Heat is an Excuse . . .

I realize that some of you are dealing with 110 degree heat, so my paltry 91 degrees will get no sympathy, but it’s basically too hot to type, so the Loki posts will start Friday because after 94 on Wednesday, we’ll get storms that will knock things back into the seventies, thank God. In the meantime, it’s not enough that Emily has stopped trying to snuggle up to me to sleep–it’s adorable but what I need right now is not a furry radiator–and has chosen the top of a cabinet which is much cooler. Go, Emily. What I need is a refrigerator cat.

And it’s only June. Sigh.

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    1. Krissie just e-mailed me and said, “How did you find a clean space?” It’s all in the cropping.

      1. Well, that’s true of all of us in the end, isn’t it? But you do beautiful cropping too. And Emily DOES look very Maine coon. Or maybe Norwegian Forest cat if she’s a little smaller.

      2. Well, that’s reassuring–I was about to accuse you of fibbing when you talk about how messy your place is. (I need company in my messiness.) That is a lovely, organized space.

  1. Emily is wise. We had a heatwave here in May, June has been dire, July isn’t looking good either. We’re seriously discussing a pool and more ways to mitigate heat with plants. Too hot to type for sure.

    1. It’s actually a deep rose. At one point I decided I wanted a pink bedroom. Recently I looked around and realized I was sleeping in a wad of bubble gum, so we’re transitioning to more green.

  2. My son wrapped a bag of frozen corn in a dish towel and his new kitty has been laying under it all day. He said he re-corned her three times yesterday.

  3. I can commiserate! I’ve got two 15lb fellas radiating 105 F who have to pin down my legs every night. It’s very hard to stay cool with that happening. It’s much more enjoyable in the wintertime.

  4. Heat is my excuse, too. As I type, I find that thermometers are like clocks – if you own more than one, you cannot get a consensus. The clock/thermometer in front of me says 5:05 and 90 Fahrenheit degrees. The one on the wall says 5:04 and 89 degrees. Other clocks say 5:08, 5:07, and 0:00, while the thermometer in the fridge says 45.3. The computer says 17:08 while the Weather Channel says 88 and dropping to the low 70s, eventually.

    Meanwhile, the dotter went to the ER to be diagnosed with kidney stones. Sunday dinners and shopping are off until further notice. I fed the grandkinder last night from Rotten Ronnies.

    Too hot to eat. Too hot to cook, much.

    1. Although it’s no fun, I understand that the current treatment for large kidney stones is to bust them into powder with “extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy” otherwise sound waves. “Extracorporeal” sounds straight out of John W. Campbell . . . .

      I hope the stones are as small as possible and the treatment as easy as can be.

      1. Hi, ANN! The dotter’s doctor also mentioned “extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.” I don’t know whether the name invokes Campbell or Moorcock. I remember from a description scores of years ago that it involves being positioned very carefully with a stone at one focus of an elliptical pool while they set off a half-stick of dynamite at the other focus. (Maybe just an M-80.)

        I’m hoping for what you’re hoping for. Her brother has passed a couple of stones in years gone by, so you can imagine the stories he’s been sharing. I don’t want to.

    2. Hi Gary, about ten years ago I had that treatment for kidney stones, I went to the hospital a couple of times and the stones were broken up. Tell your dotter it is not a painful treatment. Nowadays it is probably even easier. Tell your dotter Good Luck,

  5. 107 here in north Seattle; it’s the apocalypse. Too hot to cook. Fortunately, it is comfortable in my living room with the fan and atomic A/C, so I can still read! But 107 in Seattle?!?

    Jenny, that corner of your house is wonderful, cozy and quirky! And Loki discussions to come, yay!

  6. Yesterday I woke up to 63 degrees and mist before we drove down from the idyllic island in Maine to the hills of Massachusetts where it was 91 degrees and oppressive.

    I’m carrying the vacation peace with me despite the high temperature onslaught. Maine felt foreign — for one thing few people wore masks. Now that I’m home I am enjoying the propriety of wearing my mask among the other masked folks. Mainers are friendly — over the years of dropping by for a week during most summers, we’ve been welcomed and made comfortable. Finally, submitting to the rule of tides for even a few days leaves me quieted.

  7. The correct expression is “It’s not just the heat, it’s also the humidity.” I checked out AccuWeather because the Weather Channel is trying to inflict 15 minute intervals in my “hourly weather” and get me to pay for it. AccuWeather pushes “RealFeels(R)” which everyone else just calls windchill when it’s cold or heat index when it’s hot. They’re telling me that now, just after midnight, the (dry bulb) temperature is 78° F but the (wet bulb/feels like) temp is 85° F. I don’t need my weather dumbed down. I was an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician for over half of my Naval career.

    I’m going to get a contractor to replace my dead AC.

  8. Emily is so cute! She looks like she’s thinking about something interesting . It helps to become crepuscular during heat waves.

  9. I have no sympathy!!!

    It’s zero degrees here and we’ve had hail on and off all day. I haven’t run since last week and I was meant to do 16km. (The cold is also no excuse). Roll on September.

    “In winter say the snow-bound, “She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hills.”
    And in the summer heat the reapers say,
    “We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves, and we saw a drift of snow in her hair.”
    All these things have you said of beauty,”. -Kahlil Gibran

    1. Well, yeah, spring and fall, those are perfect seasons. It’s summer and winter that will kill you.
      (Actually I like all four seasons . . . until we go over 90F or under 30F. I like balmy.)

