Happiness is Difficult but Nothing But Good Times Ahead

If you’re an American, this was a bad week, especially since we’d been telling ourselves that the worst was over (it wasn’t over). It’s still ten days until inauguration, and the mind boggles at what could happen in ten days. Still, happiness is on the horizon, or at least sane government here, and spring will eventually get here with a lot more people vaccinated, and it’s all going to be all right. And I have a recipe kit to make tahini chocolate chip blondies, except the tahini broke so I don’t have that, but the chocolate chips are all right, so I’m happy.

What made you happy this week?

72 thoughts on “Happiness is Difficult but Nothing But Good Times Ahead

  1. Tahini chocolate chip cookies sound delicious, but I love tahini in everything. And peanut butter, Nutella, almond butter. . . All the nut butters.

    I was very happy that Tr*mp got permanently banned from Twitter and that the 2nd impeachment as going forward. I know to a lot of people, it probably seems “too little, too late” but I had been trying to mentally and emotionally steel myself to the idea there would be zero consequences. It is the American way after all (if you are a wealthy white man at least). So non-zero consequences seems better than that.

    I also want any Congressperson who still stands with the President and the mob to have to say it on the public record. And that’s what an impeachment will do. I’d call them weasels, but that’s an insult to weasels who seem like intelligent animals that never gerrymander or give themselves new tax breaks.

    But I also decided I had to take a break from the news. At least for the weekend and possibly until the inauguration. The 8-year-old said we should buy some leftover Christmas eggnog in the stores and make eggnog-uration drinks. Yes puns are genetic and we’re very proud. 🙂

    Breaks from the news always bring me more mental clarity and creativity, which is a good thing.

    I was very happy that we had some brisk, sunny winter days this week. It makes it nice to take the kids to the park and to go for runs in the morning. The oldest son and I found some milkweed pods that were ready to go in our backyard, so we scattered them and watched the seeds drift in the wind and I thought about seeing monarch butterflies in the spring/summer.

    It’s almost time for the snowdrops, so I’m going to keep my eyes peeled. Seeing them come out gives me a psychological lift each year, very badly needed in late winter/early spring.

    1. I hope they do impeach him.
      Getting him impeached, even if the Senate part of the vote on that only happens after the inauguration (which might be better, and the rules say it can be done after the president leaves office), will hit him in the money, which he cares about the most.

      If my information is correct, he stands to lose his $200k pension per year for the rest of his life, and his $1million travel allowance, and lifelong taxpayer-funded secret service protection (whom he can keep charging exorbitant fees for staying at his golfcourses and renting golfcarts, as he has done for the last 4 years), as well as being prohibited from running again in 2014.

      After the shambles he’s made of the country, and the self-enrichment he’s used his presidency for, I don’t think he deserves to keep on being paid by the taxpayers for the rest of his life for the job he did.

      1. Sadly, he only loses those things if he’s removed by the Senate, which is iffy. Although, at the rate he’s going, he may lose a good chunk of his remaining Senate support.

      2. That’s only if he’s convicted. Getting impeached is like getting indicted; it’s not a conviction.

      3. If the Repubs are going to start whining about the deficit and wanting to make budget cuts, they can start with Trump’s benefits.

      4. AND I, for one, wouldn’t mind if he lost his Secret Service protection. Those agents have done yeoman service, but don’t deserve to be stuck with him for life. And I agree strongly about the exorbitant charges they’re stuck with. When the Clintons left DC and bought a home in New York, I’m told they bought accommodations next door for their Secret Service team. I never heard what the Obamas did — and if that’s classified information, that’s fine with me — but I’m confident that it was satisfactory all around.

        I think I’d like to see the Fairness Doctrine restored to news platforms.

    2. If you actually have leftover eggnog, you can use it as the liquid making up cake mix for eggnog cake. Never had this, but have heard good things about it. It belongs to the school of What To Do with melted ice cream — also something that can be used to make a cake.

  2. I’m happy that I bought some new thyme plants because I want to put them in different areas of the garden to see how they grow.

    While I was buying I saw chilli not-seedlings with chillies growing on the plants. Oh, joy!!! Bought that and planted it in different places too.

    I’m happy that I’ve decided to try not to buy any more books until I have made significant progress with the TBR pile. So far, I’m 1½ books in. It’s a start.

    I’m happy Jinx posted that link to the Lincoln Project interview. At least some people are saying what needs to be said.

