Working Wednesday, June 2, 2021

It’s June and spring has pretty much put me back on my feet (also vaccination, thank you, Science) and now I’m working my ass off getting ready for my first visitor in almost two years: Krissie. Fortunately Krissie has a large tolerance for animals and clutter, but even so, I must get this place in order. At some point, I have to go to Rockaway to get this damn keyboard fixed, too, but first things first: Krissie’s coming next week so I must work. Oh, and last week I put together two tables and a bench and took apart another table and did some other stuff. I worked.

How did you work this week?

37 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, June 2, 2021

  1. Made a second stitched together journal with many flaws, but I also learned a bunch about how not to do this. : )

  2. So we watched a series of short films by Beau Miles. In this one he runs a marathon over 24 hours (a mile per hour) and in between his miles he ticks stuff off a to-do list.

    I was inspired to write a to-do list. Aaand that’s as far as I got.

  3. I am participating in the #hauntedgardenartchallenge by @grace.moth on Instagram. It’s not quite my usual style, but is leading me to more playfulness and whimsy, which feels good. Also, it has gote working again, and using some of my hoarded treasures. I have so many beads… A goal this year is to not buy any new supplies and use what I have down to a reasonable level…

    1. Good luck with that! I tried to do that with fabric last summer – but it didn’t last long.

      1. I’ve been working only from my stash for…several years now. I will eventually need to buy more thread.

      2. I have so much that it is giving me anxiety and I can’t find anything.

        Of course last year I bought everything I wanted and made nothing because the world was scary and I couldn’t focus… If I get down to a manageable level, I will be happy.
        And start buying again…

  4. I’m still setting up my new Mac. Discovered yesterday (not entirely unexpectedly) that my 23-year-old graphics tablet & 10-year-old printer won’t work with it. Will shelve the graphics tablet for now: I’ll only need it if I start using Photoshop again, and may go for a stylus to write on my iPad instead, since it’d be useful to be able to mark up PDFs. But will need to research a new printer; which apparently will have to work wirelessly, which I don’t have good experiences of.

    I’m also still planting the garden and allotment. And enjoying summer, which has suddenly arrived. I’m sitting in the garden reading a book on the Creative Cloud version of Lightroom – which I managed to download to my Kindle, making it much more readable.

    I lost my prescription sunglasses yesterday, between the supermarket and home. Retraced my steps, peering everywhere, but fear someone grabbed them. And of course, they’ll be no use to them. First time I’ve ever had prescription sunglasses, and now I’m spoiled: they’re so much better than clip-ons. Got to try the supermarket again, and then order some more. Don’t know whether I should go for reactolite ones this time.

    1. Ask around to see how quickly they clear. My brother had some that never fully lightened, which was a colossal pain, but the new ones might be better.

      I sympathize with your distress about misplacing your sunglasses. Once you try prescription sunglasses you are spoiled for life. When I lost mine, they didn’t turn up at the grocery store the first time I called, but did a week or 2 later. So you might want to check back a second time before you buy a replacement pair.

      1. I did the rounds this afternoon, asking at every shop along the way. I’ve researched sunglasses for driving, and suspect I’ll go for polarizers. Looks like reactolite ones that work inside a car will be expensive. Think it’s probably safer to swap glasses if the weather changes or a tunnel looms. Luckily, my post-cataract vision is good for driving even without glasses. But cutting glare is a bit essential.

        I’ve got a trip down to Oxford on ten days, and would like to have sunglasses for that – in case summer’s still with us.

        1. If you don’t need the glasses to drive, buying a pair of polarized glasses should be easy and affordable. For years I resisted buying polarized lenses because I couldn’t tell the difference inside the store. But once I tried an actual pair of polarized glasses I appreciated the difference.
          Have fun road testing them!

      2. On a lighter note last week I got out of the car and heard something fall, fearing it was my glasses, because I always put them on my head when I don’t need them and they weren’t there. So I looked around on the ground and peered under the car, still nothing. Opened up the car door and looked around the driver’s seat and floor and just by chance I touched my face and dammit there they were. On. my. face. Aunt Snack is right about being spoiled by prescription sunglasses.

