Happiness is a Brand New Week

Last week was bad. Not call in emergency services bad, but bad. But now it’s Monday, it’s the first day of the rest of this week, and this week is gonna be DIFFERENT. WONDERFUL. Well, better.

What made you happy last week?

74 thoughts on “Happiness is a Brand New Week

  1. So sorry to hear it was a bad well! I very much hope things rapidly improve for you.

    Some medical markers improved last week for me, and I’m hoping this continues going forward.

  2. Sorry you had a rotten week, Jenny. I hope this one is a vast improvement.

    I’m having lunch with one of my nieces tomorrow, which is always a delight. And ‘A Clue for Clara’ has been shortlisted for the children’s section of the Sisters in Crime Davitt Awards (Australian women’s crime writing). So that made me VERY happy.

    Plus I am learning to knit socks. I have just turned a heel for the first time ever, and am amazed at my own brilliance. 😎

    1. I am so pleased for you, Lian. The award will look good printed on the cover of “A Clue for Clara”. Like a diamond brooch on an Chanel suit.

  3. Best wishes for escalating good times ahead. Better and better.

    I spent nearly $400 at Amazon on Sunday. A very large chunk of that was Atkins snacks, chocolate covered coconut bars, for instance and their peanut m&ms equivalent. Blue Diamond Almonds for the dotter, the incredibly spicy pack. Household stuff. I would be delighted to send you a gift certificate so you could order chocolate for yourself. (Of course, you could repurpose said gift certificate for things like laptop cables.) Up to you.

    1. No, no, thank you. I’ve already done seven Amazon orders this week that went somewhere else, leaving me to have a long talk with customer service and which then ended up at my front door thanks to whoever got them by mistake. I’m good with Amazon stuff now.

      Also, don’t send me money, anybody. I just blow it on Diet Coke and frozen Snickers, both of which I must give up soon.

      1. I have given up both. That’s what the Atkins Bars are substituting for, and I still drink un-caffeinated carbonated beverages. Sympathies.

        Are those frozen Snickers the Snickers Bar tossed in the freezer – not my fav – or the Snickers Ice Cream bar, which I have not eaten any of since April? I used to adore those. I should be able to eat them in 2026.

      2. It took me forever to wean myself of Diet Coke. I love the tart taste. Soda water with some fresh lemon helped if you stuck. I have no helpful suggestions about cutting down on frozen Snickers.

        1. The nutritional therapist Marc David said he had an easier path helping opioid addicts get clean than in assisting someone in releasing Diet Coke.

      3. I used to absolutely love frozen snickers. I would buy the small sized ones but it got out of hand so I went cold turkey… it was hard!

      4. I’m still on a “No buy” for everything except food and necessities, like a new slow feeder bowl because somebody chewed up someone else’s puppy bowl. Not naming names, bit we know who they are. One click still disabled across all devices.

  4. I am cheered to have found that I can get Elswyth Thane’s TRYST as a Kindle. AND that BATTLE ROYAL, the new Lucy Parker book, is officially released tomorrow, which means that it will appear on my Kindle download later this evening. I can use another screwball romantic comedy.

    Next project will undoubtedly be filling out the California mail-in ballot. First question: Should Gavin Newsome be recalled as governor? Second . . . not a question, more like a term paper research assignment: choosing between the people who have proposed themselves as gubernatorial prospects. Not one has any governing experience. At least one has no last name — my brother says that’s the porn star. My cousin’s husband reduced the list to four people who weren’t stark staring bonkers and recommends the Hollywood producer, who may not have any previous experience running a public office but at least has run some reasonably large projects.

    And, after parking in front of the house last night (completely forgetting that today is Street Sweeping Day on Our Side, 9 to noon), I’m happy that I woke up at 8:44, remembered the street sweeping, and managed to dress and move the car at 8:56 to a spot across the street.

    1. Ann, I loved Ellsworth Thane’s Tryst too! I didn’t know it was available on kindle; I will have to check it out.

    2. That is too funny, Ann! I can’t imagine such a ballot (no condescension meant) even in a free Québec (should that ever happen). Our ballots are much more straightforward though that doesn’t ensure better results. Good luck!

      1. I haven’t seen anything like this ballot before, either. There was also a poll which ranked the candidates who have any political profile at all — seven Republicans and one Democrat — and gave the Dem 27% of the vote, with the rest split among the R’s. Now that one will never work out in Real Life.

