Working Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Speaking of working, this blog has been running sixteen years today.. (I know, I can’t believe I’ve done that much work here, either. Okay, most of the work was done by you commenters, but I commented, too. There are over 140,000 comments on this blog, that’s how hard we’ve been working for sixteen years.) Of course, things haven’t changed much. That first post ended with “But to answer your orginal question, as God is my witness, I’m working. Really.”

What did you work on this week?

68 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, July 21, 2021

  1. Trying to get my darned husband NOT to take a walk on a very bad air quality day. (Smoke from enormous west coast fires now hitting the mid-Atlantic eastern US coast.)

    Failed. Blast it. I shamed him, though. Partial success.

  2. Happy 16 years! We are so happy you are here.

    I had a fight with my father. He refuses to get vaccinated and now he thinks that taking himself off his blood pressure and heart meds is the way to go. So I am tired. I think that my extra emotions are done now, but it always leaves me worn out and I lost my temper, which hardly ever happens.

    But I put my etsy shop on sale and spent the morning boxing up a few orders which I will drop off on the way to my day job, so at least I accomplished something. Tomorrow will be better.

    1. Lupe, Good luck in your dealings with your dad. He’s making very poor choices (as one tends to point out to someone much younger than oneself rather than much older). I hope working on your etsy shop helps you focus on yourself.

    2. My mother is the same regarding vaccination. She gets her news from her Facebook feed and dismisses actual news sources as being fake. It’s utterly exhausting.

    3. My friend’s father is 95 and on a huge number of meds, some of which react with one another. She did some investigating and discovered that his cholesterol medication improved his chances of not having a heart attack by about 15 percent. But it also seemed to slow the development of Alzeheimers. She decided that he probably needed to stay on it. It was the slowing Alzeheimer’s that convinced him he needed to stay on it.

      When my mother was alive, she would periodically pull that stunt of deciding she should cut out some medication. I finally figured out it was her way of “testing” me and she enjoyed the ensuing arguments and attention. After that, since I could not control the situation, I would just say “It’s your funeral. What kind of flowers would you like.” In retrospect I should have said “When you have a stroke and land in a nursing home, I will probably only be able to visit about once a week”. She did indeed have a stroke and was in a nursing home for 17 years (I came 4 or 5 times a week actually). Her doctor had actually told her that her smoking was more of a problem for causing a heart attack or a stroke than her medication were in preventing them. And giving up smoking was the one thing she could do that would help her the most. And she never did give up smoking.

      1. They can’t give up smoking. I never smoked, but I have a pretty good idea how I’d react if I was told I’d live longer if I gave up books.

        1. I *just* said this, “It’s books, at least it’s not cocaine.” Really, ten minutes ago.

    4. Lupe, I know exactly what you mean. My dad is a retired doctor, so pro vaccination thank the goddess, but refuses to take his own advice about lifestyle change for his heart condition, cholesterol, diabetes, or kidney problems. It’s really hard to accept that his choices are what they are and I can’t make him change. Fights ensue.

    5. You might talk to his Doctor, about his skipping his much needed medications, and ask are there any “group therapy” for patients, who are going through this “phase”. Not taking medications, refusing vaccinations,etc.
      Ask Doctor, to “prescribe” that your Father attend, you would drive and make sure you saw him actually attend sessions, where people are guided by professionals to “vent” why they are skipping medications, refusing vaccinations, arguing with their children, who are trying to help.
      This is only a suggestion.
      You might also look into a support group, in person, or look for one online. You need to connect with others dealing with parents, and the same issues. They can be a great pressure valve release and good ideas.
      Something to percolate on.
      Nice to see that you love your Father, enough to be concerned.
      It’s Time to Rethink!
      Hope I DON’T sound “preachy”. Just that your Love, Concern, Frustration, Fatigue, is this all there is, seem to be coning through. Everyone who has Been there, in one way or another, wants to reach out. I am not a professional. Only I have been
      There, in so many ways. I live in a senior community. I was vaccinated and felt obligated to assure people that it was Not Anything To Fear. That it made me feel safer, more ready to go out when things opened up. When I shared my relief at being vaccinated, with no side effects. I had the most ignorant answers as to why they would not get vaccinated. Everything from:
      I am not getting vaccinated because they are giving you the virus and you get sick and die.
      The Virus is “made up” to scare everyone. I believe that President, the one with the strange hair, he says not to believe anything, e,crept him and Fox News.
      People just have the Bad Flu.
      It’s not a Virus, whatever that is. They are just trying to make more money, by getting you vaccinated.
      I could not believe the “ignorance”. But there it is.
      Nothing I could say could convince them. I said things like, you do know what Vaccine and Vaccination means?
      You did TAKE your children and get the required Vaccinations for small pox, measles, polio, whooping cough, etc. So they could attend school. Which protected them from getting these diseases. Right. That is a vaccine, a vaccination to PREVENT you from getting sick and possibly dying.
      Inevitably, the reply was ” Oh, That’s different.” In otherwards, I want to remain ignorant and unvaccinated, where I can get the virus and potentially pass it on, through ignorance. Forgive me for going on. Good Luck and All the Best.