    I figure if Benghazi investigation cost almost $8 million and took 2½years then the investigation into the insurrection should take minimum of $10million and 3 years. The investigation into the Bosnian war crimes is still ongoing.

    And y’all should hold your media accountable – whatever print time and effort they gave to emails in 2016, they can give ten times that to revealing the people who invited an an attempted coup.

    1. It is hard to hold the media accountable when so few of them have jobs. Investigative reporting requires a paycheck to sustain the reporter during a longer period of research, but since the print media has been gutted by the internet, nobody is paying for that kind of long form story.

  3. Just wrapped first week of retirement, so that made me very happy.
    Weather has been spectacular, which is nice in and of itself, but it also means the neighbor a few trailers up puts his African Grey parrot out on the porch where he toots, clicks, beeps, and whistles his way thru the afternoon. So fun to hear him.
    My ancient (23yo) cat Mabel rallied this past week , so no grim vet visits loom in my *immediate* future.
    Also, lots of football.

    1. I have a cat named Mabel too. Not convinced she’ll make it to old age, let alone super-old-age, given her nature. She’s not quite three years old, and she already needed emergency surgery once for eating thread. Sigh.

  4. This is an extinction burst.

    Knitting is nice.

    I also discovered a great new series this week, but that’s for the book thread next week.

  5. Now I’m happy that someone has nurtured a cat to age 23 years, so well done Leslie!

    But the MAGA rally was here in my area, and since that’s a DC suburb, all that craziness and the people attending it were basically in my home town, which is a huge bummer.

    The link I posted before was three or four topics down in the blog — felt like the right topic to post in, but kind of lost, so here it is, followed by Sure Thing’s link:



    I’ve been sincerely happy to read the exasperated & plainspoken messages put out by the Lincoln Project group, because they have the credibility of having been strong supporters of the party in the past, and have accurately called out the current Republican party leadership as cult followers rather than supporters of what the party used to support B.T. (before Trump).

    At the same time, this is not really a fully NEW crisis, because it’s been seen so many times and places before. The British, the Belgians, the Spaniards, and even the lower-class criminals and rackety seafarers who went to the South Pacific traveled to other parts of the world as the Age of Exploration unfolded, and they kept discovering “Savages” — aboriginals, hunter-gatherers, or Stone Age cultures where the people were skilled traditionalists, honoring their parents and grandparents and living in the way that had made sense for generations in the places they’d lived in for long long histories.

    Trump & company have reawakened emotions that contrast Our Good People with Those Bad People, using propaganda, repetition, and the mechanisms of electronic media to exert influence over their followers. We’ve got to find ways to undo his mafia & financial backers without the sarcasm and preaching & power politics that leave the underlying problems untouched and just create more resentment.

    But there are people talking about things and doing things and we’ve just had a wonderful object lesson about how bad these “Good People” look when you can watch them break things and threaten important people, and things we kind of think of as our own.

    and I am Jinx

    1. When Trump was elected I started donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center which also tries to offset some of the results of the systemic racism that Trumpism enables.

      1. They do great work but I stopped donating to them when I saw they have hundreds of millions of dollars of endowment.

  6. On Thursday Paul’s foreman called to see if he wanted to drive a company truck to a town 3 hours/300 km away to leave it there for the employees in that area to use. Paul asked if I could go as the return driver and he said yes, since I would be cheaper than another operator who would be getting paid double time. When we went to pick up the company truck he asked if Paul and I wanted to take another truck on Saturday so we said yes. It was a nice bit of extra money for some very easy driving. The dogs enjoyed 2 long car rides back to back. I made a lot more money doing that than the day job.

  7. I’m Canadian so the events of the past week don’t directly affect me, but I have lots of family living in the US. However, what happened in Washington (and over the last 4 years) is a stark reminder that democracy is not a given. As citizens, we need to value and protect our democratic norms and institutions.

    I ordered my seeds for my garden this week. I bought a lime basil plant last year and this year decided to grow from seed in case in case I can’t find it again. It was sold out at several places but I managed to track it down. In addition to vegetables, I’m going to grow flowers too – zinnias, cosmos & snapdragons. Can’t wait!

    I made and sent out thank you cards for Christmas gifts. School kept me busy during the fall so I did very little crafting. I’m going to spend part of today organizing my supplies so it’s easy to find everything when I have some spare time.

