Happiness is Finding Your Laptop Charger

Which I am sure I will do again someday (don’t ask).
Happiness is also figuring out to access your blog with your new iPad.
Real Happiness: getting organized AND keeping track of the lovely organizer you put all your cords into and then promptly misplaced.

How did you recharge happiness this week?

84 thoughts on “Happiness is Finding Your Laptop Charger

  1. I reconnected with a friend by helping her paint her porch steps. She’s selling her house and was getting it ready for inspection.

  2. I went on a fun, relaxing three-day road trip down the Central Coast of California with my ex-bf who remains a good friend. Great conversation, good food, cute towns, beautiful beaches. I am constantly relearning the lesson of how much a change of scenery improves my mental state. I have a lot to do now, but I feel rejuvenated.

  3. My happiness this week was dogs. There were all kinds of darling ones on the Paradão during my morning walks, but on Wednesday there were three different pairs of dachshunds (two long-haired) and the cutest baby Pom who decided to go after a pitty mix about 20 times its size. The pitty’s owner kept his own dog in check long enough for Baby Pom’s dad to come retrieve it, and Baby Pom went back to brunch giddy with the joy of having vanquished its foe.

  4. My happiness this past week was going to Yale New Haven Hospital (for a clinical trial followup) and getting to chat with the principal investigator who’s a top expert (and all-around good guy) in my rare disorder. He is such a kind person and the seldom-seen kind of clinician who’s brilliant AND personable AND able to communicate well at all levels of audience, from patient to other experts in his field — I’ve heard him talk in both ends of the spectrum, a research conference and a conference primarily for patients, and he was able to adjust his presentation for the audience.

    I’m fine, but I’m going through some health issues unrelated to the disorder he studies, and still he took the time, after completing what needed to be done for the research, to go over my hospital/testing records with me (which he had because if you’re in a follow-up study after a new treatment has been approved, anything that sends a volunteer to the hospital has to be passed along to the sponsor — pharma — and then to the FDA, all by way of the principal investigator, the doc at Yale in this case). He was able to tell me more in about two minutes than any of my actual treating clinicians had told me so far, and it was mostly reassuring information, and what little was worrisome was relatively minor and easy to deal with as long as I know in advance.

    And sort of related to that, if I could get some cherry/argh vibes for tomorrow, I’d appreciate it. I’m having a procedure done (angioplasty) to see if I have any blockages in the blood vessels around my heart, and if so, to break them up and insert a stent. Should be simple (well, by today’s tech standards) and just require one night in hospital for observation, then a couple of days of rest at home, and then nothing but good times ahead. But there is, as always, the potential for some rare and scary complications, and since everything leading up to this procedure has elicited “wow, that’s really rare/unusual” responses from clinicians, I’m a little nervous.

    1. I think you’ll do well. Angioplasty is much more widely done than ever before, so you’ll likely have people with a lot of experience handling your procedure. Best of good luck, though! Anything medical can create uneasy vibes in all of us.

    2. Yale New Haven is fantastic! My husband had two major life saving surgeries there three years ago and he is doing better than ever today. I am sure that you could not be in a better place for your procedure tomorrow.
      Never the less, prayers and good vibes for tomorrow

    3. “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well,” wrote Julian of Norwich. Prayers for you, Gin.

    4. Thank you, everyone, for all the good vibes. I’m going to save them up for later, because I had to reschedule the procedure after coming down with a stupid cold over the weekend. They didn’t want me getting germs all over their nice sterile cath lab. It will likely happen next week instead.

      1. My friend claimed all good vibes stay in the “cosmic buffer” until you are ready, so they are all just building up for you!

    5. All good wishes coming at you! I “do” a lot of angioplasties and they are very short files so that means they are technically easy. Usually the worst thing that happens is it takes an extra minute or two for the bleeding to stop at the entry site but your nerves are understandable.

    6. My brother had 2 stents put in about 10 days ago and now reports feeling the best he has in about 5 years. Belated vibes and prayers are on the way.

