Happiness is New PJs

I have a vast wardrobe of knit maxi-dresses which of course are easy to sleep in and which inspire me to do just that: wear one all day and then curl up to sleep in it. That is bad; my life needs some demarcations since it’s already amorphous (what day is it, anyway?). So I have made a new resolution: At midnight, no matter what I’m doing, I’ll take off the damn dress and put on pajamas. Which lead me to buy cheapo pajamas and nightgowns, which are delighting me because I was getting sick of wearing those damn dresses 24/7. Well, it’s pandemic life; I was getting sick of everything. (No, I didn’t set my stove on fire because I was sick of it, but it is giving me a chance to get rid of everything in the kitchen I was tired of, so BONUS.). Today, new pajamas are making me happy.

What made you happy this week?

63 thoughts on “Happiness is New PJs

  1. I’m not sure if it made me happy, but I’m rather satisfied that I completed my Yale course The Science of Well Being and proudly posted the certificate on LinkedIn. My two co-workers that were inspired to do it, too, were ahead of me by some days, so I felt rather slow.
    Thanks, Jenny, for mentioning/recommending it here!

    Also, the sun has come out.
    Spring (apart from two brilliant days around Mother’s Day) was a rather coolish and wet experience. Our water reserves do need the rain, so I won’t complain. But it’s Pentecoste holidays for the kids, yet again a holiday were we stay at home instead of going places (many other’s don’t have qualms, maybe they were lucky to got vaccinated – it’s a slooooow roll-out – or simply rely on protective measures?). So it’s such a relief if the sun pokes out of the clouds. It’s still coolish though and we will have to put on layers before we had head out for a short tour on our bikes.

  2. In a related story – new sheets! I am going to switch to the summer lightweight quilt and brand new peachy-pink sheets today (yes , I know the heat kicked on this morning, your point is?)

    Something potentially disastrous at work went ok, and I helped make it go that direction.

    Sadly, I dropped my fragile, blown glass spiderweb, which hung in the window by my door. It had already lost bits, but this time it shattered. Anybody know a good glassblower? I have looked online for a couple years and not seen anything like it. On a more cheerful note, this may be my excuse to go the the Renaissance Festival to see if I can find the guy who made it.

  3. Me too, Jenny.
    After years and years of sleeping in long t-shirts, or various combos of flannellette pjs pants with tank tops, I went online and bravely ordered new light cotton teal pyjamas and a melon coloured nightgown (aka sleepshirt). They arrived this week. They fit! Then winter came back for a few days, so I’m still in the anticipation mode. But yay! New sleeping gear!

    My sleepwear order included two pair of leggings, in two lengths, because I’m now glorying in the wonderful world of leggings. They’ve become my new day gear. They’re as comfy as sweatpants but make me feel svelt and even a little classy.

    I’m happy.

    1. My introduction to leggings/yoga pants was when I had a laparoscopic procedure. I was told to wear something comfortable home. They were great. I went back and bought two more pairs. Who knew!

  4. I decided a few days ago that since I can’t get the comfortable/pretty racerback shirts I want in decent-weight100% cotton (everything’s ghastly poly mixes that are tissue thin), I should get a sewing machine that does zigzags (mine for quilting only does straight) and make them myself. I mean, it’s four seams, three bindings and a hem. Easy peasy. And I can make longer ones as nightshirts. So I bought a heavy old one for $80 (including shipping) online, and a friend who likes to restore sewing machines is going to spiff it up for me.

    Of course, now I’m coveting all the prints at Spoonflower, but they’re a tad pricey so I think I’m going to do some practice ones on cheaper fabric first to make sure I’ve got the pattern right and like how they come out, and then splurge on a few in more expensive fabric.

    1. Never heard of Spoonflower before but omg — just went to the website and looked at some. Galaxy Deep Space Seamless! Botanic Garden! Both just $18.50 per yard!

      That is amazing. If only I could sew!