  8. Four blue jays in the bare cherry tree branches, on a sunny morning. Noisy, but beautiful!

    I have to admit that one great joy was calling Susan Collins’ office and leaving a message, along the line of, “Hi, this is so and so from such and such, and I would like to THANK the Senator for her contributions to yesterday’s ASSAULT on the CAPITOL BUILDING!!!” Think a crescendo from mezzo piano to forte, no swearing, no screaming.

    A group of college friends from the same voice studio held a Zoom wake for the friends we lost last week. Since we’re spread from the US West Coast to Austria, we had quite range of time zones. One of us collected our photos from the last 40+ years, we brought a drink of two, and reminisced for hours. It was healing and a blessing to be together in that way. My joy is old friends.

  9. A tough week for happiness, but I’m glad DT was fully unmasked and may even be held accountable. Also that Congress members were safe, and that Sherrod Brown is one of my senators.
    And glory to God, the sun came out yesterday after many days of gray, and is out today as well.
    Every day gets us closer to spring.
    Last winter I made a “blessing jar” to collect each week’s highlights on small scraps of paper. I finally read them yesterday–blessings of friendship, of walks, of income, of mostly healthy days. So that’s happy, too.

  10. Wheel well cover came off my car and got entangled with wheel, along with some other plastic part that was under the front bumper (?). We got all the pieces out so that I could drive home and the “how much will this cost to fix?” conversation will happen tomorrow.

    Two shirts I ordered in November said they were at the post office since 12-9 when I tracked through the company, but said had never been sent when I finally tracked through USPS. Last week I asked the company to check for me, and they just re-sent the order. Today I got the FIRST package, with the second one on the way. Cute and cheap enough that I will just pay for the second order and give as gifts, but weird.

    Made a cake and nothing strange happened. Hope this is an omen.

    1. My sister mailed my Xmas card, postmarked 12/15/20 I received it 1/8/21. Was waiting for a check which was received 1/6/21 and postmarked 12/21/20. I was happy to receive both.

  11. Finally finished the mosaic crochet blanket I’ve been working on since October. Finishing a huge project like that makes me happy. Had a birthday on Monday but Covid means that birthday “celebration” has been in dribs and drabs. Hoping to go out to a nice restaurant for next year!

    Saw a meme from on friend on Facebook on Thursday that went along the lines of “I’d like to cancel my subscription to 2021. I’ve reviewed the free 7 day trail and I’m not interested.” Best laugh I’ve had all week.

  12. Analysis of the capitol police officer who led insurrectionists away from the unsecured Senate door is making me happy. It’s really stunning video showing the officer looking to his left, seeing the open door where there were still Senators and aides inside, and clearly making the decision to use himself as bait to distract the people who were out for his blood. He shoves the leader, making the guy angry enough to follow him in the wrong direction (with the rest on his tail) instead of continuing inside the unsecured Senate office.

    It’s really quite amazing if you watch the video, realizing where the unsecured door is and that it happened literally a minute before the door was secured.

    1. That man was definitely a hero. I saw it live as it was happening (and held my breath, thinking he was going to die before my eyes) but seeing it played back and knowing what that he wasn’t just retreating from a mob but actually purposefully leading them away from the Senate…stunning.

  13. I took the bakery bought Christmas cupcakes with gobs of frosting piled in swirls on top out of the freezer to save them from freezer burn.

    The stench of Trump is going to stick around for a while. I just saw on the news a rally is being held in Minnesota of supporters. Same old rant. When was the last time any of them read the Preamble to the Constitution. We all had to memorize it. From beginning to end (four years) of his administration enough is enough. Ten days to go.

    Now to check out those cupcakes.

  14. My local sister often makes me happy, but she outdid herself today. I had just finished yelling at customer disservice at the local paper for their unwillingness to do anything to fix the fact that I didn’t get my Sunday paper. They do this every few months and it never gets fixed. The worst part is that although I can read the articles online, I can’t do the crossword puzzles,because that requires a printer and I do not own one. When I called to ask her to save her copy of the comics and the puzzles for me, she didn’t chastise me for taking my distress out on the Philippine woman who was doing nothing to fix the problem, but turned the discussion to why at least once a week it is worth paying for a print edition. She gets home deliver 4 days a week and if I had the money, I would as well.
    My sister not only promised to save the crucial parts of her paper, but she also said she would give them to me when I came out there on Thursday. This was a major change in policy, because for the last month or two she insisted on coming across town to pick me up every time we wanted to go shopping together. It was a huge waste of her time and gas because it meant she made 2 round trips every time we did this . The extra 2 hours of driving always made me feel very guilty. Maybe this time we can compromise on a ride home, but no pick up.