    7. You’re in a great top-notch place with great top-notch people. You’ll come out the next day great and top-notch and I’m sending the vibes that say so, old hippie vibes, finest kind.

  5. I really broke bad this week. I went to a friend’s birthday, which started out at an outside restaurant and ah…ended in an indoor karaoke bar in a town without mask mandates. Which was my idea to go to even though I knew better, but friend really wanted to do something fun and that was the one open option I knew of. I kept a mask on the whole time, but almost nobody else there was doing it. My group was vaxxed, can’t speak for anyone else, obviously.

    On the one hand, I had a glorious time, virtually my entire friend group that I’ve been missing for 1.5 years reunited (except crush, but fuck him, if he doesn’t want friends any more, that’s on him), I really, really needed to go party and dance and whatnot. And obviously we were all deciding to take the risks here even though we knew better. I seriously just can’t stuff myself back into the fear bottle any more, is the problem. Especially if there’s the option to do fun things and I am assuming lockdowns are likely to break out again anyway, it’s miserable to stay home doing nothing alone for the umpteenth time in the last few years when you have the option to leave. I stayed home “safely” last weekend and was miserable.

    I’m fine so far as of day 2, but who knows. Now I am kicking myself for being so deliberately stupid, especially when I have activities coming up that involve leaving the house a lot. Like the musical rehearsal that starts tomorrow and still hasn’t been canceled yet (though it will be masks on) and a hangout in SF next weekend.

    In other news, I had an eye doctor appointment that went well, saw my mom and her boyfriend for lunch, and did another online play. And slept in today, which I needed.

    1. We all take risks sometimes and it sounds like you needed it. I would get a test just to be sure you didn’t get it asymptomatically so you can relax.

      We are going to fly to England to see our daughter which has It’s own risks but we haven’t seen her in 18 months and of course everyone on tbe plane will have had to show proof of vaccination and a neg Covid test which reduces the risk. But doesn’t eliminate it. This makes me very happy with a strong brush of anxiety.

      I figure there is a short window here — they juSt lifted the quarantine requirement for people with US vaccinations from amber countries but the way the cases are rising here the US may become a red country witb a quarantine requirement under English rules at any time.

      1. You’re probably right on the short window.

        I really don’t want to travel during Covid–that all scares me, hearing all my coworkers’ “I’m still waiting for my test results at 3 a.m. and we’re flying out at 6” stories. Good luck. Especially with test timing.

        I don’t think I’ll get tested unless I have symptoms–that’ll just freak me out MORE. So far so good, at least.

        1. In an airplane at this moment – testing available in airports if needed. (Just be ready to pay – but peace of mind helps make a flight easier!!)

  6. I’m not feeling cheerful. Happiness would be clean air and cooler temperatures, but instead it’s near 100 and the air is now comprised of mostly wildfire smoke. 😩

  7. I’m always so pleased when you have the regular posts. Thank you.

    Happiness is a long weekend.
    Despair is the phone for work stuff being dunked in the wash tub water because I left it in my jacket pocket. I paid for it myself because I refuse to let the work’s parents have my friends ‘n family number, so replacement isn’t possible.

    It’s drying in rice. Send vibes please.

    Happiness is having completed lesson prep for two weeks in advance making the language section tie in with the mathematics and history section. Such as, when we’re doing history and barter then we’re doing mathematics and money.

    Tomorrow is a public holiday. Thank all Divinities.

    I am on the other device so it looks like my name has the plus (please pronounce it the French way) and cannot be changed. How odd.

  8. Happiness was celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary with my beloved with a dinner at a really fantastic (and fantastically expensive) local-ish restaurant: much of the menu was farm/dairy direct to plate. Service, as always, was worth the huge tip.

    Goals for the week: finish sorting through and packing away all the camping stuff from the 10 day camping trip we returned from 2.5 weeks ago, and repairing/re-gluing (and perhaps repainting some rooms) the doll house I made for my daughter 30 years ago before granddaughter and her parents arrive for Labor Day weekend. We promised E that she could play with it next time they came.