      My happiness this week is simply cicadas, although they are not happy with the cold spell we are in near DC here. Monday’s supposed to be better though, and meanwhile the stuffed and happy songbirds are just celebrating their good luck in being hatched in such a wonderful year.

      1. Spoonflower is fabulous. Expensive, too, but since it’s all printed to order, I don’t think they’re gouging people. Amazing artists on there.

  5. I’m happy I’ve managed to be here for 1.5 week. Here on Argh, I mean. I’ve missed you all a lot last…year?

    I’m happy I can read a little, even if it goes slowish and I have to take many breaks.

    I’m, well… not sure if happy is the right word, but relieved(?) that I have an appointment with my psychiatrist coming Thursday to discuss all the things weighing me down and messing things up. Not sure if he will have a solution (if I can avoid getting medication again, I will), but I’m so sick of not knowing and just speculating. I hope he at least has an idea of what’s going on and maybe an idea of how to solve it – therapy, more doctor checkups, I don’t know, I just want someone professional to agree that forgetting this much and quickly, dropping things or walking into things this much, being this exhausted isn’t normal, and this time no one can blame it on side-effects from medication, because this time I don’t have any.

    Oh, and! Sven and I are looking for someplace else to live. Our current apartment makes us both miserable for various reasons, so it’s time to move on. We’ve been checking out a couple of houses and apartments last 1.5 month. Some have been okay but very expensive, some have been absolutely horrifying (One word: Mould…), one we placed a bid on but lost. The housing market is nuts and bonkers right now. Anyway, we have another place to check out on Tuesday, so I’m keeping fingers crossed it’ll be a nice place. And if not, at least we’ve been outside for a bit.

    1. Brainfog, being forgetful and being exhausted can also be a symptom of some vitamin deficiencies.
      Have you had those checked recently?

      I’ve had it happen to me twice, that I thought I was already growing old and forgetful and losing strength and energy too soon (while in my 50s). Once I had a large vitamin B12 deficiency, and once it was vitamin D.
      Especially after the vitamin B12 shots cranking my blood levels back up (from the 1/4 of what they should have been), it felt nearly miraculous regaining clarity of thought, the ability to remember things, and the muscle power to cycle a mile without coasting every few hundred yards.

      If your vitamins are okay, I hope your doctor can find something else that helps you.

      1. Good call, thank you! I did a lot of checkups last year, but yeah that’s last year of course and I’ve been a bit negligent on the D-vitamines lately. I guess it can’t hurt to check it again, since I’ve had D-vitamine deficiency before. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. I had a wonderful week visiting with family in Texas. I spent a lot of time with my dad, and the family reunion my sister organized when we got there, was just amazing – people I hadn’t seen in at least two years (some last seen at my wedding six years ago and others never met).

    We came back home on Friday, after a stressful drive back to the airport which included a flat tire on the rental car. Thankfully my husband was able to change the tire and we limped back to the airport going 50 in a 75 mph zone. We raced to the gate and walked right on to the plane. I was thrilled we hadn’t missed the flight.

    While we were gone, the indoor-outdoor cat dashed by the pet sitter and out the door. She let me know, so I wouldn’t be surprised, but there was nothing I could do about it the. He still wasn’t around when we got back that evening, or even a few hours later. Finally, before bed, we walked around the neighborhood calling for him. At the end of the street, I got an answering meow and he trotted up. He ended up following us all the way back home and inside. I think he’s attached to me (that’s my story at least), and I was very happy to have him back.

    Finally, having been gone for a week made me fully appreciate my own bed, especially my sheets. I just love the cool crisp feeling of percale sheets.

    1. In case this is an issue again: asking St. Francis has worked for me in the past. I can verify two times where I know for sure it worked as verified by the owner, other times I’ve seen the “lost pet” posters (of people I didn’t know) come down quickly.

      (That said, I’m concerned that I am seeing a ton of lost cat posters in the neighborhood of late….)