  5. I spent a lot of time with Dad this past week. We successfully completed two 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles (or rather 999 as each had a piece missing). I relished the time spent.

    While I was in Texas, my sister threw a family reunion, so I got to see many of my cousins, and my two remaining aunts. There was fun, and food and talking and interacting. All good stuff.

    When I got back home, we emptied the suitcases into the washing machine. In between loads, I decided to tackle that star quilt, to put binding on it and finally call it finished. I cut the sides straight, but have maintained a larger zig zag for the top and bottom. I’ve sewn the binding on to one side, and I’m a little over halfway through tacking it down on the other side. I’m also undoing the initial quilting I had done, (before I took it to the longarmer), and making repairs, etc. It really needs a bath, so that will be on the agenda for the weekend if I get that binding done. I’ll post a picture next week of the finished product.

  6. I built a makeshift puppy pen for… a little girly pupper. She’s about 12 weeks old and I wanted her to stay with her family for a while so she’s not going to have attachment issues. Himself needs a friend for when I’m at work. And obviously, I want a smol girl.

      1. Oh definitely.

        I think I want a Buffy.

        A lot of Star Trek names sound like regular people names in my neck of the woods. I was lucky I ended up with Riker and it’s nobody’s name. I’m pretty sure I don’t want a Troi.

  7. I am in a customer service class right now, sigh. Goddamn, I hate having to do customer service. I’m so sick of not being able to find any work that doesn’t involve pissed off customers and Service Smile, but there isn’t any.

    In other news, I am working on the following in yarn:
    (a) more knitted Easter eggs
    (b) a giant sontag shawl for a play I’m in in the end of the month–so huge
    (c) a yarn bomb for next week
    I also have an idea to make a sweater based off the Icelandic band from Eurovision with my face on it ( I graphed out the face from that icon and can knit it into a sweater, I think….
    Also found a cute stuffed unicorn on Etsy.

    1. I only have to deal with customers on a limited basis, however, working with my employer requires the very same customer service skills, with the addition of counseling skills on an ad hoc basis. Fortunately, she has many sterling qualities, and the job has many nice aspects, but yes, some days……….. is that a smile, or a grimace?

  8. This past weekend I got the bushes trimmed. (We may have too many bushes.) I also finished quilting a quilt, but there were tension issues with the thread, which kept breaking. This week I plan on fixing the 30 odd spots that the thread is all bunched up underneath. I also got section 2 of my hand-piecing quilt put together. The plan is to get the whole top done by the end of June.

    Oh! I also bought and have started re-watching Leverage along with the directors commentary in anticipation of the reboot. I’m super looking forward to it!

  9. I worked. I know I worked. None of that work was important enough to make a memory.

    I read. Then, because I’m addicted to Argh Ink, I posted about everything I’ve read, leaving nothing for Thursday. I still have two stories open. One is The Assassins of Thassalon, because Knife Children didn’t satisfy my Bujold cravings. The other book is the Bradley Manga, which is over 60% complete. It’s an abridged version of the book, or maybe just heavily edited for format. Is that the same as abridged? Some entire scenes were cut, like the embezzling accountant who pulled a gun, interactions with the neighbor (her cat still got in the car window before it blew up). It’s still a good story, it’s just a little… mangalled.

  10. I had a very long video call with my brother in France when we tried to figure out when I should try to go for a visit. When I talk to him it all sounds so simple, but once I hang up, nasty complications rear their heads. However, he did give me another incentive for visiting in September. A former student of his and his wife will be visiting for a week and I’d love to see him again and see who he ended up with. I met this guy 49 years ago when we were both visiting my brother in Montana and have heard periodic updates about him over the years. I had a huge crush on him when I was 15, which I have long since outgrown, but, like me he has had a rather checkered professional career and I am curious to hear what he has been doing over the last 10 or 20 years. Now I just have to find the travel agent I used to buy the original ticket and the credit for that ticket before it expires.