  9. I stayed up until 6AM finishing Tell Me Lies, which leads to Crazy for You in the collection. Got up at 2PM. Also finished Demons of Constantinople and halfway through Princess Holy Aura (which I only started because of its unfinished companion volume). I also have Designed to Fail in progress on the littlest Kindle. Thursday will have a larger-than-normal entry, and it all makes me happy.

    I haven’t had any problem finding laptop chargers. The charger for the Great Library is in the case with it, along with a mouse, mousepad, and portable hard drive. The Chromebook’s power is always plugged in, so it’s always fully charged. As far as organizers go, I have four containers full of computer and electronic accessories, to which “organized” is not a term applicable. At one point, I began placing things in Ziploc bags with a card to identify them. I wish I had carried through on that project.

    While I miss Sunday shopping and dining with the dotter, that’s one of her boyfriend’s days off, so it doesn’t make me unhappy that she’s getting happy with him instead. Besides, we do Tuesdays now. I think I’ll be sneaking off to Publix today, anyway. They’re my only source of 647 bread, and I’m out.

    Success in dieting also makes me happy. 🙂

  10. Pixie the foster is doing really well. She needs to lose some weight so veggie treats are in order. She decided that while raw green beans are bad, cooked green beans are acceptable. She likes her walk, her frisbee, and squirrels. Her adjustment makes me happy.

    Found my first choice in kneeling benches on sale and that the site is now charging state sales taxes instead of just sending a letter to advise declaring it on state taxes. Pixie will get to announce ‘package delivered’. The weeding project is going well but my current kneeling pad is deteriorating fast.

    Dogs make me happy.

  11. Busy week – still flat-out at work, but also had two lots of friends for coffee, film night with Pam, and long phone chats with two other friends. And there’s summer forecast for this week, so looking forward to breaks in the garden again.

  12. I am feeling so much less broken than last week. thank Goodness!! You all helped, and a talk with a friend who said, “if you can’t take the stuff up the stairs, then take it to the bottom of the stairs. And if you can’t take all the stuff to the bottom of the stairs then just take one thing.” So I took one thing, and then another and another. And so on. And then I swept the floor and all of a sudden the living room is not so overwhelming.

    I haven’t taken anything UP the stairs yet, but I got the supplies out to paint the wall and did laundry and some dishes. I still live in total disarray, but it’s better and that is making me feel better – so Thank You ALL. Plus my friend Sara who is smart and understood how I was feeling and doesn’t judge me for living in squaller. How do you spell squaller? That just doesn’t look right and it can’t be squawler or skwaller.

    1. “Squalor. ” That’s the new norm for the Covid Times. So it’s normal — totally no judgment whatso.

    2. Like 7 says, “squalor”. But squaller is also in the dictionary, meaning one who squalls ( screams or cries loudly and harshly). Could that have been you before you took action?

  13. Slightly warmer weather is making me happy, and also no more nerve pain after the root canal. Travel restrictions to my family’s state were lifted yesterday afternoon so unless something goes horribly wrong in the next four days (possible) I will be able to go see them for the first time since before Christmas!

  14. I got my first covid shot! That made me very happy.

    So did reading all the encouraging comments everyone makes to each other on here. I love this community.

    This was a bitsy week – busy at work plus a heap of other things to do and to make decisions about. But last night, I sat on the sofa with my partner (who was crook) and just relaxed and caught up on texts to people. That was a lovely peaceful moment.

  15. I took my first pandemic mini-trip–an hour away to meet a friend for lunch and second-hand shopping. It did me good to be on the road and to talk with someone silly and kind, to make her laugh. Had lunch out today with our interim priest, who treated me, because, as she said, we were talking business, so it’s on the diocesan tab.
    Had what appeared to me a perfect EKG; cardiologist doesn’t want to see me for a year, so we’re all happy.

  16. This week’s item of delight was President Biden’s little talk livened by his debuting, without comment, a Tan Suit. On President Obama’s birthday, I think.