  7. My husband bought me Eeyore socks as a surprise. They even have a little tail on the back of them. I love them, they are so cute. I just have to bring g myself to wear them since I am worried about damaging them.

    My niece is here for a month to help take of my Mom. My brother lives across the country so we weren’t able to spend time together as she was growing up, so it has been lovely getting to know her. She is a wonderful competent young woman
    And it turns out that we have alot in common.

  8. I got through all my very positioned regular checkups without any dire news, got through the endoscopy without any dire news, and that made me happy. Still waiting on one more test result, but even if it comes back positive my doctor said it would be treatable.

    Ana I’ve made lots of progress in clearing out the garage. I’m nearly to the point where I’ll be able to start seeing things up.

    My favorite pajamas are so expensive, but made of really thick cotton, fit well, last ages, and are so comfortable to sleep in.

    I love the moment of each day when I change into my pajamas. Bliss! During pandemic, I decided to have that moment right after dinner. Why wait until bedtime?

  9. It’s pajamas for me but I’ve learned over the years not to put them in the dryer because the elastic gives out to easily. I’ve replaced a few to many elastic bands. Come to think I don’t put anything in the dryer that has elastic.

    Read Jennifer/Nennifer’s post and after taking the blanket off the bed earlier this week, I got up at 4 A.M. one night and checked the outside temperature, 49 degrees. Yup needed to see that in order to start the heat. Also added a blanket to the mix. Back to nice and cozy.

  10. Nothing like really good sheets and a warm cozy duvet. There was a hot spell for over a week so I put the summer silk weight duvet on the bed. Nope! I had taken a couple of duvets for cleaning. Pulled out the spare duvet for the guest bed. Perfect. Having great sleeps. That makes me very happy.

    Yes Diane, after dinner sounds perfect to get the night clothes on.

    1. What do you mean after dinner? They are on as soon as I am sure I will not go out again that day. In my defence, they look like yoga pants so hopefully nobody who comes round unexpectedly will twig. I have retired the ones with holes in them just in case.

  11. Happiness is successfully weathering the extremes of heat and cold this past week (and today – it’s 52 F outside). I may have mentioned (complained, whined) about the heat last week. I am not turning on the heater because the room has dropped into the 60s! I packed away the blankets.

    I think I own a pair of PJs. I normally sleep in boxers, sometimes with a t-shirt. If the room temp keeps dropping, I may break out the sweat pants and look for the sweat shirt.

    Who am I kidding? I just turned on my heater.

  12. My latest medical report came back with “no malignant cells,” so I am more than happy. I have six months before another round of testing. Even when I “know” I’m okay, it’s gratifying when the pathology lab thinks so, too.

    And I got a second freelance job, so am stretching my mind for that.

    The nice thing about the chilly days and nights is how great they are for naps and reading.

    1. That’s a great medical report to receive. I hope all the ones to come are equally good.

  13. Planning an erdbeerbowle party (strawberry wine punch) for tomorrow with pflaumenkuchen (plum pastry) and lavender shortbread. I haven’t done much baking during the pandemic because with only two of us just too much leftovers. But we will have about 8 people including us and I will send leftovers with the guests.

    Trying to get enough work done today and tomorrow to take pressure off the work week but at least it’s on my schedule. And planted a few more annuals yesterday so the garden is basically done.

  14. So, I need to mow the lawn and trim a hedge. It’ll take about 2 hours but the grass and hedge needs to be dry. After beautiful weather spent indoors looking at write-in ballots, I now have time to do the work. It’s now raining. Sigh. Next few days will be great but I’ll be back indoors. I’ll get it done eventually.

    Happiness is a big bowl of pasta salad with lots of vegetables which I can eat for the next four days. No meal prep needed.

  15. I’m taking a three-day weekend (it’s a bank holiday) to recover from new computer stress. Went out for a meal with my brother & sister-in-law & a friend, for the first time since last summer. Great conversations at the allotment, and I’ve planted my squash and more French beans, and it’s looking more productive. The weather’s beautiful, and summer is definitely beginning.