    I get almost no mail delivery since I convinced most charitable organizations to take me off their bulk mailing lists, so my mailbox is usually empty. But yesterday I got a postcard from a woman in Milwaukee I reconnected with when I was caring for my Mother. It was an end of year/holiday greeting from her and her partner and it really made my day. Not only was the wildlife illustration on the card gorgeous, but it encourages me to start mailing cards again. Both Gretchen and her partner are social workers who have seen a great rise in their caseloads, so if they can manage to send out cards, I can, too. In the meantime, I can look at this beautiful bird illustration and dream of Spring.

    Raspberries and blackberries are on sale, which means that breakfast made me happy today. Some fresh fruit I can afford does a lot to take my mind off the fact that the skies have been gray for the last 13 days in a row.

    Listening to Jenny’s interview last week was also a joy. Not only did I get a kick out of hearing how her voice compared with how I’ve imagined it (I was only 50% wrong), but the description of us on Argh as a community made me again grateful that I have this place to help offset the isolation. I’ve always enjoyed this community, but it matters more than ever, now.

      1. Good question. I assumed it mattered because off shore customer service phone reps can be worse than useless. After a windstorm we were without cable phone/internet for over a week: all we could contact were off shore customer service phone reps who were completely unable to help us. The police dispatcher suggested that we ask to speak to a higher up: still, the off shore higher up was both rude and unhelpful. Finally, two things made a difference: (1) contacting my local state senator and (2) my husband tracking down a cable repair truck.

        Anyway, I did not read the use of Philippine as derogatory. But your question will stay in my mind for future complaints I have. (Even as I write this, I think of 48-state continental US phone reps who I have complained about, especially when they are difficult to understand and have difficulty understanding me.)

      2. It depends if she’s saying the woman is annoying because she’s from that country, or if she’s saying that the whole thing is annoying because the woman is physically in the Philippines and therefore can’t actually help with a local problem.

        I didn’t see it as offensive, but then I have the sensitivity of a warthog.

  15. Happiness is a cell phone. I can spend my time in the cardiologist’s office making some phone calls.

    Happiness is calling my elected officials to say ‘I support your position’ ‘Better reconsider your position’ or ‘RESIGN/IMPEACH! NOW!’

    Purchased a couple of lottery tickets today. I only buy when the jackpot is over $400,000. In memory of my father who loved to play. I miss him.

    Full day tomorrow. That also makes me happy.

  16. It’s been kind of a ragged week what with attempted coup, Dad in the hospital, etc.
    Happy that the government did not in fact entirely fall and that Dad is being well-cared-for.

    Also, not 100% ‘happy’ is the correct signifier, but maybe relieved? Finally cleaning up my life management log, which I haven’t done since 2017 and it was a mess. This means the scribbled-over notes littering my desk for the past six months will be Gone.

  17. Happiness is having a neighbour’s dog visit for two hours to play with my rambunctious setter/retriever mix–and tire said puppy out.

    Happiness is baking two loaves of “artisan” bread so I can enjoy the delicious smell.

    Happiness is chatting (on zoom) with DS in Paris (also in lockdown and under curfew) about family, dogs, and books. Limited talk about the events of last week and the inadequate vaccination programs in EU, Canada, and the U.S. (oh yes, and Britain), which are driving him farther and farther to the left. (Don’t blame him.)

    Happiness is starting back to work tomorrow (giving uni lectures on zoom). My students are mostly the incredibly hardworking and brave frontline healthcare workers.

    This community also makes me happy. Thank you, Argh (and Jenny)!

  18. Happiness is Tuesday’s election results in Georgia! And the principled Sec of State who is in hiding for his and family safety but will get the vote certified by 1/20/2021z

    Happiness is that the insurrection failed . It came incredibly close to winning and killing Pence and Pelosi. Which is what they were chanting they wanted to do.

    Happiness is that these white supremacists were dumb enough to out themselves on social media which should make it easier to find and convict them and get out the ones that are elected officials or law enforcement. Which is a disgrace.

    Happiness is that Trump is off Twitter Facebook and Instagram and that someone created John Barron on Twitter…

    Happiness is that Rep Raskin is heroic (sadness is that he and his daughter were subjected to such a traumatic experience so soon after he lost his son).