  17. Late to the party… Been so tired this week!
    But a bunch of happies!
    HAPPY that the bank said YES!
    HAPPY that the current owners of our new place proposed an earlier date for signing and key transfer! So we’ll be signing the 25th of this month instead of September 6th. Hopefully this means we might catch a bit of summer on our new patio after all.
    HAPPY to have great friends testing the playability of games for me, so that I have this Ace Attorney-game to play. New video games make me happy too. Oh, and friends make me happyhappy 2.0.
    Also very happy that this particular friend is re-playing alongside me, so he can explain visual clues, fun character traits and what happens on some occasions where I only hear a looot of sound and have to guess what’s going on. This cute Norwegian friend even installed a screenreader to play the game with eyes closed, to make sure I could play it too. A gem! I’m keepin’ him!
    HAPPY that I didn’t get too many side-effects from my 2nd COVID jabstab day before yesterday. Only arm- and shoulder pain and freezing/sweating, except that I’m okay, AND fully vaxxed. This also means I might be able to get back to judo training in September. Happy.

    And one of the best happies is that my cat’s still alive and kicking. My mother called me Monday to let me know he’d been doing nothing but sleeping, no eating, and only a little drinking for 2 days, and he’d been “leaking” on the floor on the way to the litter box. She was convinced it was end of story. I asked her if she’d tried giving him some… not sure of the English term but we say “wet food”, as in the food out of a can. She had not, but found a small gourmet can from last time he was sick, and brought it to the chair he was lying (my old leather easy chair, he’s always sleeping there). He ate it. And then got up. And then went outside to pee. And since then, he’s been getting better for every hour, and every day. She sent me some pictures of him the day after, and I uploaded them to Twitter yesterday for International Cat Day. SO happy he’s doing better! The magic of canned cat food <3 https://twitter.com/shassmusic/status/1424369708002914309

    1. “Wet food” is definitely the English for that. At the kennel where I work feeding instructions for cats will say something like “1/4 cup dry and 1/2 can own wet” or ” 1/4 cup own dry and spoonful wet.”

      Bank said yes! Oh, happy happy happy!

    2. I’m so glad he’s doing better!
      When my little girl kitty Bart was 17, she wouldn’t eat. The vet said try anything to get food in her and suggested Gerber stage one baby food chicken or beef. And it worked. She would eat a tablespoon at a time. She lived another year.

      And her litter mate lived to be 20. Bartles and Jaymes.

    3. Congratulations on the move and the vaccine Shass! Such good news on both fronts! And I’m so glad to hear your cat is okay. Older kitties are the best.

    4. Wow Shass, that’s very good news all around!

      For this week, I’m happy because lots of otger people have reasons to be happy, and also because, now the whole family is vaccinated, I saw my sister and her boyfriend at dad’s last weekend, and he (the very handy boyfriend) helped me put in the last rolling mosquito screen for an attic window above the stairs. So now if it gets hot again (probably next summer) dad can let the hot air out without letting the mosquitoes in.

  18. Oh! Sorry for posting again after such a looong one, but I promised to share the recipes for the Applepie balls (turns out the English Food Pharmacy-site calls them Applepie Bites) and the chocolate balls. I made the choco-ones Friday evening.’

    I saw that Deborah Blake asked about the balls and rawfood. Far as I know, rawfood is food that is not boiled or fried or heated up over 40 degrees, which these balls are not. Many people believe this is the best way to prepare food. I’ll leave that up to everyone to decide for themselves. I just really like this sweet treats.

    About the balls themselves: Chocolate balls, or “chokladbollar” as they are known in Sweden, are a very common pastry, or sweet. It’s especially popular among kids because it’s a no-bake treat with ingredients that most people already have at home (butter, sugar, cocoa powder, rolled oats, a splash of coffee or water, and coconut flakes or sprinkles or something else that goes with chocolate to roll them in), and they can make it without help of a grownup since there is no cutting and no hot ovens or stoves needed. So, these rawfood ones are the healthier alternative of a much loved bite.