  16. I’ve weaned myself off the good drugs, with Doc’s supervision.

    I realise that I now need to be hypervigilant because what seems to be anger and short-temper is actually a feature of my depression.

    I still suck at paperwork, I still have an administrative hoard, it’s still impacting my functioning BUT, I REMEMBERED HOW TO DANCE.

    At my worst, I’d stopped jigging, jiving, and two-stepping when I heard a music. Now I do it like I used to before being burned out, and it makes me happy.

    1. For many of us, particularly me, increased volatility is the clearest indication that the depression is worse. When I start snapping at my sister over nothing, I know it is time to send an SOS to my therapist. The depression is more gradual and harder to notice so that when I complain that I am having more trouble getting out of the house or responding to emails, people often don’t notice. But when I snap at people for things that aren’t their fault, it isn’t fair to them, it spreads my depression outward and makes it almost impossible to accomplish anything, which increases my depression.

      A doctor I once consulted said depression was frustrated hope. As it is very easy to lash out in frustration, I often find anger and depression intertwined.

      1. Oh, I see how that fits! The theory I’ve often ascribed to is it’s “anger turned inward”, and sometimes it’s “learned helplessness”

        I think that all of these can be used to create coping strategies.

  17. So I went back to karaoke on Monday and it was amazing. I’d say about 80% of the old crowd came back. It was the DJ’s daughter’s 21st birthday, so we celebrated that. I had sweet reunions with people, including one lady who said she’d lost two loved ones within 30 hours at some point, but me bopping along obviously giving no fucks helped her. I wish just being ME and that helping someone was a thing I could do more often! I sang twice and got asked to hop in on two other’s songs as well. Basically, this is my Cheers bar. I wish the rest of my life was like karaoke SO BAD.

    Two of my lost theater friends DID end up showing up, so huzzah there. One of them said he’d texted the crush to ask if he was coming and crush said he was, but of course crush flaked and bailed and didn’t show up. Which for once I AM TOTALLY FINE WITH. (Crush is at work in another town for most of the open karaoke hours now and is kind of a workaholic, so it’s not exactly realistic to expect that he’d show up now.) I didn’t want him to show up, and he didn’t! Huzzah! I’m relieved because I just have no idea how to deal with him these days. Pretend things are “normal?” I don’t feel up to it. Kinda shun him? Which in all honesty is what I really want to do these days so I stop caring about him. It’s not nice, and would hurt his feelings since he has no idea what’s going on with me (but I canNOT talk to him about it and I don’t see the point in trying even if I could now–it’s not like he ever promised me anything and that’s on me for hoping), and would harm the friend group… I guess Future Jennifer got at least another reprieve from figuring that out.

    I look forward to coming back tomorrow, though it is outside and 105 tomorrow here so I dunno how many will show….sigh. I hope.

    In other news, my mom came up for lunch and that went great, and I showed her a few of my online play recordings and she actually liked them. And it’s a three day weekend. And the library has opened to the public again, so I went in for about 15 minutes and got 7 books. And I did some yarn bombs, which was fun, and got invited to do more for another organization in a few weeks.

    I am also now rather obsessed with that Iceland band from Eurovision and want to try to figure out how to do one of those sweaters with your 8-bit face on it (https://jumper.dadifreyr.com/). I have a list of projects I want to try…

    1. When I bought a WII game years ago I let my grandchildren provide my profile face. Needless to say I looked like a, gulp, grandmother down to the earrings and glasses. I really wanted something with more pizzazz, but you get what you get.

  18. The sun is out and the temperature is inching closer to normal so I hope I will finally get out for a walk today. I seem to have screwed up my email somehow since my brother did not get some of the replies I sent him and I seem to have unsubscribed myself from this blog, but I think I’ll wait until later to try to fix that and enjoy the weather now.

