Argh Author: Gin Jones’ Laid Out in Lavender (Garlic Farm Mystery #2)

Gin Jones‘ latest Garlic Farm mystery, Laid Out in Lavender, is out today!

Mabel Skinner still hasn’t acquired a taste for growing garlic, but the app developer-turned farmer does have a nose for rooting out killers . . .

Dreaming she’ll someday return to her less pungent life of computer coding, Mabel continues to honor her deceased aunt’s legacy by running Skinner Farm. To make ends meet between harvests, she’s renting out the property’s mercifully downwind lavender field for summer weddings.

Mabel’s first clients are a retirement age couple celebrating their second chance at love in their later years. Hosting a rehearsal dinner with fresh foods seemed like a good idea to promote the farm—until the dead body of one of the wedding guests is discovered. The suddenly departed was the soon-to-be-ex-business partner of the groom, supposedly poisoned by goat cheese hors d’oeuvres provided by Mabel’s neighbor.

Despite the tragedy and the scandal, the groom insists on keeping his wedding date. But with the adult children from the couple’s previous marriages scheming to stop the new union, Mabel’s farm is reeking with suspects. And if she doesn’t uncover the murderer, her goat farming neighbor will get sent to the pen for life . . .

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To find out more about Gin and her earlier books, go to her website.

18 thoughts on “Argh Author: Gin Jones’ Laid Out in Lavender (Garlic Farm Mystery #2)

    1. I don’t know. It hasn’t been created yet, so it seems unlikely, and it’s completely out of my hands in terms of whether it will happen. One of the more bizarre and frustrating aspects of publishing world is how little control authors have over many issues, and we don’t even hear about the decisions, let alone have a way to affect them. At least, that’s been my experience with a large-ish publisher.

      1. In that case I will buy a Kindle copy. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t an audio copy coming out next week for me to spend an Audible credit on!

  1. Congrats, Gin. Always great to get another book out and sounds good and seasonal to boot:)

    Impressed, too, that the “Look Inside” feature is already live at Amazon on release day. When I had a new book out a couple weeks ago, it took several days for that bit to go live. Yay you for getting it working sooner. Such a plus:)

    1. I think it’s a perk of being with a larger publisher. I haven’t tried it with any self-pubbed books yet. I’m planning to release a new series (well, old in the sense I wrote it a while ago and couldn’t get a publisher interested) in the fall, so I’ll find out then how fast Amazon is with my look-insides!

      1. For me, I find the “Look Inside” feature can take up to a week, so it helps to have a sample chapter on your website and let folks know about it in your newsletter.

        Also, just another side tip for your upcoming indie release plan in the fall — when you have a firm date in mind, I recommend setting up a pre-order at Amazon (this no longer requires a finished file to set in motion).

        Lots of folks set up pre-orders well in advance, but I find just two weeks ahead is quite adequate to get the ball rolling. While it’s obviously nice to have some early sales in queue, the big reason I recommend it is because two-weeks is enough to generate the “also boughts” to kick in which helps potential readers on release day. But only set it up when you’re sure of your release date and know your final file will be locked in at least about a week before the date or there are consequences.

        Meanwhile, good luck with this book:)

        1. Thanks. I’m soaking up information on how to release the books this fall. The first two books are finished and edited, so I don’t have to worry about not having the file ready for setting up a pre-order, but I wasn’t sure about the timing. I may aim for a little longer than two weeks (a month), mostly just to give myself a deadline to force me to do all the fidgety stuff involved with publishing.

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