    Applepie Bites (aka Applepie balls): https://foodpharmacyco.com/2017/02/no-bake-apple-pie-bites/

    Chocolate balls: https://foodpharmacyco.com/2017/05/chocolate-balls-2-0/
    (Personally, I like to double the cocoa powder when I make them, for more chocolate flavour – I want to taste CHOCOLATE, not dates. And I miiight have made a double batch this time because why not?)

    1. Thanks for the recipe links. I don’t think I want to make their recipes (one tablespoon of cocoa to a cup of oatmeal? I’d be tripling that, not doubling it) but the apple one reminds me of how long it has been since I grated an apple and sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on it and ate it from a bowl. A friend from Belgrade showed me that; her grandmother used to do that for an after-school snack. And once I had the apple grated I could do other things that would let me form it into balls. Hmmm.

    2. A little late perhaps, but I just wanted to clarify that the 40 degrees I mentioned were Celcius… Apparently one side-effect the vaccine had was to make me turbo-distracted and forgetful, so I totally forgot to mention which temperature scale. So 40 degrees Celcius should be 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Sorry for the confusion!

  19. Back to class for the third semester of my Horticulture program. While I would much prefer to be working on the flower farm, we’re outside for 3 of 4 days. One of days, we’re working in the vegetable garden which is fun. We have to wear masks which are uncomfortable in the heat but the weather will cool down sooner than later. Since I’m no longer driving 45 mins to be on the farm by 7:30 am, I’m back to walking the dog in the am which I enjoy.

    DS got his 2nd vaccine so in 12 more days, our family will all be double-vaxxed. We have no immediate plans to go any where but it opens up the door for future travel. Plus added piece of mind.

  20. I spent the weekend at a friend’s house on the Virginia Eastern Shore. Just a really lovely time. It rained all day Saturday, which gave us lots of time for reading on their big screened porch, and then magically cleared up in time for an evening event at their local vineyard. On Sunday we went out on their boat to one of the deserted barrier islands for the morning, boated to lunch, stopped for ice cream, and late in the afternoon I finally dragged myself away and drove home. I can’t really think of a way it could have been improved…

  21. Had a good weekend where I tried to relax, which for me usually means lying down with a book and reading it through. But with this cataract I can’t do that for now. So I sat in an easy chair and listened to a book.
    Sunday I went to the movies and saw Black Widow, but myself. It was great to be at the movies! I wore a mask and ate Rasinets.
    Then I got some tacos and delivered them to a friend who spent the weekend getting her Boston area home ready to sell, since she’s moving up to Maine and has a small home here. Then we talked for a long time and drank wine.
    And I still woke up cheerful, and now to work, as it says in some book or other…

  22. I worked hard on Saturday so took Sunday off. Read watched a little Netflix. Ate pizza and drank wine, which was not on my diet and exercise plan to lose belly fat, but after two weeks of discipline and feeling a bit grumpy, I needed a treat. Today, I’m almost human.

  23. We joined the Morgan club for it’s annual tour to the Beach. So I spent three days and about 300 miles riding on curvy and sometimes rough back roads. I may walk without gimping someday soon. But I have figured out how to get in and out now with two artificial knees which is tricky when you are sitting about 6 inches off the ground. I look ridiculous but I can do it. And one of these days I may get behind the wheel again. Although my husband says my Morgan (1965 4/4) is a real hog to drive. We saw some incredibly beautiful countryside. I didn’t even mind the days where it was mostly wet and rainy. Despite the fact that we haven’t replaced the top yet so it was all open air touring. Will post pictures on wednesday.

  24. Last week we took 2 of the dogs to the vet. Charlie needed his eyes checked and we now have meds that are helping him. The steroids will help him see better by clearing up some cloudiness and he has an ulceration on his cornea on his left eye so antibiotics for that and then steroids when that is healed. Jasmine had a great big lump just show up on her front leg and we had that biopsied. Fortunately nothing scary in the biopsy so it’s likely she just hurt herself and this is as a result of an injury. Whew!

