gentleman Jole herself? I don’t think someone else wrote it?

      I do think continuations by different authors entirely can be….strange. Scarlett comes to mind on that one.

      1. We can analyze exactly why Scarlett was strange! Not the follow-on author’s fault; she did the best she could.

    4. Not out of place, you’re fine.
      I’m always antsy about the sequel to any book I loved, even if it’s by the same author(s), so I understand.

    5. Thank you! I was never a big fan of either of the ’rents, I thought they were both a bit too smug. How they produced an offspring as fascinating as Miles is beyond me. But even so I didn’t think this book played fair with the characters as we knew them originally. The whole thing felt forced.

      Initially the continuation of the Sayers books was based on her notes , so those first few were actually pretty good. But after that they didn’t feel like the same characters at all.

      But I will be trying the new book because AATHM convinced me that Bob really should have been writing comedy all along.

  3. I recommend going over to Amazon and reading the sample (I read the first few pages – very amusing). Really Phoebe is a smart mouth that should resonate with a lot of people here.

      1. Me, too. I am very happy that she is getting her own book. Agnes and the Hitman is one of my favorite books. Shane and the Hit Woman is really great, in my opinion. Bob wrote a super sequel that I very much enjoyed.

        1. You may never see this as I am very late to this post, but if you do, could you explain your comment about loving Phoebe and her getting her own book? It makes me wonder if she appears in a different book prior to “Shane and the Hitwoman.”Or did you mean that this was her own book?

          1. I see this and I can answer.
            The sequel to Shane and the Hitwoman is Phoebe and the (I forget), so Phoebe gets the third book in the series.

  4. Ooooh, oooh, they already have it on my side of the Atlantic! Just ordered the paperback version and should be here by Friday (paperbacks swim when you accidentally drop them in the bath, e-readers don’t).

    I have had a hellish week thus far and this just perked me up no end!! Thanks 😘

  5. Already half-way thru it, and it does not disappoint! I miss Agnes, but I hope she will come back from Paris in the latter half of the book. I like Shane’s asides, printed at the beginning of each chapter. And hey, Jenny, Bob dedicated the book to you! Nice!

  6. Based on my trust of Jenny’s taste in books, I have one-clicked and it is at the top of a large TBR on Kindle app. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. I’ve bought it and am looking forward to reading it — may have to postpone it as I am still gamely trying to work out who the subject of a particular photo is and reasoning that it can’t be great-grandfather because the man is wearing a collar attached to his shirt, and someone who died in 1901 would have worn separate collars.

  8. I bought it as soon as I saw it was really a thing (and not just something you talked about Bob maybe writing). It is edging its way closer to the top of the TBR pile and I can’t wait to read it. YAY BOB!!!!

  9. My pre-order downloaded yesterday. Looking forward to reading it this weekend if grading essays gets done. It’s a large pile but I’m hopeful!

  10. I was very lucky to receive a Beta copy of this book. IT IS AMAZING! I was worried about a story with Agnes and no Jenny, but he made it work and it’s fabulous. I can’t say enough good things about it. If you haven’t read it, you need to.

    Way to go Bob!

  11. So grateful to learn the book is available. Curious to learn what Bob on his own brings off–I mean, *some* romantic elements have to trail through all the macho stuff, right?

  12. OMG I am so nervous for this! I love Agnes and the Hitman and honestly don’t know if I can read a book set in that world but Agnes is not a MC and the relationship IS TESTED?! Nope, nope, nope, not ready for this at all, will wait and read those reviews first like some of the people above.

  13. Don’t wait for reviews. Read it. You won’t be disappointed. I don’t want to spoiler with all the reasons why. But thanks Bob.

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