  3. I’ve been pondering. I’ve gotten the next quilt top in our round robin, and I’m trying to think about what I’m going to add to it. It’s a box of William Morris inspired fabric – think vines and leaves and such. I’m thinking I might make some flower blocks to go around the center – a different fabric for each flower. Since the originator’s wish is that we use as many of those fabrics as we can, that would go a long way toward that aim.

    In my rug cleaning frenzy over the weekend, I did pull out boxes of things that had been stored in a corner. Three were boxes of scraps of various sizes, so a great thing to have, and I should move it to the sewing room to be more accessible. Another box was full of memorabilia from our cruise to Alaska a couple of years ago. I probably should do something with that too. There were also three boxes of unfinished quilt projects, with their assorted materials. I pulled one of those out, and started working on it. I’m one border away from finishing that top – and since I don’t go to work til 9:30 today, I might just sit down and take care of that.

  4. I’ve had to abandon the gardens for now, due to the heat. Though I got sucked into a couple of hours of weeding as part of netting the blueberries. Otherwise, I’m watering well every couple of days, and harvesting – the late strawberries came full on, and I thought I was going to have to make jam, but found space for them in the freezer, thank goodness.

    The day job’s been full on. Much better now the junior but on-the-ball editor is back. I’m doing 6 hours a day copy-editing, since they’re behind schedule. Pretty annoyed that they can’t come up with a contract after two months – they sent me one written for authors rather than editors or designers. I’ve done more than 100 hours, and could seriously do with some pay, but the woman in charge seems to think the situation is perfectly acceptable.

    I’ve also got my old iMac ready to sell to my friend. It was a bit sad deleting myself from it. It’s my favourite computer to date (the new one is my fifth; I got my first in 1991). Of course, all the data’s on my new Mac; I just haven’t completely bonded with it yet, although I do appreciate the speed. Nest job is to box up the iMac, printer and two scanners, ready for Pam when she gets back from London next week.

    Also going to try and be at the allotment for a while Saturday and Sunday, though it’s forecast to be showery: we’re opening for charity under the National Gardens Scheme (the Yellow Book).

    1. PS. Chased again, and got the OK to invoice for the payment due on signature, even though the contract’s still AWOL. Relief!

      1. Good to hear. I was worried about having that much invested without a contract in place. It’s my lawyer brain, assuming the worst.

        1. I’m pretty confident they’ll pay; they’re part of PenguinRandomHouse, which I’ve worked for (in the guise of Penguin) for years. Unfortunately, this branch don’t seem nearly as freelance-friendly. I do hate not being able to charge by the hour. I am recording the hours I work, and will almost certainly have to renegotiate my fee, which I’m also dreading. Still, it’s gardening, plus working in a team. (And I do have a letter offering me the job, which they tell me should cover me.)

  5. Happy anniversary! May the server hosting your blog never fail and may the Aarghers’ words never run dry. Slainte!

  6. Happy Blog-a-versary.

    Thank you for this second home you’ve created for so many of us.

    A water reservoir pipe here burst and so we are without water for 4 days minimum. So all my work has gone to handwashed dishes and clothes. I am so grateful to be firmly in the middle of the socioeconomic table. Even if it means that I’m probably a very severe event away from bankruptcy, I at least know how to handle myself when things like this happen.

    In cleanup news,we are food and fuel secure for now as we count the cost of the riots.

    I’m also working with my dogs. The lil girl puppy is scared of the big 4-year-old boy. Big doggo barks with frustration because he wants to play. She gets scared and hides away or howls. I am spending a lot of time watching Victoria Stillwel videos to learn how to fix the mess I’ve made. Why did I think this would be a good idea? 😭

    1. They’ll work it out.
      Is there a place she can go where she can see the big dog but he can’t get to her? I just did months of the dogs and cat looking at each other with suspicion and then moving on. Now they sleep next to each other. But yeah, it was months.