    I made some progress on getting the boards prepped and ready for building the deck, took a few more things down stairs in advance of the new floors. Productivity always makes me happy. I also decided on a colour scheme for the seat of the bench I’m painting and got 2 coats on that and it looks fantastic. I have a lot of touch ups to do and edge-fixing but after, oh, something like 3 years, I can see the finish line.

    I’m thinking about doing some painting when we have the floors pulled up, seems easier to do it then rather than when the new floors are in. That might not be a happy thing though, I might be getting myself in DIY trouble there.

  25. My 2013 MacBook Pro probably can’t be repaired (Apple considers it obsolete), but I can run it off the TV just fine (the bulb behind the screen blew). So, after our upcoming trip I’ll be thinking about a new computer. Also, the printer is on its last legs, so I ordered a refurbished one which will be ready towards the end of September. (That bit of economy lets me feel less guilty about buying a new MacBook Pro.)

    I’m baking picnic chicken (thighs rolled in egg and parmesan) for my injured gardener/handyman and his family tonight. I sent over a batch of chocolate chip cookies the other day. Instead of flowers I show my support with food.

  26. Good times this week.
    One family member has been cleared by the cardiologist! He had frightening symptoms but after multiple rounds of tests over the past month, the cardiologist says he’s OK. He and his wife are expecting their 5th child so big sighs of relief all over the place. I still HAVE QUESTIONS but his wife tells me that I make the doctors nervous because I always have questions. Harrumph.
    AND another couple in the family is expecting. They desperately want another child and I’m so happy for them.

  27. We’ve been exploring more (locally) recently – DH has taken some time off work, and we have been dodging the weather to get out and about.

    Today we had a glorious time at Talacre beach – decently sunny, not too windy, tide in enough that we could get to the edge without walking a million miles, lots of sandcastle building and shell finding for me and DS, while DH stretched out for a nap. 🙂

    Yesterday we went for a random drive, diverted from our original aim of Rhewl by the rain – we ended up at Rhug Farm Shop for a pretty good burger, and then Bala. First the little steam railway, which fascinated DS (we just watched this time rather than rode, but seriously considering going back for their festival at the end of August), and then played “parachute man” and had ice cream (in the rain by this time) next to the (very full) lake.

    A few days ago we did a spontaneous stop at an unassuming stile to investigate whether it led down to a reservoir and accidentally discovered a walk round said reservoir, but also found out it is in the process of being developed into a local attraction with all sorts of interesting features (Roman fort anyone?!). Not open yet, but we plan to come back when it is (parkinthepast.org.uk if you’re interested). We bumped into Paul, one of the head honchos, on our little walk and it was great to not only find out about this project (we had no idea), but hear him talk about it with such passion.

    Tomorrow we plan to do a walk up to a tarn (lake) in Snowdonia…

    1. Bala was always where I felt we’d got to Wales proper, on our way to holiday on the Lleyn Peninsula – even though it actually begins three miles away from here. But Bala’s dark and slatey.

      That project’s ambitious: they’re building a replica Celtic village as well as a Roman fort!

      1. Seriously, they plan on packing a lot in to that site (there’s a strong wildlife preservation/encouragement element too), but if anyone can do it I reckon Paul can!!

        1. I don’t suppose he’s the guy who gave a talk on prehistoric sites some years back – his day job was being a centurion in Chester, which he absolutely loved. He led walks/very small tours to sites on private land. Completely passionate about pre- and early history.

          1. Having now done some Internet stalking, he might be. Looks like he is a Company Director of Roman Tours in Chester as well as Park In the Past, so sounds like that might fit…

  28. tl;dr [trivia and diet stuff]

    I have looked in the direction(s) of my Accessory Disorganizers several times since last posting, and each time and muttered aloud, “Nah.” I swear they are smirking at me. And the dotter entered the man cave earlier to confirm Shopping and Dining for tomorrow. Whilst she was present, she pilfered several of my stash of Atkins Chocolate Covered Coconut bars, to which she will add almonds (spicy almonds – I bought her an assortment of Blue Diamond almonds that included Ghost Pepper, Carolina Reaper, Habanero BBQ, Wasabi, Sirocco, and of course, Salt & Vinegar.) They will not taste like Almond Joys. Also while present, she thanked me for the lone of my previous Chromebook laptop, used for at-home school attendance. I’d forgotten that one. She still has the power supply adapter.

