Working Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Since I torched my stove, I’ve been microwaving everything, which has led to me figuring out how to microwave everything, which has made me happy. There’s a plastic container called Fasta Pasta that is making me very happy because now I can make noodles in the microwave. And a set of dishes called Anyday that are designed for the microwave that I’m loving. There’s a thing to do bacon in the microwave that I have not experimented with, but I am hopeful. And of course the egg poachers that I bought are terrific, although I still haven’t managed to arrive at poached eggs yet; what I mainly get are shell-less mostly hard eggs that are terrific for egg salad and salads with eggs and snacking; soon up to try: deviled eggs. So I am working on my microwave skills and having a wonderful time.

Also, am forced to work on You Again because Bob keeps sending demanding e-mails like:
“What’s it about? Just kill a few people. Add in an alligator.”
“You need Bigfoot. Is it a murder mystery?”
“How does the murder mystery affect the romance?”
“Do you have a conflict box?”
It’s annoying as hell except that answering him has been extremely helpful in focusing the story and showing plot holes and weaknesses so, as usual, he is necessary, even though the follow-up “Book done yet” is inevitable.

What did you work on this week?