      1. Thank you. I was thinking that she hasn’t seen me play with him, so her cue from me is “stay away from Big Dude.” Your advice suggests that I was on the right track. I work with this.

    2. Bless your Heart!
      You are up to your eyes in lack of water, in the middle of Summer, Hand washing laundry, dishes, everything.
      You have been able to retain your Sanity, and Humor!
      I nominate you for Best In Show for Retaining your Cool and Hope You will Reward YOURSELF-Somehow, Someway, when this is fix, or even, B4.
      Good Luck and ALL THE VERY BEST.
      Hang in There!
      P.S. I grew in Florida, where hurricanes would knock out power, water supply, cause damage. So I have some experience with your situation. Good luck.

  7. I didn’t realize you’re so near me! I wondered why the air quality rating was so poor today. Glad you shared this info.

  8. I’m working on coughing up all the crap in my lungs from the bronchitis that started last Friday. It is hard and disgusting work, but I seem to be making progress. Sadly, it is taking most of my energy, so I’m not getting much else done.

    I do owe a couple of short articles to Llewellyn by the end of the month, though, so I’m going to be working on them.

      1. My body is actually doing a pretty good job on its own (which is good, because most expectorants have ingredients that trigger my heart palpitations, so I can’t take them). It’s just a long and disgusting process.

        1. But still better than surgery. I hope the lung-clearing goes quickly, with as little pain as is possible.

  9. Congrats on the blog anniversary! Argh is regularly a part of my family conversations – thanks for making this space welcoming, fun and thought-provoking.

    Now, work. “Designing Your Life” includes an exercise on describing your workview–not a description of an ideal job, but your ideas on the meaning and purpose of work (which you then align with your lifeview).

    It made me realize I believe work should be hard, and I act subconsciously to make it hard–especially when I propose project deadlines. So I am trying to teach my brain that it’s okay to ask for realistic timelines. That’s hard! In fact, that’s work.

  10. Congratulations on keeping the blog alive and well for sixteen years! Most peter out after a few years; mine did.
    Working on getting ready to host friends outside in 2 weeks. I enjoy the food part much more than the cleaning up the patio part, which includes repainting some chairs.
    Freelance work is ahead of schedule, for a nice change, so not feeling pressure there.

  11. Happy Anniversary! I wish I had discovered this blog at the outset, but I have been enjoying it greatly ever since I did find it.

    I’m working on convincing several computer systems that I exist. Safelink, the program that pays for my cell phone service, insists that they don’t provide service in my zip code, even though I renew my application annually and until I dropped my phone I did have service. I went through this last year when I recertified for the program, but obviously, nobody has fixed anything since then.

    I went to my hairdresser for an appointment yesterday, only to be told that they had no record of either me or my appointment. When I made my first appointment, they obviously didn’t create a file for me so the computer won’t hold the new appointments they try to input. I have asked to speak to the manager both times they have done this to me, but was told she wasn’t there. My next attempt at an appointment is on Saturday, when I assume that the manager will be on the premises and I hope that I can finally get my hair cut. This might be understandable if I hadn’t already had haircuts there twice! I found this place through a Groupon and I can see why they would have to run a promotion to attract new customers if they make it so hard to become a repeat customer.

  12. I’m adulting today. A pile of phone calls (hate phone calls), plus housework, and administrative stuff for publishing books and updating my website. Blech, blech, blech.

    And some of the calls took me into the weird mazes of health insurance companies — have to list a primary care provider after my previous one left the practice, but the new one is only contracted for HMO with my carrier, not the PPO I have, so I can see him, and have the visit covered, but I can’t list him as my primary, but the doctor’s office insists he IS listed with the PPO, and I’m stuck in the middle. Ugh.

  13. Oh, my! Congratulations! I can only hope I’m still around to celebrate a sixteenth anniversary of the blog I just started. (Started because I wanted to share some pics with Arghers, like everyone else.) Linked via my name, above.