    Happy that a couple years ago my local county executive won over the candidate of the developers —he has not only stood up to business during the pandemic but he sent in our police in 20 minutes when requested by DC (we border it abd have a mutual support agreement among local law enforcement not subject to the national guard rules).

    I have a lot of sadness and anger too but these are my happiness items .

    1. Also Alexandra Petri resigning from the Death Star.
      “ Destroying planets and using fear of this battle station to keep the local systems in line was my No. 1 passion until — about 30 seconds ago, weirdly! That was when I saw the X-wings that had evaded our turbo-lasers and were proceeding down a trench toward our vulnerable thermal exhaust port — and realized I had to speak up. I thought: What if remorselessly destroying planets isn’t my passion? What if my real passion is staying alive and avoiding the consequences of my actions?”


      1. She’s so good. I still remember the one she did for Christmas 2019 about those creepy red trees.

  19. I was happy to get an editing job when I feared another week without earning. And yesterday I managed to drive safely down a steep, twisty single-track lane covered in snow over ice (the traction was very iffy), which I turned onto in all innocence, the roads up to that point being completely clear. I ended up doing a more sociable walk than planned, a bit lower down, but staying safe. And had a long chat with an old friend this evening: we’re going to try and do a weekly Zoom or FaceTime, which would be good. She’s dealing with being made redundant; and of course I can’t have her to stay.

  20. Having G & R for the day on Monday. We have De Dutch breakfast followed by the trip to Kids Books where we purchased 2 puzzles, 3 books after much searching and humming and hawing, and 2 pairs of cute ankle socks. H decided we should pop in to see other son for surprise visit. Great 20 minute visit in the lobby with many hugs and pets and dog face washes from Marlowe. Back home. They played Library with my books. There are many piles of books in interesting places “on loan.” R never gives a book to take out. Lots of discussion which book to take out but no book. Very happy day for the four of us.

  21. We have had new lockdowns and border closures down here, which have affected my job security again, and I am expecting to be stood down again from next Wednesday. Happiness was calculating yesterday that even with the reduced level of government support available this quarter I can get by until April without touching my savings. And by then we will have started vaccinations, and things could look a lot less grim for the industry. I’m taking it as a win.

  22. Friday, I drove Daughter and her cat home after a 2+ month visit. Miss them, but it’s relaxing to have house to ourselves again.

    Two Democratic senators from Georgia, Yay! Trumps’ terrorists invading Capitol — we need to remember this. Never forget.

    Son and daughter-in-law in Poland saw all the videos of the Wednesday riot. They said Poles were shocked. They had trouble believing that this was happening in the US.

    Happy to do exercises, water plants, wash clothes, get out and buy groceries. Give myself a day or two and I’ll be back to researching. Good times ahead.

  23. Kittens had their big day on Friday: vet for health check, vaccinations, neutering, microchipping, and manicure. As an added surprise it turned out to be their time to be “Internet Kitties of the Week” at the Professional Left Podcast:

    The comments are at the end of the podcast, Episode 580, for just about a minute starting at 1:05:08. This podcast has a few (fake) sponsors and one of them is Freshly Poured Cat Food — “whether it’s gourmet cat food or dollar-store dreck, your cat will sit on the floor and demand that his cat food is Freshly Poured.”

    And THEN, once home [“should keep the plastic cone on for about seven days; no running, jumping, or playing with other animals” — lasted about five seconds after they were out of the carrier], Toby ran upstairs and hid under the bed in the spare bedroom. We thought he wanted to sleep off the remains of the anesthetic in quiet, but when my brother went to check on him, he found him — just about out of reach — unmoving even when poked. Bob thought he’d choked to death trying to get himself out of the cone, and had to take the bed apart, mattress and box spring, to reach him. When he did, he discovered Toby had the cone off, but a cord used to tie it in place caught and tight around his neck. Happily, Toby — though his neck muscles must have been very uncomfortable — is very much among the living and a bundle of energy today. We decided WE wouldn’t survive if they had to keep the cones on for the rest of the week! Luckily they aren’t uncomfortable around the incision sites, so far.

    Other than that, my Friday Zoom meeting went well, with a program called, “Courtship, Sex, And The Single Colonist,” which was fun. And I have greatly enjoyed following as various terrorists are identified and quoted as explaining how they were just sightseers who were pushed by the crowd into the Capitol. And a bunch of social media accounts being closed down for “Glorification of Violence.” Let’s hope they stay down until well after January 20.

