Andrea at Shelf Love Encourages Me to Babble

So the wonderful Andrea Martucci has an equally wonderful podcast called Shelf Love, which you are all probably already aware of. One of first podcasts was on Bet Me, and during that one she asked a question and, when I found the podcast a year later, I e-mailed her and answered it. And she asked me to do a podcast and I said sure. And it’s up today.. Andrea asks great questions, and it was so much fun talking to her that I babbled for what seemed like days (very easy to talk to, Andrea is) and the podcast ended up an hour and a half, so bring snacks if you decide to listen.

And thank you very much, Andrea, I had a wonderful time.

32 thoughts on “Andrea at Shelf Love Encourages Me to Babble

  1. And here I was, wondering what I might do to amuse myself on a gray Ohio day. Thanks!

    1. It was a gray (or possibly grey – is there a difference?) Virginia day for me. The podcasts brightened everything up.

  2. Just listened to that podcast. It was fascinating, although I still don’t know enough about Dove Bars. I don’t think they are available in Canada. Are they?

      1. I remember trying the ice cream bars after you had Sophie tell Dilly they were “an insanely good ice cream bar.” Raspberry ice cream is, alas, not my bliss. I prefer the Breyers Carb Smart ice cream bars, Chocolate or Vanilla, but have been known to buy the store brand mini bars.

      1. And in the States. And while we may ask for a bar of Dove, a Dove bar always refers to the ice cream bar. When WTT was written, Dove had not started making chocolate bars.

        1. They must have been making them. I ate them the whole time I wrote the book. Or do you mean the candy? I googled: Dove/Mars started making the candy in 1990. WTT came out in 2000.

          1. I thought the bars came out later than the individual pieces, but I have no sense of time. Either that or my brain shorted out when I bought a pound of dark chocolate Frango mints for less than half price this afternoon.

    1. Sometimes at small stores but not at the larger grocery stores. At least in Vancouver. I grabbed one when I saw it after Bet Me.

  3. I loved it! I almost never listen to Podcasts. I am so glad you mentioned this one. It was so much fun hearing you.
    Also I loved hearing praise of Lucifer, Season 3, since I had a role in one of the episodes – The Last Heartbreak. I think Tom Ellis has a wonderful voice. I could listen to him read the phonebook for hours. I got to listen to him off the set playing the piano and working on a song.
    I am still a member of RWA and of the Los Angeles Chapter of RWA LARA.
    I don’t feel I have a lot to contribute to the discussion. I did try. I agree. It wasn’t the right time.
    I was a judge for the 2015 RITA – the year I entered my first book. I was given several books to read. One of them – a book I judged as fairly banal, won.
    That was when I realized none of my books ever had a chance because I write cross genre. And that the books I judged as my favorites never had a chance either. It seemed to me you had to be middle of the road, white and have a young heroine. Those will never be my favorite books.
    But I did go the NYC 2015 Conference and get to meet you, and Beverly Jenkins and SEP and Jayne Ann Krentz. And I had my first Chocolate Martini. So RWA gave me a wonderful gift.
    Happy 2021

  4. Thank you for the link to the podcast! Not only was it a joy in itself, but it was very interesting to hear how closely your voice does and doesn’t resemble the way I imagined it.

    1. It’s alway a slight surprise to hear the American accent; which I know is irrational, but it’s not something I hear in my head when I’m reading the comments/blog posts here. It’s like reading about characters in cars, when for some reason it becomes significant which side the driver’s on, and I suddenly have to switch them over in my head.

  5. I liked hearing the energy that comes through when you speak too! And even though I’m one of “the blog people”, I didn’t know you posted essays here. Now I’m looking forward to reading your essays! Thanks!

  6. Thank you! That podcast was wonderful. First I’ve listened to in years (brain doesn’t audio process well) but it was worth it. I may go back and read the transcript as well (now that I notice it’s there).

    1. There is some occasional weirdness in the transcript (because a computer did it) but it’s pretty close overall.

  7. That was great. Thanks for Good book Thursday. Have read so many great books and new authors. Must read Murderbots, still haven’t read them. I really must.

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