        I’m also getting nonstop text messages urging me to vote for one or another of them, too.

  5. We’ve just gone back into hard lockdown with a curfew. I’m grateful in many ways, but I’m dealing by not dealing. Denial is currently my friend. Also, I’m making myself a Halloween dressing gown because I have some seriously gorgeous pumpkin fabric, and because I can.

    1. Us too (no curfew but also no open shops except supermarkets and no leaving the neighbourhood ).

      I’m probably going to deal with it via excessive biscuits and walking.

      Enjoy the pumpkin

  6. Damn. I wish there was something each of us could do to make Jenny’s week as marvelous as it really ought to be. She deserves it.

    I just have to marvel at the fact that on Saturday, we went out to the back yard to attack a very big tree branch that got blown down in the windstorms we kept having. I was dubious that two older people and a sawzall could do this, but we approached it subbranch by subbranch [don’t think that’s a word, but you know what I mean].

    When we tried to figure out what to do with the two largest ones, once they were sawed off the huge branch trunk, I realized we could fasten them with bungee cords to the metal shepherd’s crook we hang the suet feeder from.

    So we did that, and I can’t tell you how thrilled the hundreds of suet fans are that now they have spots to perch on while they wait their turn. When the feeder has just been put out, the branches look kind of like a Christmas tree full of chirping ornaments. Which fills us both with joy on their behalf. Turning bad into really good is hugely satisfying!

    1. I have my suet out all year. I’ve been laughing at the immature robin who sends his mom to get the suet for him, and sits on the railing bawling for his food. I’ve been thinking of cutting back my birdfeeding as an economy measure, but I get so much enjoyment from watching them, that I haven’t done that yet.

  7. My week is just fine. None of the plants I bought have died, and in fact the basil and the asters are going nuts. I’ve finally gotten started on some of the stuff I need to do so there’s that feeling of accomplishment. Krissie is having a blast doing local theater stuff, Bob and I are talking about his Agnes sequel in e-mail, and I have my laptop back after the new power cord arrived. Nothing but good times ahead.

  8. Swimming among a swarm of fishes in the very clear water of one if this islands bays made me happy.
    Having my family around makes me happy.

    I have to hold onto this feeling because it feels far too crowded here and the acoustics of these holiday accomodations are nerveracking (rumbling in the flats above and below and noise from outside, grrr).

    After being cooped up in the busy crowded overpopulated city I soooo longed for peace and quiet, not the constant bustle and noise.
    Must do better research next time and plan AHEAD instead of always doing impromptu holiday planing.
    Apart from that staying away from the news is the only way not to be sucked into the opposite of happiness.

    1. Those are amazing! I haven’t been to the Art Institute since it reopened, but I see that a visit is in order.

  9. Last week sounds awful, but I’m glad this week is better. Things are quiet but good here. Having my little flat to myself is making me happy. I’ll be in here for at least two more weeks so I’m deeply grateful to live somewhere I like so well. It’s probably time to start doing more productive things with this enforced time off, but I’ll probably just read some more instead. And I won’t feel bad about that.

    NZ Arghers, sending you all positive thoughts for the next few days from across the ditch.

  10. The dragonflies are swarming! Crowds of them swoop then rise and swing through the air to catch their meals (Die, mosquitoes!). The bees continue to wander close to flowers; the dragonflies dance above them; and, the hummingbirds fight and play in their own space occasionally dropping in on the joe pye weed and roses.

    Makes me happy.

  11. Wait! To go all the way back to the beginning of this thread, don’t the diet Cokes cancel out the frozen Snickers??

    August in the midwest U.S. — loads of magnificent tomatoes from my garden make me very happy.

  12. Last week was pretty horrid here too. And echos of it keep intruding. But my partner and I took Monday and Tuesday off together and that has been wonderful. Mostly we have been doing house stuff. So much housekeeping. But it feels good. The local greenhouse is on sale so we bought a bunch of perennials yesterday. Now to get them in the ground.

    The only problem with time off is that I don’t want to go back…

  13. This week I’ll visit my FM doc, who will tell me how I’m doing vis weight loss and blood work chemistry. He’s got me on a lot of supplements, which I think is making my body work better. (I sometimes dread going because I’ve not been religious about the diet and exercise has fallen off somewhat, but I’m determined to look at the positive side of the equation.)