    By the way, Inauguration Day is a palindrome: 1202021!

      1. It was, and I think Toby owes a lot to my brother, who sailed right in to take the room apart, even when he thought Toby hadn’t made it. He was in time.

  24. Today’s happiness? Sitting in my chair with the dogs in my lap having decided I’m not cleaning up the kitchen after my grown children who think they are entitled to live here without responsibilities. They actually did do a load of dishes but I estimate they have at least three more loads to do before we can see the counters.

    I’m not even mad about it, I’m just done cleaning up after the three of them.

  25. I forgot the timed release source of happiness. I found a set of note cards that I’m sure will give me great pleasure to use. They feature a drawing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the words Speak the Ruth underneath.

  26. My daydream today involved a joint session of congress impeaching Trump for Inciting Insurrection AND convicting him. Unwilling to inherit the Trump presidency, Pence resigns and Pelosi is sworn in by the chief justice as President.

    Federal Marshals notify the secret service, which stands down. The attempt to arrest Donald for inciting insurrection and he resists, taking away an agent’s gun and shooting at anyone in the room. The return fire ends his life.

    It’s not a nice daydream. I’ve had it several times, and the only thing that changes is who’s in the room when Donald opens fire.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, it was Take the Dotter Shopping and Dining Day once again, and once again 2GS rode along. Shopping was only Target, dinner was Texas Roadhouse for adults, McD and BK for all the kinder. Lots of double che-boigyas.

  27. This was a whiplash week in DC. I’m happy I had good friends to text with as it was all going down—one very close to the Capitol and one in London. We were all watching different channels, so we could keep each other current.

    I noticed that very early on in the coverage the networks I was watching stopped using “protesters” and switched to “rioters.” It sounded as if the news desks had sent the word out. I appreciated the accuracy.

    I am hopeful that there will be some accountability. Despite the Traitor Caucus call for ignoring the attack in the name of unity, it seems like the sane are proceeding with impeachment. My senators and representative are out front.

    If the House waits for a while to forward the articles of impeachment to the Senate, it may be that the true extent of the coup attempt may be known and we may get a few more Republican votes. I doubt he will be convicted, but I also didn’t think we’d have two new progressive Senators from Georgia, so what do I know?

    And maybe some of the worst elements of the House and Senate will be expelled, like the rep who was live-tweeting Speaker Pelosi’s location for the rioters. She can definitely go.

    Also, I made some delicious soup and a vegan tofu “egg” salad that was the closest I’ve come to real egg salad. I even had some cress so I could mimic my favorite British egg and cress on granary bread sandwiches.

  28. I spent the weekend at a gathering at a friend’s place by a native forest. We talked heaps, ate heaps, walked through the forest, and floated down a (very cold) river. It was great.

  29. I finally read Courtney Milan’s The Duke Who Didn’t (excellent, though does technically fail the test of “if these people just talked to each other”) and I had two good long phone calls with friends I don’t talk to enough. Also we celebrated my Dad’s birthday.

    This week I’ve arranged my work schedule so that I can focus exclusively on grad school applications and a light re-write of my WIP. Neither of those are small things, but they’re manageable, and the idea of having manageable right now feels huge.

  30. Happiness is so slippery.

    I’m pretty sure that I’m pretty happy. But trying to catch the moments is like trying to hold on to sparkles of light. My kids make me happy (and angry, sad, amused, frustrated and everything else), and good food, and sunshine and talking to friends, but to catch a moment of that?

    OK, so today I dropped my daughter at friend’s for a sleepover. She’s nearly 13, and as she walked away, she’s all long legs, long hair, on the edge of growing up, still my little girl (only like 6 inches taller than me) and just seeing her made me happy, one of those little sparkly moments of light.

  31. Happy that there weren’t more injuries from the rioting, although pretty damned unhappy about the whole thing otherwise. Although I guess you could say that Trump and a few other people showed their true (truer?) colors and that at least some of the rioters are facing some consequences.

    Every time I think about the wins in Georgia I break into a happy dance, so there’s that.

    Happy to finally be back to work on the writing of the 3rd cozy, although life has put me way behind. And the first one in the series is coming out February 23rd which I am both happy and hyperventilating-ly terrified about. Plus overwhelmed by the idea of doing all the promo on top of everything else.

    Happiness is definitely difficult.

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