  19. Two meals out with two different friends last week. Such a treat to see them both. All have been vaccinated, and we went places with outside dining. It was so good to be able to catch up in person.

    My mountain laurel, which I had planted a few years ago as a nod to my family’s roots in Pennsylvania, is blooming like crazy this year. It makes me happy that it is feeling settled and happy enough to flower so well.

  20. I’m happy with my mid-western weather today. It’s been a glorious 60s/70s and I’m giving the weather forecast the evil eye as I see it predicting upper 70s and lower 80s this week. Thankfully I am moving to cooler climes in two weeks’ time. My love/hate relationship with humidity will be put on hold for the foreseeable future as the west calls.

    I love PJs. I get my daughter’s new PJs every Valentine’s Day; it’s become a tradition.

  21. I always wear PJs. But I do have a nightgown that has Power Down on the front. After a day of weeding the garden that’s what I’m about to do now.

  22. My happiness today was another long walk on the beach in beautiful weather, and a trip to a new-to-us grocery story (Spoiler: we liked this one best of the ones we’ve visited). The weird thing about living someplace for nearly 30 years and then moving, say, to a new country, is that we knew what every store within 10 miles did best in LA, and now we don’t, so every trip is a challenge. This too shall pass, of course, and the “what’s this?” of encountering fruits and vegetables that we’ve never seen before is quite fun (loquats are delicious!), and the basic standards seem to be much higher here. It’s all an adventure!

    1. I have always wondered why you chose Portugal. It sounds lovely —I’m just curious.

      1. We have always wanted to live in Europe (12 hour flights from the western US make for jet-lagged first weeks abroad, so we wanted to cut that out), and Portugal ticked off a lot of boxes: climate, ease of visa process, cost of living, people…. And then we came here on a visit and fell in love.

  23. I’m slowly replacing most of the things that need replacing prior to my big cross-country move in August, which today meant new bras from one my favorite local stores! There’s just something about stores that actually take the time to make sure you’re wearing things that really fit. (For anyone in Portland or Seattle, I can’t say enough good things about The Pencil Test.) Also I figured out an issue with my health insurance (yay!) which means I can move on to the less fun part of the to-do list: cramming in those annual appointments.

    1. I needed to order some new bras and discovered — not for the first time — that whenever I find a brand and model that actually fit me and support comfortably, the manufacturer discontinues the style. Always wonder Why? — is there really a need to change styles every season?

  24. Jenny fyi don’t know if anyone told you but Bob Mayer’s dog Cool Gus died. Very sad.
    As far as happy news I am finally about to be out of a very toxic workplace. I’ve been there for 2 1/2 years. Since covid I have worked 60 hour weeks. I will be working from home for the same company in a much less toxic department. AND I got enough of a raise I won’t miss the overtime checks.

  25. Oh, WOW, Spoonflower! Someone has even posted the classic “Florentine Paper” design that my mother used to call “wall-to-wall Ann” because — more than fifty years ago — my grandmother gave me a package of notepaper with paper in that design lining the envelopes. I still have notepaper like that (Crane still makes it).

    Anyway, happy tonight because this afternoon three of us had a conference call to determine the way forward with the manuscripts that we’re expecting to have returned. We’re now officially hunting for someone who can edit MS 1 — after nearly forty years working on engineering standards, I’m a line editor, but not a plot editor for fiction manuscripts. We have a strategy to produce an edition in hard cover, paperback, and ebook, though we may have to look for a British publisher as well. We have a final proofreader, a cover artist and a graphic artist lined up. Only thing we’re having a spirited discussion over is how to advertise, when the time comes. One of us has a Twitter account, my cousin doesn’t favor FaceBook (where I’m using my late mother’s account in any case, and no one will ever associate Mother with science fiction), we don’t THINK Instagram is likely, and none of us has an Instagram account anyway. However, that’s for later.

