Mona Is Not Amused

I think we got more than twenty inches.

You see that picket fence there in back? Those pickets are four feet tall, so I’m thinking it was closer to two feet. Also there’s a car under that big lump of snow.

I’m not amused, either. I’ve decided tomorrow is a good day to start digging out. Maybe. Today I have to start working on Lee’s February Instagram thingy (I thought hard about it yesterday, really I did) and completely rework Nita Act Two because of Insights I have had and (sigh) probably start digging out a little. Some poor Amazon guy is supposed to deliver packages tomorrow.

Snow is beautiful until you have to live in it.

32 thoughts on “Mona Is Not Amused

    1. And my neighbor just called to say we actually got 32″.
      I now feel entitled to bitch about the snow.

        1. I read that as “bitch, Mona, bitch, Moana”. Not that Mona is a bitch At All, just that reading Mona followed closely by moan, led me right to Moana. XD

        2. If you have baking chocolate, you are not out of chocolate. Make chocolate sauce, which is much faster than baking. Then you can chill half of it and pretend it is fudge.

  1. Well, on the plus side, baking will help warm up the house.

    Stay warm and safe, console She Who Is Not Amused, and enlist a neighbor to help dig out. 😉

    1. My neighbors are trying, but the stuff is frozen, so snow blowers are not doing well. My neighbor across the street called to apologize because her husband hadn’t gotten to my driveway yet, and I told her to give the poor guy a break. We’ll get to it. It’ll be 40 on Thursday, which is also a nightmare because that means a big melt and freeze. However I have food and water and blankets and two dogs and (somewhere) a cat, so I will be fine. Ish.

        1. Probably buried in blankets in the house somewhere. She’s eating like crazy though, so there’s that.

          1. Actually inside. She was fool enough to come all the way in to check out the old office at the back of the house, and I slammed the door.

          2. Yep. Which is good because it’s going down into single digits next week. And also the foxes are out in full force lately, or maybe I think so because I can see them against the snow. Not a good deal for a three-legged cat.

  2. Holy crap! That is amazing. I know, from the middle of summer in a place that almost never gets slow settling (if at all), that’s not a helpful sentiment, but it is, as you say, beautiful. It makes me think of those stews that gently simmer on a fire all day, and books, red wine, and yes, baking. With spices so the whole house smells amazing.

    It’s 26 degrees here (78F I’ve just googled), and the end of the school holidays. My daughter went off to her first day at high school yesterday. Uniforms are typical here, and she looked crazy grown up – pleated skirt, blazer, shirt and tie. I had a moment. My son is back tomorrow, so today it’s computer games, badminton, and now we’re going to bake. With spice (feeling inspired)

    Be safe and well everyone, and you too Jenny, whatever the weather.

  3. We got the tail end of your storm here in central NY. The meteorologist couldn’t decide just how much snow my village actually got. One report said 10 1/2 inches, a short time later he said 7 inches. I think it’s somewhere in between. I shoveled 5 inches this morning before work and around 3 inches when I got home and it’s still snowing lightly. Thank goodness for neighbors though; my neighbor snow blowed the heavy, clumped, snow plow mess from the end of my driveway before I got home so I didn’t have to tackle it myself!

  4. Here in upstate NY, where we usually get All the Snow, we got 10 inches of light fluffy stuff. Enough to shut everything down for the day, but otherwise not a big deal.

    Yours, on the other hand, is a Big Deal. I hope you get dug out soon. And the lack of chocolate is tragic. Tragic, I say.

  5. It’s raining here. We’ve had something like four inches more than normal since the beginning of the year. But at least with rain there is no shoveling.

  6. We’re having off-and-on heavy rain in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tomorrow basically overcast. I’m happy as long as local rain really means snow in the mountains, which translates to water in the summer.

  7. We’ve only ever had bad snow once or twice in the sixteen years I’ve lived in Denver. The rest of the time is a few inches, then they melt, then a few more inches. One year we got close to a foot, and wind caused very deep drifts. That wasn’t fun. Two feet must be even more horrible. I’m glad the cat came in.

  8. Oh my goodness. That is a heck of a lot of snow. I’m glad you’ve got someone to help you dig out. Glad also that the kitty has decided to stay indoors. Or was locked in. Stay warm and safe.

  9. I certainly cannot blame the dog!

    I spent several hours today digging my car, the walkways from the house and access to the barn across a big back yard and on into the middle of the pasture. We had to remove the bush hog from the tractor, install the weights and the plow. We attempted to plow a path from the barn to the driveway and the wetter snow would not slide off the plow. We then removed the plow and used the front loader on the tractor. My brother plowed the 1\8 mile long driveway\lane and then his much shorter driveway and guess who got the scoop shovel. We in north central Ohio got about 8 to 10 inches and that was plenty. Walking all the way to the barn through all that snow is exhausting and I did that for a couple days since the horses need care as well.

    I have a Yorkie and a Dachshund, they are the same height but one is twice as long as the other. They usually require some sort of shoveling just to be able to squat outside. They appear to have mashed the snow down, or else they are on top of it. The Dachshund has long hair so snow is ok but rain is another matter. They have a dog door into a pen. I don’t have to get involved that often.

    FYI: Loretta Chase’s Ten Things I Hate About the Duke is $1.99 right now on Amazon. Not sure for how long.

  10. I have tiny problems. The dotter’s in-the-door ice maker with filtered water is stopped up or something and nobody wants to drink tap water… so they’re raiding my fridge for my bottled water. Did it snow here? Yes. There’s still some in the shady sides. Did anyone run to the store for bottled water? No. “Grampa still has some.” Grampa will get more on the way to work tomorrow, I guess.

    I am out of chocolate, whether I bake or not. I have some on order, And I received three emails telling me it was on the way (in three separate orders). But if I stop to shop on the way to work, there will be another batch or three.

    Stay safe and warm, Jenny.

  11. Pip doesn’t care how deep the snow is as long as it’s not below zero and is out the door like a shot whatever the weather. Oreo/Rollo walked out onto the porch, took one look at the ground and walked back in again. And we only got 5 inches or so. A very disappointing storm, except we did get a snow day out of it so Yay!

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