Happiness is Not Living in an Oven

Temps are going up again next week–but only briefly into the 90s, so there’s that–but for right now, it’s wonderful. Rainy but wonderful. The dogs have stopped panting, I’ve turned the fan off, and life is good.

Also, Americans, please stop setting off those damn firecrackers. Did the Founding Fathers have firecrackers on July 4? No, no they did not. The damn things are bad for animals, humans, insects, and life in general. If you must light something, try a sparkler, but for god’s sake don’t drop it. (In case you can’t tell, the American Fourth is not my favorite holiday. I like Halloween. And the Day of the Dead. The day after Valentine’s Day often makes me happy, too: candy sales. Otherwise, no.)

Bah humbug.

What made you happy this week?