    Not my first web site. I once had a domain named “I thought his weight would crush”. Said name was based on a writing game from college in 1969, where the story was passed from person to person for a chapter, and the only rule was that every chapter had to start with the words above. Juvenile, I know, but…

    What am I working on? Simplification. Enduring. Enduring simplification. I mentioned a trip to Goodwill – I made said trip, and parted company with a fan, still in the box, so-called “portable air conditioners” two in unopened boxes, a third having been tried and failing. I listened to the dotter’s advice, and donated all but four DVDs (including Buffy, which I am rewatching on Amazon). The four I kept? Galaxy Quest, the best star trek movie made, Firefly and Serenity, for similar reasons, and Ghost in the Shell because I want to watch it again before it goes. They’ll all join their kin before too long.

    Goodwill got all my desk fountains and their power supplies (but not the rechargeable batteries) and a lighted sound bar, and those five tall Rubbermaid containers.

    They didn’t get the twenty National Geographic magazines, even though my subscription just expired. I’m saving those for the doctor’s or dentist’s office, whichever I see next. They’ll be an improvement for either.

    I missed the bottom shelf, and there are books and movies there, and audio books and CDs. Clancy’s Hunt for Red October and Debt of Honor, some Pratchett, my Queen albums, Simon and Garfunkle, three “Velveteen vs” audiobooks, plus Baen Books used to put an author’s entire backlist on a promotional CD and include it inside the jacket of their latest hardback. I have a dozen of those. The first was the “Honorverse CD” (Google it) . The thing was, there’s a disclaimer on the label that says “Free to copy and share, but not to sell.” I can’t part with those, yet. (But I’ll share.)

    Strangely, parts of the shelves and my desk seem more cluttered than ever. I foresee more simplification and Goodwill trips.

      1. I was meaning to speak up about keeping Firefly and Serenity last time, but I didn’t remember he had Galaxy Quest. To me, these are all more essential than Buffy.

  14. Happy Blog-a-versary! I love it here. 🙂

    Working … eh … day job. Plus a little yard work over the weekend. Plus some writer business. Sorta kinda planning to expand the novels to Smashwords for 2022, which means taking them out of KDP Select + a lot more writer business. Good thing I already have new titles queued up through the end of 2021 because I generally don’t write well when I have a ton of writer business to do.

  15. Happy blog Anniversary! 🙂

    This week I…
    Worked on my Christmas book,
    Food shopped (we had nothing in the house to eat for longer than I should admit)
    Cleaned the kitchen (which hadn’t been cleaned in longer than I should admit)
    Did laundry (which–you guessed it–hadn’t been done in longer than I should admit.)

  16. Thanks for the link to the first post, even if it did briefly raise some false hopes in my breast. If stagnation was the mother of invention in my case, I’d have more patents than Edison.

  17. Turns out you can’t crochet or knit during a heatwave. Did I mention we are having a heatwave. IT IS TOO HOT! I went out to weed the garden at 8:00 am yesterday. An hour and a half later I stood up and almost passed out. Even though I had put sunscreen on, my shoulders were starting to go red. IT IS TOO HOT!

    I did make a good start to my baby blanket last week whilst listening to Maybe This Time. Angela Dawe does a really good job. It’s the relationship between Andie and Alice that just tugs at my heart strings every time. It has become one of my go-to audio books when I’m feeling stressed or going through a bad time.

    Happy blog anniversary. CHARLOTTE’S BOOK???

  18. Wow! We’ve had sixteen years of free entertainment. Congratulations! And thank you.

  19. Happy Anniversary!! I was telling Paul the other night that it seems like no matter what is happening in the world, it impacts an Argh person. It is wonderful to have a community of such supportive people lead by someone who, apparently, owns all of the internet’s troll repellent. Or has a webmistress who does.

    I’m working on being patient with my FIL. He is hard of hearing, has issues with his hearing aids, but if he doesn’t hear you and you repeat yourself, he gets mad. He refuses to have an opinion on what he wants to eat or do. Paul asked him if he wanted oatmeal for breakfast, something he has at home, since he originally said he would have what we were having. I was having a protein shake and Paul had eggs about 2 hours earlier. Paul offered him a choice of 3 flavours and he said they all sounded good and anything was good with him, Paul had to choose for him. I said, politely I hope, that I knew he was trying to be a good guest and not be a bother but it was actually making things more difficult when he didn’t say if he wanted something or not.

    My SIL has said that his memory is going but I think it’s more than that, I think everything is going. Yesterday he got a ride to the airport with SIL’s neighbour who has the same first name as one of his nieces. When SIL asked him how his ride to the airport was with neighbour Susan he was totally confused. You could see on his face he had no idea what she was talking about. He told her he thought she meant her cousin Susan. Even if he couldn’t remember the neighbour’s name, totally understandable, there was only one person who drove him to the airport yesterday.