      1. Me too.
        There’s something about seasons and appreciation for the world. Or maybe I’m just easily bored.

  10. I keep having to convert the temperatures to get a sense of what you’re all experiencing. The heatwave temperatures in Seattle and Portland are pretty much what I lived with every summer as a child in the outback. The difference being there’s zero percent humidity out there so you don’t feel like you’re suffocating, and all of our buildings are designed for that climate. I’m very sorry you’re doing it in communities designed for rain and cool summers. Meanwhile I’ve moved 1150km south to one of the coldest parts of the continent, and I do not regret that choice.

  11. Is that your kitchen or your bedroom, Jenny? (It doesn’t look like a kitchen, but it does have a fridge, so I’m confused. Mind you, that’s not difficult to do.)

    Emily looks pretty happy.

    It was 90 here in upstate NY, in town where I work. 7 miles out of town in my own little microclimate, it was 101. As Simon Cowell would say, “That’s a no for me.” I thank the AC gods every day.

  12. Emily is a sweetie, and smart to find that perfectly sized cool spot. May we all be so lucky.

  13. My mother used to tell me “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I heard that a lot so I guess I was a whiner then too.

    Thank the powers that be for the AC in my bedroom.

    1. Sounds as if it could also mean ‘Be quiet if you’re going to be honest rather than doing what a girl’s supposed to and keeping everyone happy.’

  14. So I translated into F and we are currently 73/feels like 82 outside (but I have no idea where the official town temperature gauge is, I think at the airport which is 5 km down the hill) and my north-facing house thermometer says it’s 86 and rising. It’s 80 degrees inside my house. Even in the dead of winter, we keep the thermostat set at 68! We have no AC; we usually do not need AC because we are at alpine elevations in north central Alberta. Bear in mind it is 10 AM and my dogs are puddles of canine goo and I think my cats are broken. It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow and we’ll probably hit close to 100. Fortunately, we can all hide out in the basement and be cool, except Paul who is trying to sleep in this. He has the fan and ceiling fan on full blast and heat-blocking blackout shade and curtains. I’m sure he’s fine…

    I just got an email from the company that I am taking the training course through and work for. It notifies us that the company (US based) is closed for July 5 for Independence Day and that in no uncertain terms are we allowed to clock in that day. Clocking in on that day could result in “corrective action.” Not, “If you want to work on July 5, feel free but you won’t get any overtime/holiday pay so forget that idea, so enjoy your day off.” Not “Go ahead you wacky Canadians who have already had your July holiday, work at regular pay to your hearts’ content, just don’t expect anyone to answer your emails!” For the record, we get paid in Canadian dollars and through the Canadian branch of the company so it’s not even like its a pain-in-the-ass payroll thing. “Corrective action.”

    I’ve never worked for a company that forbade me from working on a stat. I’ve worked plenty of places that were closed on stats like the library and more retail jobs than I can count where I had no choice but to work stats. This is a new experience for me. It’s a medical service company, you would think getting used to working on a stat would be something that they encouraged (and I can see not paying holiday/stat pay while we are in training, that makes sense), especially given that on hiring we are asked which US holidays we are available to work and are told we HAVE to work one of July 4, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

    1. O+W+C, so will you be paid for July 1st Canada Day or is that a day off without pay? Independence Day is July 4th but where it happens on the weekend Monday is the designated day. Damn! You could have had two paid holidays. What is meant by stat? Don’tcha just love the people who make up these rules?

      1. July 1 is just a regular work/training day, they only recognize American stats (statutory holidays). We were asked if there were any Canadian holidays we couldn’t work when we signed on, but that only applies if we pass the course and are place with a doctor. Trainees don’t get paid for any days off, even holidays, which is okay because you have to be an employee for a certain amount of time be eligible anyway.

    2. It’s too convoluted for me to understand (especially that bit about you “HAVE to work one of” three US holidays but if you chose July 4 on hire NOW you’re told you can’t???) but I had a couple of thoughts:

      It’s a medical service company? Maybe they’re “concerned” about work-life balance–LOL??? Nothing like adding confusion and stress to enhance your lifestyle.

      Also I wonder if they’re planning some kind of major computer system overhaul on July 5 and really require that NOBODY be on the system. In which case why not say so?

      It really is too bad they didn’t explain their hardline a little bit better.

  15. My cousin, who lives in Vancouver, just posted that her built-in bookcases had melted in the heat and all the books had tumbled to the floor. When the heat attacks your books, things are bad.

  16. It’s been on the warm side here in south Los Angeles, but we have some advantages. We’re only 2 miles from the ocean, and our tiny house sits between two apartment buildings which funnel all available breeze to and through said house (I generally have front and back doors open once outdoor temps are over 65).

    We installed ceiling fans in every room, too. The hottest room is the den. Our TV heats it up amazingly. This is yet another reason I haven’t seen the TV shows almost everyone else has seen. 🙂 On a hot evening, you will find me lying on the rug in the wind tunnel, reading.

    My productivity is being hampered by tech issues at work. They are trying to convert me from a browser-based remote login to laptop-based, and the laptop is a temperamental little twerp.

  17. Hot, hot, hot. But, just in the 90’s. My rain barrel is almost empty so I’m hoping for a thunderstorm, or even a brief shower. It’s been too dry the last week or so and people are going to be dumba**es and start with the fireworks.

    I lost my Cape Cod weeder. I can’t imagine where it’s gotten to. I’ver ordered a new one and it should be here tomorrow. I can’t do much outside with the heat.Or without my weeder.

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