Working Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The first thing I did this morning was wake up and try to remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday. This does not bode well for the rest of the working day. On the docket for today, picking up prescriptions, betaing a friend’s WiP, experimenting with eggs in the microwave, diagramming out Nita for the umpteenth time, scrubbing the kitchen floor.

It’s Wednesday (for sure, I checked). What did you do this week?

72 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, October 6, 2021

  1. Okay, where is everybody? I look forward to seeing what everyone is up to and so far it’s just me and I haven’t been up to anything all that interesting. The day job is still good, although I think I’ve found my waterloo in stats. I don’t always get them wrong, but I don’t always get them right either.

    It’s time to weigh the beehives. Actually a month past time, but hopefully that will happen this afternoon. I’ve done some sewing – garments for people, not quilts. And I’m re-watching the British Baking Show with my new roommate. It’s nice to have someone to watch TV with in the evenings.

    That’s about it. Pip continues to recover and Oreo is a couch potato – like me.

  2. For the day job, I continue writing to please literal-minded engineers. For fun, I’m making mixed media collages with stuff I find on my walks. Which I guess makes me litter-minded.

  3. During the great “replace the gold shower handle”, the plumber had to go through the wall. That particular place was where I had stashed a “bunch o’stuff” that really didn’t need to be there – it was just a handy hiding place. Rather than stuff it all back, I thought it might be a good idea to go through it and get rid of the junk, and find a better place to store the keepers.

    This has not been an enticing task. So Saturday, I told myself to deal with just one thing that is currently stacked in the closet that used to be in the other space. So I pulled out the box of genealogy that was passed to me by my cousin before she died. There’s a lot of stuff, the most important (to me) are the photos. I found a copy of my mother’s high school graduation photo, along with two photos from my parents’ wedding. Then there are the more ancient ones – my mother’s grandmother and further back into the distant recesses of time. I’ve contacted another cousin, and will soon be shipping off stuff to her from that box for her to sort through. But I think I’ll scan all those photos first, just so have a record. A task for another day.

    The other part of my weekend involved prepping for and attending the celebration for my MIL’s 94th birthday. I brought two salads – easy to prep, convey and the leftovers didn’t hang around long. I’m very lucky that the cake stayed at her house because it was delicious!

    When I got back late Sunday afternoon, I spent the rest of the day putting a little quilt top together. I had found I had a lot of fat quarters (about 18″ x 22″ piece of fabric – a fat quarter yard, rather than a 9 ” x 44″ slice from a bolt). I also happened to have a book of baby quilt patterns that use fat quarters, so I pulled out 6 blue ones, and put the cute little bowtie top together. I have no one in mind, so no plans on quilting it yet. I’m feeling a little virtuous about using stuff up though.

    1. oh, *that’s* what fat quarter means! I never bothered to look it up since I don’t quilt myself (have a friend with mad skillz).

  4. I rearranged furniture and I’m enjoying the new arrangement. Back when I was brainstorming a new book I always rearranged the whole house. Maybe it gave me a new perspective?
    We have overcast skies in L.A. such a change from our frequent heat waves. Hope this is fall for real.

  5. My sweet cat of 16.5 years had to be out to sleep on Monday afternoon. I’d had her since she was twelve weeks old and she was my constant companion.

    I’ve been cleaning and decluttering to try to take my mind off losing her. I keep imagining that I hear her. I’m not sleeping well because she’s not on top of the covers. This morning I woke up and went to clean her litter box before I remembered.

    1. I’m so sorry Diane. It’s so hard to lose them. Hopefully, your memories will linger on the happier times, rather than the most recent.

      I’m not going to suggest getting another companion. That’s something that will or won’t happen in its own time. Just know that every one is different, and you’ll build new memories, rather than overwriting the older, cherished ones.

    2. I’m so sorry for your loss, Diane. After we had to put our cat to sleep, I kept finding bits of her – a whisker, a claw fragment, tufts of hair. I cherished those mementos of her. I still say goodnight to her each night and it has been 17 years. Memories and love last a lifetime.

    3. I’m so sorry for your loss! Our fur babies are so special and wonderful. When I lost my boy kitty, I found a huggable stuf

      1. … stuffed animal and hugged and cried into it.

        (Sorry about the split message but my keyboard on my iPad is misbehaving.)

