Happiness is New PJs

I have a vast wardrobe of knit maxi-dresses which of course are easy to sleep in and which inspire me to do just that: wear one all day and then curl up to sleep in it. That is bad; my life needs some demarcations since it’s already amorphous (what day is it, anyway?). So I have made a new resolution: At midnight, no matter what I’m doing, I’ll take off the damn dress and put on pajamas. Which lead me to buy cheapo pajamas and nightgowns, which are delighting me because I was getting sick of wearing those damn dresses 24/7. Well, it’s pandemic life; I was getting sick of everything. (No, I didn’t set my stove on fire because I was sick of it, but it is giving me a chance to get rid of everything in the kitchen I was tired of, so BONUS.). Today, new pajamas are making me happy.

What made you happy this week?