Working Wednesday, June 7, 2021

I’ve been reading a lot of BookBub romances, trying to figure out how romance has changed in the last ten years. If you think that’s not work, you haven’t read a lot of romance lately. (Oh, wait, look who I’m talking to. Of course you’ve read a lot of romance lately.). I’ve found some really good authors, but I’ve also found some (that shall not be named) who use words they don’t know the meaning of (like smart. Or depict) which is just sloppy as all hell. It’s like a carpenter who keeps trying to hammer in screws. Learn the tools of your trade. And then there are all the green eyes. Blue eyes must be so twentieth century. What is it with eye color anyway? I’ve known Krissie for thirty years and I’m not sure what color her eyes are. Blue? I think my daughter’s are hazel. The only person whose eye color I ever noticed was Paul Newman, but I think his glowed in the dark. Where was I? Right, I’ve been researching twenty-first century romance novels.

What did you do this week?