        1. There’s a quote that applies to adopted children. I only remember a fragment, and don’t feel like Googling. “You grew not under my heart, but in it.” I suspect that apples to our adopted critters, as well.

          1. I am the oldest of four siblings, the youngest two of which were adopted. One of my strongest childhood memories is a clipping from an Ann Landers column that had that quote in it that my mother had fastened to the window above her kitchen sink. It still makes my heart happy to think of it.

          2. Not flesh of my flesh,
            nor bone of my bone,
            but still miraculously my own.
            Never forget for a single minute
            you didn’t grow under my heart
            but in it.
            – Fleur Conkling Heyliger

    4. So sorry!! I wish there was something to say to make it better, but I know from experience there isn’t. Just know we are here standing next you if you need us.

      So that sounds so corny, but I hope you understand what I mean.

    5. So sorry, Diane. What a blessing to have so many years together with such an intertwining of shared routines. Wishing you peace and gentleness with yourself. The oldest cat I’ve had reached nearly 19 and she still lives on in my heart as they all do.

  6. This week we binged watched Maid on Netflix with one episode left for tonight. I felt it was too intense watching that many episodes but like potato chips couldn’t stop at one. Andie MacDowell let it all hang out as the mercurial mother of her daughter Alex played by Margaret Qualley her very own daughter. It is a story of being caught up in domestic abuse and trying to get a leg up in the world. As usual I try to find a comedy or something cerebral to end the night with.

    Today our granddaughter is coming over with her boyfriend to say goodbye because she is moving with him to another state. She’ll only be a two hour ride away. We were supposed to take the dog but her brother and sister put up a fuss about it so we will see what we will see and how it goes. She is going to take the cat because of her medical condition. Oh to be that young again.

    Just a little while ago I went out to the yard to pull up spores. With all the rain there have been mushrooms popping up all over the place. Have to do it before granddaughter comes over she may bring the dog. One previous time the dog got it into her head to roll in a crumbling mushroom. Nasty business.

    The only eggs I’ve cooked in the microwave have been scrambled and heated at 20 second intervals. Covered.

    1. I got these little silicon cups to poach eggs in in the microwave and now I’m obsessed with them. Thinking of putting chopped shallots and mushrooms in them, scrambling an egg over that and then putting cheese on top. Nuke for a minute and a half. Mini-omelets.

      1. I have two microwave egg dealies. One is two poaching compartments with a top that slides on. Flip it over and it’s a scrambled egg container. The other is an omelet maker that I’ve used to good effect. Two half moons with a hinge. You can nuke the outgredients with it open, then flip it closed so the halves merge. I play with it and have made some amazing omelets. Easy cleanup, which I especially appreciate. 🙂

      2. My kids’ granddad taught them to poach eggs by cracking a (fresh as possible) egg straight into a glass of water and microwaving it for I can’t remember how long, and it sounds like there’s no way it would work but it really does. Perfect poached eggs in less time than it takes the bread to toast.

        1. Yes please, how long for an egg in a glass of water? I love poached eggs but it’s so hard to get them right. I also have silicone cups but I didn’t think to use them in the microwave.

          1. I just googled the recipe and their version is start with clean hands, crack egg into a glass or cup of 1/2 cup of water, cover with plate, microwave for 30 seconds, check to see if egg white is cooked through, let sit for a few seconds remember cup is full of steaming water, lift cover gently, serve. Sounds like a cinch. You try it first.

  7. I’m taking off some days to facilitate the dotter’s needs. Yesterday, I was transportation to Retreat Doctors’ Hospital in downtown Richmond, which will earn me beaucoup brownie points in the afterlife. The speaking GPS program on the dotter’s phone was a godsend for an old, traffic-averse driver. “In one thousand yards, turn left on…” means “get in the left lane now so I don’t have to recalculate.

    That was the pre-surgical test and instruction appointment. I work tonight, but instead of sleeping after I’m home, we drive at “oh-dark thirty” to check in by six for the actual surgery prep. Surgery scheduled for seven thirty. Removal of stent, destruction and removal of remaining stones, and like that. She is deliriously happy that they can accomplish it despite the shingles. I will remain in the waiting room, and possibly the cafeteria until it is all over, including the wait after to observe for side effects, then drive us home, possibly via a pharmacy.

