Admin Post: Who’s still having problems with the site?

Evidently both WordPress and our server decided to do updates at the same time. Those updates are finished as of today. Is anybody still having problems with the site? If so, please explain what’s happening in the comments.

Thank you.

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  1. Any comments I post don’t show up for almost a day. Wondering my email address an “new” commenter or ….

  2. No problems at all here. It’s all hunky dory on my computer. And praise the lord I am still jinx!

      1. Uh-oh.

        I hope the fact that yesterday I decided to sweep the patio and thought about dying the beige cat’s fur black didn’t create some kind of malevolent zone of internet fragility or something….

  3. When I save my comments, they don’t immediately appear on the page. Nor do they if I refresh the page. When I uploaded one twice, it did tell me that I was trying to upload a duplicate, so I knew that the program actually HAD the comments. They show up the next day.

    Clicking on the little hearts ups the count by one and turns them red, but only until I save a comment. Then the color goes back to gray. If I click on the heart again, the count changes — sometimes by one, sometimes by more, sometimes it decreases. The color is still gray the next day.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I spoke too soon. When I click on the hearts, I get a lot of spinning. They eventually seem to take. Did just fine posting comments, but then got this:
    Secure Connection Failed

    An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

    1. Well that worked. My problems were a lot like Ann’s. But they seem mostly resolved.

  5. I think it’s fine. Of course, Murphy’s Law applies so this comment will probably die.

    1. And yep, they’re fine too. Went red when I clicked and stayed red after I made a comment.

  6. The website is telling me that 2 people have commented on this post, but I can’t see those comments. Your initial post goes up in real time, but I won’t be able to view the comments for a good 6 to 8 hours later.

  7. Same results as Galway.
    Also my name does not appear on list as having posted a comment.

  8. Longtime lurker, delurking to try and help.

    Comments are not updating when I refresh the page, and haven’t been for days (maybe Thursday’s post? maybe even Wednesday’s). Hours later there will be a batch of them.

    When you make a new post, the comments seem to update on the previous posts.

    The home page comments are incorrect (it still says 2 comments on this post, when I have 14 on my screen). And the home page isn’t showing the Working Wednesday post, but I can get to it from the breadcrumbs on this post. No comments on WW post yet; don’t know if that is correct.

    I’m on a Mac and using Firefox 86.0, but I checked Safari earlier and it had the same comments as FF.

  9. On some recent posts, the comment count on the main page (, with the list of all posts) is different from the comment count on the actual post. On this post, the main page says there are 2 comments, but when I come here there are 14. On the previous (Writer’s Conference Memories), the main page says there are 39 comments, but the page containing the actual post and comments says there are 50. On the one before that (Happiness is…), the main page says 50 comments and the actual page says 51… On the one before that (Crusie First Lines) the main page says 108 and the actual page says 108 too, so that’s where I stopped looking.

    Not really a big deal, but noting it in case it helps with debugging.

    1. After I posted this first comment I wasn’t able to see it, and the main page comment counts have been updating but the post pages have stayed the same. However, when I append ?v=1 to the url, i.e., I get what seems to be the latest version of the page.

      I think this means it is a caching issue somewhere. Because things are different for different people, I wonder if it’s an ISP caching issue.

  10. I’m crossing my fingers, but so far haven’t experienced any of this new round of gremlins (on an iPad running Safari/iOS14.4).

  11. Last week I posted a reply to a comment on the happiness post that never appeared, though a standalone comment posted just before showed up. I thought it had gone to temporary purgatory, but I just checked and it still isn’t there. That’s the only glitch I’ve noticed recently. I’ll reply to a comment on this post and see if it shows up.

    1. My reply worked. It’s entirely possible that I accidentally hit cancel reply on the one that went missing last week. I never assume that the system is the problem…

  12. Earlier today I was able to like some of the Working Wednesday posts, but now the little hearts are gone. 12:41 pm 3/3/2021

  13. Didn’t have any problems before, but the little “like” heart just went away for me. (I’m on chrome, on a laptop, if that matters.)

  14. Mollie disabled the likes/heart button because that seemed to be a problem that was possibly causing all the other commenting problems; she’s looking for another plug-in for that.

    Let me know if that solves all the other problems. Clearly some plug-ins didn’t play well with the updates. Thank god for Mollie, that’s what I say.

  15. Don’t mind me. I just want to see if my comment is visible. The like button is working for me now, which it has not been doing for over a week.

    1. Yeah! I’m back and can see all the comments. Thank you Mollie. Thank you Jenny.

  16. Oddly enough, considering my previous problems, everything is working fine, and has been for a while. Several days ago I noticed comments were posting faster and with no trouble. This continues to be true. I’m on a Mac running Mojave (because Catalina won’t download on my country slow connection, and guess what! all the places I could go borrow faster internet are closed! :)) with Safari 14.0. I haven’t been to the site on the iPad in over a week so no news there.

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