Happiness is an Internet Miracle

I had a very bad Tuesday. And Wednesday. Thursday wasn’t great, either. There was a major storm (and one of my trees toppled into my neighbor’s driveway), my internet went out (but thank god my power didn’t), when I was in the storeroom trying to restart my modem and router, I heard dripping water in the kitchen and went to try to find the leak which was in none of the obvious places (thank god, I still had power), and then just as I was getting ready to crawl under the sink and find the damn leak so I could go fix the internet, the power went out. I gave up and went to bed, where Emily leaped up and meaning to sink her claws into the comforter to pull herself in, got my foot instead.

Twenty-six hours later, the power came back on (most of northern NJ had gone dark, so it took awhile, thank you very much line workers), my foot had stopped bleeding, and my neighbor said no problem he’d take care of the tree, but the internet was still out. Fixable, said my provider, just go to this website and follow the instructions. (There may have been swearing and shrieking at this point.). I spend all of Thursday driving to free WiFi (that would be MacDonald’s) and struggling with the website until I finally gave up at 9PM and just went to bed. At 2AM Friday I woke up, and I had internet.

It was a freaking miracle. (It’s 2:30 AM Friday as I type this, even though it’s going to post on Sunday. This is what I’m happiest about this week, that’s why.). OMG, I have internet again. Did you know you can’t get most of your Kindle books without internet? Yes, of course, that makes sense, but I never thought about it before. And those random questions that pop up during the day that you can just google for? Not to mention banking and posting blog content and comments and e-mail. It was a damn wasteland here.

But now I have internet. And I’m so happy.

What made you happy this week?