    The vet thinks he might have a solution for Charlie Dog’s failing eyesight that would be simple and easy so he has to go back for blood work sometime soon to get an actual diagnosis.

    We found out last night that a former co-worker of ours (Paul and I used to work for the same company which is how we met) lost his battle with COVID pneumonia. He was a really good guy and I am just heartbroken for his family.

    Other than that, it’s the day job and housework and yard work, hampered by all the smoke. I’ve only got 15 minutes left on the first episode of Leverage Redemption. Elliot has just told wannabe scary lady what he’s going to do to her goons. Christian Kane and his stunt double must have so much fun.

  20. 16 years?! Wow. And congratulations! And a huge thank you!

    I was (a very quiet) part of the JenniferCruiseFans Yahoo Group and I can’t quite remember the dates of the cross-over from that to here, but I guess that means I’ve been following you for… a while, LOL!

    My work this week has involved trying to deal with the (extraordinary for us) heatwave we’re having, including (but not limited to) entertaining/wrangling a sleep-deprived (due to the heat) 3-and-a-half year old. Today our “adventures” included visiting the local library and then having a gingerbread dinosaur in the Tesco Cafe before we did some grocery shopping. He loved every second, so I’m declaring today a win! 🙂

    Quilting-wise I’m hand-piecing a 6″ Winding Ways block (just one, it’s for a sampler quilt of many different blocks) since I’ve given up trying to do the curves by machine.

  21. Happy blog anniversary! I hadn’t even discovered jenny’s books yet when this blog was started…but I’m glad I did, and glad I found my way here. Like many others have said before me: This is a very safe and comforting space to be. So much love, warmth and compassion. I know no other group of people that makes me feel so good as you guys do. This all thanks to Jenny. Here’s to at least 16 more years! <3

    I'd like to thank everyone for the comforting and sweet messages you sent in reply to my post about the passing of my friend Tischa. I'm so grateful to be part of such a supportive community.
    Mostly I am still working on understanding that no matter how often I check my phone, she will not have written anything. She will not come back. It's not yet really real. I hope everything will fall into place eventually, even if I won't have a funeral to "close the book with" (travel restrictions, she lived in Sweden). I will get there eventually I am sure, but for now it's all just strange. Feeling a bit dazed and detached from everything right now.

    We've sent all our paperwork to the bank and hope that we'll get the green (or red, but let's not go there…) light at the end of this week, or beginning of next. I'm keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow or Friday. In the meantime I'm looking at fridges and freezers and moving companies and other things that need to be arranged and solved. It goes in fits and starts, but at least I'm not just sitting here doing nothing. Tomorrow I'll try to do something creative again. I'll just take things one step at a time.

    1. Give yourself lots of time, Shass. I haven’t lost a close friend (thank goodness), but I’d say with each of my parents – who reached a good age, so it wasn’t unexpected – it took at least a year to adjust to the new normal. But I think when it’s someone you love who’s the same age as you, it really shakes your foundations. And in my experience the whole grieving process comes and goes, and rears up and hits you unexpectedly.

      1. I lost a friend, whom I’d known since third grade, some years back. We had all these plans about what we’d do when we retired, and she didn’t make it. She’s had a couple of awards named after her (and I just checked her name again on Google to learn that she was a founding member of the Critical Race Theory Workshop, which would just have slid past me before this summer), but I just tend to remember her as the third grader in the pink dress. I still think of her often, though when her husband remarried, it was to my neighbor, so there’s still a connection.

    2. Yeah, what Jane said. It’s hard. And I’m sorry.

      I lost a college friend last summer (NOT covid but terrible circumstances nonetheless), and I wasn’t in daily or weekly contact with him, but still, little things ambush me from time to time, reminding me he’s gone and it’s not just that we’re between visits.

  22. My major map project is coming to competition about 1.5 years behind schedule. My boss was beginning to wonder if it was going to get finished before I retire.

    I made a great pot pie. It looks fancy but all but one part comes out of a can or bag.

    I have decided to spread dog’s ashes in his favorite piece of woods.

  23. Happy blogiversary!

    This week has been all about the day job, though I have cooked some truly delicious meals, which is always a win because first you get to cook them, and then you get to eat them. Double the satisfaction!

  24. Happy Blog-a-versary!

    I think I’ve finally gotten past my ‘meh’ mood.