  11. This has been a hell week or 2 or whatever, I’ve lost track. Some time last week, and I say that not because I don’t care but because I really don’t have the brain power to remember when it was, my MIL got really sick – she wasn’t able to swallow anything, not even water – and after about 24 hours of this my FIL finally over rode her protests that everything was okay and took her to the hospital. She was admitted from Emerg and had a bed on the ward. My FIL went home and at 1:30 that morning got a call saying they were discharging her and to come get her. While he was on the phone, the door bell rang and it was her; the hospital had sent her home in a taxi. The next morning (or about 8 hours later) she was so weak and confused that he called an ambulance to pick her up and she has been in hospital ever since. She has an enlarged heart and it is pushing on her esophagus and closing it, an infection, possibly a clot in her heart, and is on 6L oxygen. She is having a lot of confusion and her first full night in the hospital they had to restrain her as she kept taking her oxygen mask off. She doesn’t remember that and was all mad that the nurses were lying about her so she’s a grumpy patient. She’s very confused over night, even if she is better during the day and she doesn’t really have that kind of confusion under normal circumstances, so my SIL has been spending the night in her hospital room with her.

    She is a bit better now but she can only have 2 visitors, my SIL, Nikki, and FIL, so we are at home and waiting to see what happens. SIL is off work so she can be there because FIL is a mess and at the best of times he’s hard of hearing and won’t ask the doctor to repeat or explain things he doesn’t understand. SIL has no such qualms as she has been a echocardiogram tech for about 25 years and speaks doctor.

    I’ve been doing census follow up visits, yesterday was my last day for that, and today I am properly filling out the census forms (in pen and with my best printing) and getting that all dropped off.

    I’m also doing some gardening, laundry, house cleaning, and possibly going to the recycling centre (aka, a bunch of bins behind the town office where there is never a lineup, some parts of small town life are wonderful) if I can haul myself and the crap to the car. It’s going to be yard work for a few days, with the help of a couple of teenage boys, and then next Monday I start my virtual physician’s assistant course.

    We’ve also been doing things like planting the garden and planters and stuff like that but, really, it’s all been just a blur.

    1. That sounds like an awful week/time. Sending you lots of strenght and cyber-hugs. Hope your MIL will recover soon.

    2. That sounds like a rough indeterminate period of time! It’s so good when you have someone who speaks doctor.

    3. I’m so sorry. If they get the infection under control, the nighttime dementia may go with it. When my Dad got a UTI while in his 90’s, he became paranoid and would not go to the Emergency Room, only the heart failure clinic(which he was visiting regularly at the time). Once the antibiotics kicked in, he was back to his normal personality, but until then he was convinced that I was trying to kill him. As we wheeled my Dad over to the Emergency department, the doctor explained that this was a common reaction for men in that age range . Perhaps infection does a number on women as well.
      In the mean time, I am sending love and hugs to the whole family.

    4. Lord, what a week! I hope things improve immediately if not sooner!

      Thank you for your service on the census! I won’t be around when the information you enumerated is released (72 years from now, unless the law changes), but future genealogists will love to find their family members. It’s what made me maddest about the former guy’s henchmen abusing the process for short-term political gain.

  12. I went to the garden center today and bought potted flowering plants for the rock garden because, you know, rocks. This way I can also maneuver them around the garden for a different view.

  13. Today I finished the job of divesting 170 books. The cull originally amounted to 163 but as I was bagging them for the book collector this morning, I had 14.5 bags’ worth. So, being in the frame of mind to Do This, I pulled out seven more books to make it 15 full bags.

    The next stage of library re-organization will be to take the last printed version of my library index and manually check what I have on the shelves. I know there are some things on the list that are not on my shelves (they are the husband’s books, or otherwise Not Mine to Manage). Once that’s done I’m certain I will be under 500 for Total Physical Books, which is a number I last saw around … 1988? And then I can discard the printed list.

    Donating to The Last Bookstore via their ReBookIt program. Most of these are collectible so I hope they’ll put them on the shelves and make some money. Meanwhile I feel like I’ve lost a lot of weight, and now I have a completely-empty shelf behind doors which can act as my wine storage. And only one bottle of wine, which means I get to order some more.

    In other work, I logged into Day Job this morning after a 4-day weekend and had only 131 new emails. That’s a lot less than I expected! Down to 42 now and nothing has burst into flames.