    Also happy at the prospect of seeing another cousin this week, for the first time since lockdown.

    Would like to observe Memorial Day in a traditional manner, but . . . next year. And doesn’t that sound like the traditional Jewish “next year in Jerusalem”!

    1. Update: a fantastic editor has surfaced and would love to do it — certainly MS 1 and very likely MS 2 when it’s completed.

      1. AND now we have our graphic guy to do the cover graphics and associated stuff — providing scans in all the right sizes and so on.

        Not bad for less than 48 hours!

  26. I watched Pick of the Litter. I ate popcorn, petted my dogs, and cried. It was fantastic. I also realized that my dogs would never have made it a guide dogs.

  27. Busy week: visited friends, saw a Jacob Lawrence exhibit, visited cousins that we could not see last year, stayed overnight at the Coast then came home. Yesterday I had a generous supply of morels that my husband bought at the farmer’s market so I invited a friend over for dinner and he brought a guest. We stayed outside on the deck chatting, eating pasta with morels, drinking wine. And I made strawberry meringues with fresh local strawberries for desert. Summer at last.

  28. My up cycle lasted four days so I’m really reaching for happiness right now. 🙁 Watched ‘Falsettos’ this weekend, which was sad. Read about Cool Gus, which was sad. Low energy, no motivation, plodding through small chores because Being In the Moment has limits when the moment is completely unproductive (or counter-productive).

    Need to change my work-from-home setup due to new equipment coming from the employer, which was the boot up the arse I needed to make a decision about a new desk, but then the husband said uh I got this thing. He was going to surprise me with an up-down base for my current 32-inch-wide desk. Which is very sweet, but after 20+ years he should know I don’t like surprises beyond ‘hey I got us a bottle of The Prisoner,’ and I need a bigger surface not simply an up-down base. So I’m going to let him make the attempt but I fully expect it not to function well. Then he’ll be frustrated, and time & money will have been wasted. Meanwhile I’m frustrated because I could have ordered my new desk this weekend and set everything up next weekend and instead I have to wait for him to act.

    I have today and tomorrow off work. Wednesday will be hell. I’m trying not to let it make me anxious before it absolutely must. Have some computer housekeeping to do and them I’m going to try very hard to write. Did well Saturday, 4000 words on a new novella and then 1000 words on a WIP that I keep returning to.

    Spent 2 hours this morning sorting & purging hoarded papers relating to our nearly twenty years of ballroom dancing, and that has also made me sad because I can’t honestly see a resumption on the horizon and I loved it so much.

    Sorry all, this was a therapy session. Happy = I spotted my phoebe in the yard yesterday, and a hooded oriole on Saturday. @ Jessie – strawberry meringues sound awesome. 🙂

    1. It is a really easy recipe that has the advantage of no gluten. I almost always have a few frozen egg whites in the freezer. (When a recipe calls for egg yolks, I put each d egg white in a muffin tin or a custard cup then freeze them. Sometimes the surface turns white which you ignore. Once frozen individually wrap each one in plastic wrap then place in a freezer container. When I need egg whites I just unwrap as many as I need and put them in a bowl to thaw).

      Basically you take two egg whites and beat them until they are starting to hold their shape. Then you gradually, like one tablespoon at a time add to them 3/4 cup of fine sugar to which you have added 3/4 teaspoon of corn starch. When the meringue is shinny and stiff, fold in 1 teaspoon vanilla and 1 teaspoon white vinegar (not cider vinegar). On one or two cookie sheets covered with wax paper or parchment paper (put a dab of meringue on the back corners of the paper to hold it down. The curled side of the paper is the up side so it wants to curl up), put 8 individual meringue cookies. If you have to use two cookie sheets you can cook them on different racks in the oven at the same time. Cook at 250 degrees F for 40 to 50 minutes until they are lightly golden. Cool on the cookie sheet for 5 minutes. Remove to a wire cooling rack to cool for another 5 to 10 minutes. Once they are cool to the touch, store in an air-tight container at room temperature for up to a week. I serve them with sweetened, sliced strawberries and whipped cream. I use parchment paper and they come right off. My luck with wax paper is not so good. And they really do keep up to a week. If you are feeling fancy you can toast slivered almonds and sprinkle them over the top. I do this instead of shortcake because I am really lousy at making biscuits for shortcake.