    That’s my “work” for this week.

    1. “Destruction and removal” sounds quite cheering. Best wishes to all, except the stones and the shingles.

    2. I’ll be sending vibes. Best wishes. The medical options really are amazing today. I’m (slowly) walking proof of it at the moment!

        1. Thanks, Gin. You were never out of my prayers (that’s what the whiteboard on the fridge is for) but you may have dropped back to the “and while you’re at it, Gin could use some help” status.

        2. Elizabeth, thanks for asking. It’s really amazing, but they get you moved to sitting in a recliner the day after surgery, and I was doing laps (just two) walking around the small ICU later in that day after surgery. Now, at day 6 post op I’m supposed to do ten minute (easy, not brisk) walks three times a day!

          1. Gin, that’s absolutely amazing. When you posted that you were doing breathing exercises because of open heart surgery, I thought your condition must be pretty bad. This is fantastic news!

  8. I’m still riding the ‘i ran a marathon’ high from Sunday and have excused myself from needing to achieve anything else, possibly ever.

    Also it’s school holidays. I have played a lot of board games, baked, and worked til 1am to at least attempt to keep my head above water. School holidays as a working parent, nothing but good times.

    On Sunday while we ran, I have my kids (12+13) a budget and let them free range in the city. They had a blast and survived so I’m feeling like a cool mum.

  9. Decided it was tme to get the Shingrix vaccine. My first shot gave me 24 hours of flu-like symptoms, The second shot looks like 30 hours of flu-like symptoms. Almost there. It didn’t interfere with walking the dog so that’s all that matters.

    1. Our internist is telling us to wait until we get the Covid booster and get the shingles vaccine two months after that. I have no idea why (he told DH who of course didn’t ask).

      1. New Zealand official advice is to separate covid and shingles vaccines too though I don’t know how much by.

    2. Pharmicist said to wait 2 weeks befor the covid booster.I really wanted to get the Shingrix done.

  10. The day job’s been stop-start, but overall a lot less than last month. Looks like I may be gardening tomorrow & Friday, which would be great. I booked five nights in a small seaside hotel last Thursday, and the landlord’s finally confirmed my booking today: so I’m looking forward to going away a week on Sunday. Hoping for good weather.

    Before I go, I’d like to get as much gardening done as possible; mend my walk-around camera if I can; and buy a waterproof jacket, since mine’s pretty knackered. This means driving to Snowdonia, so need to be sure I’ll be able to fill up with petrol between that and driving to the seaside (there are shortages of petrol at the moment, due to Brexit).

  11. I mowed the lawn, sprayed alllllll the weeds on the paths and patio, and cleared out the dead parts of an ancient vine in the back yard. Most of the vine had died and there was a ridiculous amount of dust, debris and dead leaves caught in its branches, including a mummified dead bird. Not my favorite gardening job ever but it looks so much better now. And we got big project #1 delivered at work. Now we’re cleaning up around the edges of the project, but the pressure’s off, which is a great relief. Big project #2 is just starting so I’ve got a few months before the pressure comes back on for that.

    Then I wrecked my life’s-getting-under-control streak last night by reading the Last Graduate till 4am, so I’ll be having an early night tonight. Or possibly this afternoon.

  12. I opened a drawer and discovered I’d Marie Kondo folded everything in it during lockdown, so it is beautifully tidy. My sister offered to lend me the book in the hope I would Joy the rest of the room. ROTFL I hadn’t even joyed the drawer, her youtube clip on how to fold clothes popped up around the time I was storing stuff.

  13. I can never get here early enough on a workday — too many darn pre-work chores and a cat going “Meowmeowmeowmeow!” without being sure what exactly he wants me to do, but doing a sudden block-and-tackle at my ankles if I turn in a direction he didn’t want me to go in. If I was just watching this show I’d be laughing my head off, but not with claws about the ankles. Nosirree.

    Still patting self on back and recuperating muscle-wise from the mammoth stump wrangling we did over the weekend. So rewarding every time I see it all!

  14. I got out of the hospital (today) to stay with friends for a few days while I get steadier on my feet before going all the way home. My main job is just to rest, plus take short walks and do lung exercises to reverse effects of open heart surgery on lungs.

