Happiness is Lots of Color

{This was set to publish on Sunday and didn’t. That does not make me happy.]

When my kitchen stove went up in flame, the plastic things on both sides of it melted. I ended up with a lot of plastic blobs and no kitchen tools. (Okay, the stainless steel stuff made it, but that was all hanging on racks out of the direct flame zone.) So when it came time to replace them, I did something I’d never done: I bought a set. In turquoise. Because you know what looks good in a blackened kitchen? Color. It feels like those pictures of burnt forests when the wildflowers start to grow again. Then there’s my bathroom which I had done all in white tile figuring I’d add the color later and it would be easy to change. Now I have a bright orange plastic fish that holds my tooth stuff and bright green canvas fish hanging under my window to hold washcloths and a turquoise squeegee next to the mirror . . .

Color makes me happy. What made you happy this week?