Got a Question?

So Bob and I took December off from HWSWA. I was reading and sleeping all month and he was trying to convince his wife they should buy an abandoned mine with heavy equipment in the Arizona desert. Now it’s 2021 and we’re regrouping: I’m still in bed but I’m working (a lot of writers work in bed, do not judge me) and he’s given up on the mine and is heading into the hills with one of his dogs to do whatever it is he does in the hills. Mountains. Whatever. We touched base briefly, trying to figure out if we wanted to do anything online this year. He’s halfway through one book, needing to start another in his ongoing series, and I am still in bed reading, so it would have to be something easy. Like answering questions. As in you all ask a question and we go to Slack and argue about it. Like Questionables only two people answering.

(He never told me what kind of mine (I asked) but it was in Mayer, Arizona, so it did seem sort of fated. Those of you who’ve been on Argh for a long time man remember when, fed up with the male half of the population, Lani, Krissie, and I decided to buy an abandoned nuclear missile site in the Pacific Northwest and move there; Lani said we would call it Clitoris because that way, no man would ever find it. Good times.)

So do you have a burning question you desperately need an answer to? Or, you know, just something you’ve wondered about? Anything you want two answers to, really. Put it in the comments below. Please remember that half of the team answering this question suggested I eat my left arm to survive a snowstorm in New Jersey.

Andrea at Shelf Love Encourages Me to Babble

So the wonderful Andrea Martucci has an equally wonderful podcast called Shelf Love, which you are all probably already aware of. One of first podcasts was on Bet Me, and during that one she asked a question and, when I found the podcast a year later, I e-mailed her and answered it. And she asked me to do a podcast and I said sure. And it’s up today.. Andrea asks great questions, and it was so much fun talking to her that I babbled for what seemed like days (very easy to talk to, Andrea is) and the podcast ended up an hour and a half, so bring snacks if you decide to listen.

And thank you very much, Andrea, I had a wonderful time.

Well, Thank God, That’s Over

2020 is done, put a fork in it.

I do not do resolutions, my family inflicted enough guilt to last me forever, I don’t need to outsource it, but I’m heavily into hope and optimism, so I am CERTAIN that 2021 is going to be exciting and different and GOOD.

Nothing but good times ahead.

Just wanted to put that out there.