    I’ll follow that up with a trip to the endocrinologist, to see how my latest thyroid bloodwork goes. Fingers crossed that everything is good there.

  14. Wishing everyone multiple loads of happies and much better weeks ahead 🙂

    We’ve had a very busy week and a bit – DH took time off work, and so we’ve been out and about every single day. DS (aged 3) is loving it but so tired he’s practically comatose, so he’ll be having some extra naps once Daddy goes back to work tomorrow.

    Bearing in mind we’ve been being careful and very restrictive with our trips away from home since March 2020 all this activity has been a bit of a surprise to the system, but we’ve all loved it. We’ve kept to our own side of the Welsh border, despite both DH and I being fully vaxxed, and have found some new spots to visit that will definitely be repeaters.

    Currently I have the house to myself in a very rare instance when DH and DS have gone to visit cousins and play for the afternoon. I have big plans for working on my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler quilt (still at piecing stage – as it has been since 2011 when I started it – progress has been made recently though! It’s my last remaining UFO). We’ll see if I actually get to it, or whether I disappear down a different rabbithole (I am at least listening to my baseball, and that makes me happy)

  15. Last week was good because I had a Friday off work along with the weekend for the first time in forever. Plus visited with friends I haven’t seen in 7 years. I totally embraced just doing a whole bunch of nothing for three days.

  16. My granddaughter is a pet lover extraordinaire when her fifteen year old cat started losing weight she brought her to the vet and discovered she had diabetes and was put on insulin which she gives to the cat. And she started to put weight back on.

    Her next problem is trying to get the dog to get her nails clipped. It is not happening people. Last week she and my son took the dog to the vet and with medication given the dog put up such a fuss couldn’t get the nails done. They had to put a muzzle on her and she fought the whole way. I know they suggested putting her under at x amount of dollars, but come on there has to be an easier solution. Any suggestions? Maybe the meds she was given were not strong enough, could be she needs doggy valium.

    1. Mary pop me an email and I’ll give you some options I’ve used on my dogs. It’s means doing them at home, but once you get into a routine it’s not difficult and so much easier on the dog.

      1. silly me. You can’t email without an address. Kate (at – you know what symbol to use) kate george (dot) com. Remove all spaces and insert the correct character and you’ll get me!

    2. There’s a YouTube channel called girlwiththedogs which features a small scale dog groomer who often has clients who are extremely adverse to anything touching their feet. Sometimes she’s defeated but there are a fair number of potential techniques.

    3. The insulin they prescribe for cats now is SO MUCH better than it was ten years ago, the first time I had a cat with diabetes. Mine — knock on wood — went into remission last year after a few months on insulin, which isn’t guaranteed but does happen fairly regularly these days if it’s caught quickly enough and the cat responds well. The remission doesn’t always become permanent, but mine’s been fine for about a year now with just dietary modifications — expensive kibble and more canned food than dry, but no insulin needed.

      Oh, and if your daughter doesn’t know, GoodRx has a coupon for the insulin (it’s used by people too) that knocks a nice bit off the price when she needs a refill (assuming she’s using the kind that comes in a pen and then drawing off the tiny amounts for a cat). There are two coupons available; one is only for human use that’s knocks a LOT off the price, but there’s also one for pets, and it’s still a decent savings. (I thought GoodRx was too good to be true, but it’s legit.)

  17. It’s my last week in Paris. I had a very happy wander around the musée Marmottan with my mum.

    I love going to the smaller museums in Paris rather than the big ones.

    Marmottan had a temporary exhibition showing paintings by a very famous Danish painter I had never heard of: Peder Severin Krøyer.
    His outdoor/seaside paintings are absolutely gorgeous.

    Definitely one of the highlights of my visit.

  18. My ex-mil was visiting and that wore me out. its hard to entertain someone all day for four days straight. need some naps and quiet time to get my mojo back. But now she’s back with her son, I’ll be able to do that and I’ll be back to causing trouble in no time.

  19. Comments above triggered a cascade of memories from 1970. That was the year I hitch-hiked from Florida to Colorado to Connecticut and back. Sort of my Grand Tour. I remember arriving in Katemcy, TX, in the wee hours, and sleeping on the porch of my grandmother’s general store. When people started showing up, I asked “Does Mrs. Jordan (pronounced Jerden, southern style) still live over yonder?” and pointed to a house I thought was hers. “Yep,” was the reply, “and yonder comes Swede.”