  14. Worked on planting all the things! Garden is now in. A few late arrivals will get planted when they get here, but basically spring’s work of deconstruction and reconstruction and digging holes is done and now we are ready for summer.

  15. I posted another crafting project to Instagram last Friday, but really, I’m having so much doubts about the entire business of posting pics of what I make online so I… don’t know.

    I’ve also been working on taking “active breaks” as ordered by my psychologist. This means I have to take 2 x 15 minute breaks every day (thus far I’ve only managed tops 1) where I can sit down and ALLOW myself to sit down and read for a bit, listen to music or to the birds outside or whatever, and tell my brain to shut up and for things to wait. It’s to learn not to feel guilty about taking a break, and trying to step on the brake to stop this speeding train that is me apparently heading towards burnout. It’s been…a challenge, but I’m working on it.

    I’ve also been googling for sewing patterns for plushies. My family bought me a sewing machine for my birthday so I can maybe start sewing plushies (which I’ve wanted for aaages). I haven’t even learned to use it yet but… maybe…someday. I did sew on machine at school, so I know I can do it, I just need help to figure out how this one works.

    All the PJs-talk from Sunday’s happiness post has made me long for less wintery PJs. I just don’t know what to buy. I’m so used to wearing Sven’s PJs (He’s not quite twice my size anymore but more than 1.5), so I don’t know what to buy. But it’s sooo dang hot here now that I wish I had something easy to put on…

    Yesterday, Sven and I went to check out another house. It’s lovely. The kitchen is not super big, but there is about 3x as much storage space as in the mini-kitchen we have now, and it has this… I don’t know what it’s called in English, but a sort of cover of the heater and extended windowsill in one, so you can put cushions on there and sit at the kitchen table and eat. There’s a balcony big enough for 3-4 chairs maybe, AND a larger terrace on the top floor with a long L-shape bench big enough for probably 5 people. I can already imagine myself stretching out on that bench with a book and aah… It has 3 bedrooms and a spaceous livingroom big enough for a couch and a longer dinner table for the times we’re having friends or family over. It has a lot of stairs (you need to climb two just to reach the flor where 1 bedroom, livingroom and kitchen are) but we kinda fell in love with the place and we’ve placed a bid*. We’re trying not to get our hopes too high, but this is the first place we’ve seen that didn’t have a “but…” in our reasoning.

    *Bidding in The Netherlands is…different now than before, so we really have no idea how this will go. You can not negotiate with the seller anymore, you just kinda throw a bid out there and hope you’ll get it, because no one will tell you if someone else has placed a higher bid either… and the housing market is nuts already, and this doesn’t make it better. Anyhow, bidding deadline is tomorrow 12pm CEST, sooo we have at least 12 h 35 minutes until we know if our bid has been accepted or not… Please, please keep fingers crossed!

    1. It sounds as if you might have a Dining Nook, which were very common in Craftsman kitchens built between 1890 and 1940.

      1. Or possibly window seat. What it really sounds like is a window seat built over a radiator cover which I don’t think we have a special name for.
        I really hope you get it. There is something so lovely about having a home you enjoy.

  16. I’ve gotten every new plant planted in my garden. Just have to do up some planters, toss in some seeds and then it’s all about the weeding. It’s year two of a brand new garden, and i’m pleased so far. it’s a very pretty, cottagy garden. The only problems with living the Martha Stewart- looking life is that it’s an incredible amount of work, not enough moola and lack of minions. But what the heck. Garden til I drop. I’m also juggling two end of year live luncheons for two organizations and some public community service activities. Now that the world is churning again, I’m suddenly kind of busy. But i’m finding that I don’t want to be that busy anymore.

  17. My kids recently moved out (but not all their stuff yet), so I’m making plans to turn one bedroom into an office (so I can get my desk & file cabinets out of my bedroom) and the other into a guest room/workout space. I have some excess furniture to get rid of, and the kids still need to pack up and move their remaining belongings (especially my daughter–she has so much stuff!), but my goal is to have workable spaces by the end of summer. I want to apply some paint and hang some wall art too. The prospect of having more usable-for-me spaces makes being an empty-nester easier to deal with.

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