    I got the transcript of those meeting minutes done; I still need to check my accuracy against the audio but I can wait for the weekend for that. And I’m keeping up with the housework and yardwork (air quality not great but…).

    I have a gravel driveway and the weeds are taking over so I’ve been removing them a bit at a time. I’ve left in the tomato (it has flowers) and five budelias (also blooming).
    A friend will take the budelias soon. Amazing how stuff grows.

    I get my loaner dog, Rafa, on Friday for five days and, maybe my foster-to-adopt on Wednesday. I havent heard anything definate about the pick-up date yet.

    And my progressive political group meets in person tonight, at last!

  25. Hey, Jenny! Loretta Chase gave you a shout out on her blog as well as a plug for a deal onWTT. On the subject of favorite authors, she said, “I think Jennifer Crusie is fabulous and one of my special, special favorites………….”Welcome to Temptation” is a deal right now, but I think it is a deal at any price.”

    1. Oh, thank you!
      Mollie works for Loretta, and I told her to tell Loretta how much I’ve been rereading her –I must have read each of the Carsingtons a dozen times this year–and how grateful I am for her books. I haven’t seen her for years, but she’s a wonderful person and a terrific writer.

  26. Wow, 16 years. That’s impressive! I can’t remember if I was around then but if not, it wasn’t much later that I joined.

    I’ve been straggling through the day job, not feeling the love. But it’s going okay in spite of my lack of enthusiasm.

    We FINALLY started talking to a builder about our earthquake repairs and renovations. They’re about 8 years overdue but both partner and I finally feel like we can cope. It’s going to add up to half rebuilding the house so it’ll be a massive project. But for the first time in years I’m thinking about it with more excitement than dread.

  27. I had an interview at work yesterday for that supervisor position I didn’t get a few months ago. Turns out a lot of people complained formally about the process not being correctly followed so they took it back from the woman who got it and went back in time to do it “fairly”. I did okay but not great, so wouldn’t expect to get it except that the woman who had it decided not to interview for it after everything that happened. I’m one of the next two most qualified candidates, and am deeply ambivalent as to whether I want the job after all this mess, but will be perversely upset if goes to someone less qualified in the end. So hopefully they give it to Remy. We’ll see.

    Then, because Murphy is a bastard, I had to go straight into a performance review with my new manager. And if that hadn’t been enough for the day, I woke up in the small hours with nerve pain like that time I needed a root canal. So today I get to go to an emergency dental appointment. The past two days have certainly felt like hard work!

      1. Thanks Jane! They weren’t entirely convinced so I have to wait for it to get worse before anything happens. So that will be fun.

  28. Wow. Sixteen years! Happy blog birthday:)

    Funny how time goes by so fast and yet when we look back, lots has happened. Thinking I was barely moved on from dial-up then, lol. Thinking, too, this community has meant so much to so many, so big thanks for captaining this “virtual friends” ship.

  29. Working from home, still getting used to that. My birthday David Austen roses are both blooming, gratifying since I planted them bare root in late May. Pink and more pink.
    Made pesto from carrot tops, basil, and sunflower seeds, along with the usual suspects. Pretty good.
    Made repair appointments, doctor’s appointments, and talked to my insurance company about some body work on my car. Busted rear bumper. Sigh. Going to talk to someone about a cataract procedure tomorrow. So when I list it, I see I’ve managed to get around to some of the stupid stuff. I’ll pat myself on the back a bit!

  30. We are moving my son to D.C. He finished grad school and has been living at home for the last couple of years. He is picking up the Uhaul tomorrow and started packing tonight. It is going to be a long weekend.

  31. Happy blogaversary! I was around as a Jennie Crusie fan, too — Visney Cherry — back in the day, and I’ve enjoyed every post. This is one of my favorite communities.

    Working . . . not so much the last few days, but tomorrow I start a Zoom class in Egyptian grammar. It’s something I have worked at, on and off, for some years, but before I retired I couldn’t devote enough time to really learn another language, and somehow after retirement . . . things are still busy enough with interruptions. So we’ll see. It IS a matter of learning a new language, and a new writing system — I am NOT artistic!

  32. Yeah for 16 years. Once I found you, that was it for me. Love your books and this community of wonderful people. So, all the usual stuff in the heat and baking donut cakes and sugar cookies a la vegan with granddaughters, which was a bit difficult as I didn’t have enough vegan butter or substitute for meringue. Who knew there is a substitute for meringue🤷🏻‍♀️

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