This is a Good Book Thursday, November 4, 2021

I’ve been doing a massive reread of Ngaio Marsh (no, I didn’t know why) and got to the beginning of Swing, Brother, Swing, which is all letters from different people in the story to each other, and I thought, “Ooooh, I want to do this.” But I CANNNOT start another book, I have to finish the ones I’ve got going, so I thought about You Again, which I haven’t worked on in years (that’s the one I lost big chunks of), and which has another one of my hellaciously long set-up intros, and I thought maybe I could do that epistolary opening there and cut out about twenty-thousand words of ramp-up-to-the-real-story. So that’s why I’m rereading Ngaio Marsh: to send me back to my Crusie version of Christie-Marsh-Allingham mystery (I-should-be-so-lucky).

Also there’s a new audio of Good Omens that has Tennant and Sheen repeating their characters. I don’t like audio books, but for Tennant and Sheen . . . except it’s twenty-six bucks. Argh.

What did you read this week?