    I didn’t make it to Publix last night, so I still am out of 647 bread. Instead, I drove the 1.2 miles (2 km?) to Food Lion, where I lazily bought a 28 ounce rotisserie chicken. Deboned and skinned, that’s roughly 750 grams of salty chicken. Salty but delicious. Or maybe delicious because salty. I also bought a six-pack of caffeine-free diet… Pepsi. I was prepared for it to suck, but then it didn’t. Also vegetables comma frozen comma some each.

    Watching my sodium intake (not closely enough), I usually skip frozen dinners and sides because they almost always have way too much. Jolly Green put out a new offering, “Simply Steam Garlic & Herb Vegetable Medley salt free,” Seasoned with Mrs. Dash. Normally I spit in Mrs. Dash’s general direction, but this stuff accompanied the third of a chicken just fine. So far, I’ve averaged daily 1,092 calories, 19 g-o-carbs, 1,565 mg sodium, and 1,355 mL liquids (mostly water). But today’s not over. In fact, I haven’t eaten yet, so all the numbers will rise.

    Also, lacking 647 bread, I substituted the store brand mini-bagels, which have low calories and sodium, but 22 grams-o-carbs, each. How they work, see, is you pile a quarter to third pound of meat (e.g. chicken) on ’em, maybe with a slice of tomato. Maybe a bit of cheese. That works, because I’m in the part of the diet where I limit myself to 40 grams-o-carbs per day.

    I won’t share today’s weight, because it isn’t Thursday/Weigh-In Day (it went up.)

    Second round of good thoughts, vibes, and hopes to Gin. (It’s Monday.)

    1. It’s Tuesday, now. Time for another round of good thoughts, vibes, maybe a prayer or two for Gin. {{{Gin}}}

      The dotter and I did the shop/dine dealy. We went to WalMart. There’s one in Colonial Heights, 10.09 miles from home. We didn’t go there. There’s one in Petersburg, 10.91 miles away. We didn’t go there, either. The next one is in Chester, 16.16 miles. We went there. I think it says something that there are 10 WalMarts within a roughly 25 mile radius.

      Some stores have merch the others don’t, hence Chester. I think the Dotter had plans for takeout from O’Charley’s, but they have an annoying website. We grabbed dinners from Outback and McDonald’s. No complaints. Back up, one complaint, and it’s not taste or service, it’s dietary. I had the loaded baked potato. I could have had the seasonal vegetable, but no – I had to have the starch in a jacket with bacon bits, cheese, onion, butter and sour cream. Had to! (60 grams of carbs.) I loved every bite, every scraped up fork-full, every rubbed/licked finger over the plastic place setting.

      Besides a couple of ribeyes (which is what I had for dinner as well), I bought cans of diced chilis and eight six-packs of soda pop. seven of the six-packs are 7.5 FL OZ cans (222 mL): 12 cans of Seagram’s Diet Ginger Ale; 12 cans of Schweppes Diet Ginger Ale; 6 cans of Diet Sprite; 6 cans of Orange Crush; 6 cans of Sunkist Orange; and 6 500 mL bottles of caffeine-free Diet Coke. The orange sodas are for the grand-kinder.

  29. Happiness is … a three-day weekend. Attending to both front *and* back yards. Writing (in two days) +9000 words of new novella. Clearing a small nest of clutter. Watching ‘Muse of Fire’ (two actors do a Shakespeare road trip) and ‘Top Hat’ and ‘Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man’ on Broadway HD. Beginning to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. Getting my teeth cleaned and examined for the first time in almost two years. Having no cavities. Still remembering how to drive.

  30. I have two chargers.
    One is permanently plugged in at my desk. The other meanders around the house with me. I recommend it.

    When I had an actual office I had one at home one in the office and one in the backpack.

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