  15. We finished the greenhouse! And then I started filling the “hot bed” with composting material to generate heat. The passionfruit, lemon, lime, bougainvilleas and the assorted patio pots that are overwintering got moved in, and I got my bags of moss and potting soil off the patio and under the potting bench in the greenhouse. It is wonderful. Had a terrific backache Monday but worth it.

    Design was based on the Ryobi Nation site’s “lemon tree” greenhouse, which we modified to suit us. Greenhouse progress pics on Instagram and also my Flickr, not posting links here because the last time I tried that on a Working Wed. I got in comment jail. Took us 7 real working days with an 8th day of little chores like putting in hanging hooks at the peak and adding a heat bulb, that kind of thing.

  16. I feel like I have nothing worth reporting. Although I did go meet my new doctor on Monday and begin the Physical process (have to go in the morning tomorrow for fasting blood draw for tests). He is a lovely young Midwesterner who moved to LA with his husband. Probably young enough to be my kid, which means I probably won’t need to change doctors in my lifetime. 😉

  17. The only work accomplished today was taking my car in for maintenance. It gets used so rarely these days, but things like tire pressure and fresh oil should still be attended to.

    More recently finished sweater and bonnet for soon to be grand niece (great niece? I am not sure which is correct). Also yesterday tackled some garden stuff before it rained.

  18. Off topic but B&N are having a 25% off ebook preorder sale. And the new T. Kingfisher – Paladin’s Hope – comes out shortly!

  19. I went to the plant store and bought the bulbs I need to plant this fall where their predecessors have disappeared, probably eaten by voles or moles.

    Today the bulbs I ordered last spring and forgot about showed up. So now I have twice as many as I needed to figure out how to fit in (And plant).

    I also have to dig up one batch of tulips that survived and my oldest patch of bearded iris.

    It will be a busy fall.

    I also have to figure out how to weave the seat of a shaker style stool. Dh broke a rung on it a year ago and replaced abs stained the rung but somehow it’s my job to reweave the seat .

  20. Thursday, 4 AM. Standing by to ferry the dotter to Retreat Doctors’ Hospital for her Kiddley Stone Surgery. I am reading/will be reading Weber’s and Flint’s To End In Fire, the absolutely last, final episode of the Honor Harrington series. Maybe. I wonder if I can remove my mask in their canteen or lunch room or whatever.

    She can’t eat nor drink before surgery. I’m fasting, except for water, until she comes out of it. If she can eat, I want to eat with her. Wish her luck.

    1. Gary, I hope all goes well — crossing fingers and all that — with your daughter’s surgery. She will feel so much better when those kidney stones are gone and the shingles have cleared up. She’s been unwell for a long time now.

      Please take care of yourself, too. You’ve had great success with dieting. You just got off work and it’s not even the crack of dawn. It’s all right to have a snack to tide yourself over while you wait for her to exit the hospital. Who knows — she might be limited to soft foods or something.

      Good luck!

    2. Good luck to her! I hope they get those danged stones and she doesn’t need any more stenting.

  21. It’s real work Wednesday for me… but this weekend I’m going to accomplish a couple of projects around the house. Over the past couple of months I’ve spent a lot of time in other people’s houses, and it’s about time I took care of my own. It should give me a chance to get through some podcasts that have piled up as well!

  22. After the success of my first crocheted blanket, I tackled a new pattern. I thought I was doing so well until I realized I’d misread it and had been dropping a stick every row for about sixty rows, resulting in pulling the whole thing out – all 1200+ yards of yarn…

    Starting over now.

  23. We have been working on the flooring but we hit a snag with the landing/top stair to the basement, stairs not included in ginormous flooring project, and we had to figure the snag out. We think we have it but will see tonight when Paul gets up.

    Monday I did some chores, Tuesday I drove to the lumber yard 2 hours away to return 6 sheets of plywood and pick up new stair nosing then worked on the stair in the evening.

    Yesterday I had a dentist appointment an hour away, got the oil changed in my car, went to Wal-Mart and came home. I’m supposed to be working now but my brain is so tired I just needed a break.

    Today and tomorrow will be day job days and then on Saturday I’m heading to visit my parents for a while and then Sunday will be Thanksgiving and I’ll be busy cooking a turkey that day. At least turkey-cooking is easy.

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