      1. And sometimes I use 3 egg whites instead of two so that they will be a little larger. I do not increase any of the other ingredients.

        1. What’s more, if they should happen to break, you can STILL serve the pieces with the whipped cream and the fruit and just call it Eton Mess.

  29. Didn’t you go through a Buffy-inspired PJ phase some years back? I could be losing my mind but I swear it was you who put me onto the joy of Cyberjammies.

    1. I bought heavily in Walmart’s Nightmare Before Christmas sleep shirt line because they came with thigh-high striped knee socks.
      Do not remember Buffy pjs. I think the last pjs I bought were the ones with the pink and blue poodles that I put in Nita’s book.

  30. After Midnight. The date is now 2021-06-01 (or June 1, 2021 for those not ISO compliant.) Amazon just released the Harlequin Manga of Getting Rid of Bradley. My first impressions are:
    1. Like all manga, the book reads from right to left. After the title page is a page to explain the convention. Also, the first page is the last page. You read “backwards” to the norm.
    2. Not all pages are in color. I find alternating some color with mostly greyscale… annoying.
    3. I opened the book on a 14″ laptop screen. It displays 2 short pages at a time. I can’t read them. My next attempt may be on an 8″ Kindle Fire pad, with the orientation for max readability. Failing that, I’ll figure out how to adapt to my 23″ screen, which can be rotated 90 degrees. That will likely be best, but needs an adapter.

    All that is mechanics. I can’t actually read well enough to say whether it’s an abridgement, an interpretation, or a whole ‘nother story “based on a story by” herself. That’s all for now.

      1. It is nice to be appreciated. And I will put that 23″ monitor to use. It’s been idle long enough. The Chromebook lacks a port to connect to an external display, but I have that Asus laptop (which normally resides in a computer case) which has never been connected to the net, and it has an HDMI port.

        The difficulty will be in porting the story to that laptop. I don’t have Kindle on that computer (yet), I read mobi stories on Mobipocket Reader. The conversion goes through Calibre, but I’m not set up for new Kindle files, yet, either. All those mechanics to get through before I can read more than a page or two without a magnifying glass.

        The mechanics invoke serendipity. I still read about a dozen webcomics, and once the 23″ screen is set up in portrait orientation, those are going to be glorious. So will regular Kindle and mobi files. The Asus laptop, AKA La Cootie de Borg AKA THE LIBRARY south OF ALEXANDRIA va is going to become even more of a library computer. 🙂

        Research is fun.

      2. Follow-up report. Reading on the Kindle Fire tablet is adequate to the task. I am now at the point where Ms. Savage is arriving home to the dogs, having beaten the snot out of Zack in an alley. Two officers are grinning at Zack but we get neither names nor nicknames for them. Almost no internal monologue. Everyone looks attractive (that’s just manga.) Things are moving quickly.

  31. Strawberries. That’s what’s making me happy. A couple of years ago I found a localish u-pick farm that is having an amazing year. I guess the weather gods decided we needed something good after the past year.

    Also cicadas. The whole process is just so fascinating. It doesn’t seem like much trouble for us to put up with an invasion once every 17 years.

    1. I can’t believe I forgot the thing that made me most happy last week: The baby panda! I went to the zoo on Friday and he and his parents were out and active. Well, he was basically hanging out in a tree, but you could see him at least…

  32. We bought a new couch. It’s the first brand new couch he husband and I bought in our 20 years together. Its a smokey grey color and L shaped. And covered in a soft fabric. It gets delivered on Wed.

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