    When a pick-up pulled up and a big blond guy got out, I said “Hi, Uncle Swede!” He said, “Bill! No, Jim!, No Gary!” and I said “That’s me!” He took me home to Aunt Augusta and I stayed a week. I missed Granny, though, because she’d been down in Galveston with Uncle Elmo and Aunt Olivia recovering from a broken hip. A pick-up had backed over her. Didn’t see her, she was Very Short.

    I left the family homestead when Uncle Elmo brought Granny back, on his way to Denver, where Cousin John and his family lived. Uncle Elmo owned a cabin, one room, up in the real mountains maybe a mile above the “Mile High City,” and I’d agreed to hire on to help add a room and a garage. The room had a picture window, and they attached a hummingbird feeder with suction cups. That’s where the cascade began. Not content to watch them through the window, which was amazing, I stepped out on the porch and held very still with my finger stuck out under the feeder. Not only did they continue to come, they landed on my finger! I’ve loved hummingbirds ever since.

    1. I love hummingbirds. Have 2 feeders and watch the fights, darts, swoops, and chattering back and forth every morning while I eat breakfast on the balcony. Once in a while one will stop in front of me, I take it as a “thank you” for the nectar. They stay over in the winter. Most neighbours have feeders.

    2. Former neighbor put out hummingbird feeders as a retirement project in the late 1950’s and 60’s. He’s long gone, but the birds are all over the area, and I can watch them from my dentist’s chair.

    3. In 1970 I graduated from college and got married, not in that order. That was my version of the grand tour. The next summer my husband was asked to consult on a job at Pearl Harbor then we headed east for two years in Philadelphia for graduate school. From a small town ( pop. @ 700)(well not a direct destination -4 years in Seattle for college first) to Honolulu followed by living in a big city, I thought I had become almost cosmopolitan. I loved it.

      P.S. While I loved my job, I did not love living in the middle of no where for the next 10 years while our careers were being established. Moving to Portland was such a relief after that even if it did not get me back home to Washington.

  20. I’m sorry to hear last week was a troublemaker, Jenny. Hope this one will be more well-behaved!

  21. Currently happy because the latest heatwave ended and the air quality came down to something breathable. Plus I have lots of books to read.

    Hope this week is much better for you.

  22. Last week I had lunch with a friend who I’ve talked with but have not SEEN since mid-March 2020. It was wonderful but too short. We did not linger after the last vacant table inside the restaurant was occupied because it was 98 and humid and no one should have to eat outside in that.
    Also saw some old sewing guild friends and learned that meetings are starting up again!
    Yesterday I went to the ATT store to get help with my router and found a delightful & helpful guy and was on my way in less than an hour (a record). I celebrated my good fortune with some fabric retail therapy and a visit with my best friend.
    It feels daring to be out and about but yeah.

  23. Pixie went to the vet today and did very well. She is going on a diet, though. And we’re waiting on Lyme and Heartworm tests, etc.

    Looks like rain for the next 2-3 days; but, with luck there’ll be enough breaks to walk Pixie and do a bit of weeding.

    It’s been quiet and I hope it stays that way.

    1. Maybe Pixie can help with the weeding! With some specific direction, my dog loves attacking the plants. She can be ferocious against those weeds (all 11 pounds of her).

  24. I am struggling with happy this week. Nothing terribly wrong except the clash of family expectations and my risk-aversion when it comes to my little guy in times of COVID, but the clash and my resultant guilt plus anxiety/uncertainty is making me feel pretty miserable. Hoping to find a resolution that I can live with without totally destroying my family relationships.

    1. If you’re worried, just excuse yourself and tell everyone you think he’s looking peaky and you want to keep him at home alone just in case. “Better safe then sorry etc” Most doting grandparents won’t argue with that.

      Obviously stay off social media if he is shining with health

      1. Ha. Thanks! Unfortunately I already ruined that option by stating my dislike of the invitations extended to the unvaccinated (despite specific assurances otherwise when I first agreed).

        1. Family politics, tut tut try not to firmly commit to anything, so you always leave yourself a retreat path. There’s always the option of telling them you now have to self isolate

        2. Not sure how much more likely unvaccinated people are to pass it on, given those of us who are double-vaccinated can still get the delta variant, and pass it on. At the same time, given they’ve moved the goalposts, if you’re not happy I should just say no. And I realize that’s hard, but maybe focus on trusting yourself/being at peace with yourself on this?

