Argh Author: Melissa Yi’s White Lightning

Our own Melissa Yi is back with the ninth book in her Hope Sze medical mystery series, White Lightning. It’s out tomorrow and it sounds wonderful: romance, Al Capone, and “two centuries worth of clues.” (Remember Scorpion Scheme: “Pharoah’s Tombs, Ancient Myths, Modern Murder”?) How can you resist?

Hope Sze escapes for a romantic weekend away at the Rumrunner’s Rest, a Roaring Twenties inn once celebrated both for Prohibition’s best alcohol and the smoothest jazz bands north of the Detroit River. Then a convention of fictional villains overrun the tavern, her friend glimpses a ghost, and Hope uncovers a grisly surprise in the fireplace that may be related to Al Capone, the infamous gangster. At least two people disappeared from this very inn, and one soul will not rest in peace.

Tonight, unless Hope unravels a century’s worth of clues, death will collect several more lives. Including the one she holds most dear..

Find out more about White Lightning on Melissa’s website.

You can buy White Lightning here, buy direct from Amazon here, or go through Windtree Press for one more click.