Happiness is Revising Something Good

I set my kitchen on fire a while ago, and now I’m revising it. Not just cleaning and repainting but rethinking where everything is, what’s important and what’s not. It’s not just useful, it’s fun, plus I get to look at stuff on the internet for ideas.

Since I torched my stove, I’m revising recipes for the microwave and other various appliances are realizing that I really don’t want another behemoth oven-with-burners in my kitchen. Experimenting with slow-cookers and air fryers and sandwich presses has made me look at my old dishes in new ways, plus I get new cookware to experiment with (pasta cooker in the microwave) so that’s fun.

I wrote a novel a while ago that got rejected, and now I’m revising it. Not just cleaning up typos but rethinking what the reader wants, what I want, tightening and focusing so it’s almost a new book. It’s not just important to my bottom line, it’s exciting seeing where the story goes now, plus I get to diagram it out on a white board which thrills my graph-paper-loving heart.

What I’m saying here is that not getting it exactly right the first time can be a good thing, and good things make me happy.

What made you happy this week?