    2. Michelle – I don’t really have any useful suggestions, but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this. *hugs*

      1. Thanks! I am going, and we will stay outside and wear masks. And after this, we will retreat to the wonderful cocoon of our house and not leave for more than a day trip until at least next May. And I will reward myself with the new Lucy Parker (and most likely a bottle of nice wine).

  25. Being Tuesday, the new shop & dine day, the dotter and I shopped and dined. Much of my small shopping lined Bezos’s pockets, so we did Publix, where I got my 647 bread – wheat, this time – and a bit-o-this, a bit-o-that. Dinner was courtesy of Texas Roadhouse. Now I must counsel anyone else watching their sodium intake: Don’t Eat Their Gravy. I had the boneless pork chops. I eat boneless chops at least once per week, and there isn’t anything scary about that. Theirs’s weighed 3/4 pound, total, and yes, I weighed them.

    See, I surfed for Texas Roadhouse Nutrition so I could enter my dinner in the spreadsheet. The veggies were higher than I expected, but OMG! The Grilled Pork Chop – Double Chop was outrageous! Calories: 730. Net Carbs: 10 grams. Sodium: 4,060 mg. Four thousand sixty milligrams of sodium.

    But wait – there’s more.

    The key to the outrage is in the Nutrition Facts label. In the bottom right, it says, “INGREDIENTS: Grilled Pork Chop, Peppercorn Sauce.” My data are that 340 grams of pork chop, boneless, contains just 400 calories, ZERO carbs, and only 640 mg of sodium. The rest of that is in the Peppercorn Sauce. Which went straight into the trash. The chops were delicious without that deathly frill.

    And that’s the rest of the story.

    1. Chain restaurants use pre-prepared sauces so that they taste the same at each unit. The cost of making them shelf stable is that they are loaded with sodium-based preservatives. And if they do not start with homemade stock, the bouillon they use will send the sodium content up a huge amount, too. My Mom switched me to Better Than Bouillon because it tastes better than standard bouillon, but even that has 680mg per 1C serving. I know people who make their own stock and freeze it in ice cube trays for later use, but they have more ambition and larger freezers than I do. Maybe someday we’ll be able to buy little pop-out cubes of frozen stock the way we can chopped basil and garlic.

      1. I think I’ve seen videos on You Tube that point out what you’ve confirmed, explaining why restaurant food is death to dieters and diabetics. I limit my dining out to once a week with the dotter. I eat the same meals as the chains specialize in – New York Strip, Ribeye, or T-bone with a veggie and sometimes a starch. Their prepared sauces are lethal for me – I toss them. I use other seasonings at home. Garlic pepper (NOT Garlic Salt) finds its way into most of my cooking.

  26. All my weekend reasons for being happy still apply, but I am also happy because I’m two days down on this week, it’s been a low-stress one so far, and the coming weekend is another 3-day thanks to my overstuffed bank of un-used time off. 🙂 PLUS I’m reading Paul Rudnick’s ‘Playing the Palace’ and so far I love it.

  27. Late to last week’s party. Hope this week is better, Jenny. We went away for the weekend for the first time in over a year. Visited my DIL and her husband who have a cute trailer on a river. We went for a long kayak and saw herons and osprey. We went swimming and due to Covid restrictions at the park, it’s 10 people at a time which is like being in a private pool. We visited a dahlia farm and ate fish and chips beside Lake Erie. A lovely break.

  28. The happiness that is unpacking our belongings continues. Yesterday I wore a black tank dress that had been in the container to a get-together, and I was so cool and comfortable, and so very happy. We’re going out to dinner tomorrow, and I have *choices.* Today we stashed the Christmas ornaments above one of the built-in wardrobes (we have 12-foot ceilings here), so the organizational efforts are going strong. Nothing but good times ahead.

  29. After battling countless nonfunctional message systems I finally spoke to a human being and was able to schedule some physical therapy sessions for my left knee. I am having trouble walking and I want to be fully mobile(without a cane) before I go on vacation. It was 4 days of frustration until I finally spoke to Paige, who has booked appointments for me in the past. It was such a pleasure working with someone who not only knew the individual therapists and the computer system, but could also offer alternatives when the logistics got complicated. I was beginning to think I was going to walk in to speak to a live person, which my knee would not enjoy. And I was really happy that I will be able to work with the same person who helped me so much the last time.

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