Happiness is Good People in the Time of Snow

Before the storm, Mollie called me and made sure I had plenty of everything I needed. That made me feel loved.

After the storm, my neighbor-across-the-street Allan came over with his snowblower and made a path from the street to my front walk because he is a good man. That made me feel grateful.

During the storm, Bob e-mailed me and we had this exchange . . .

BOB: Do you know how to trap for food?

JENNY: No, I don’t know how to trap for food.  I know how to shop for food and put it in the fridge.

BOB: Trapping is much more efficient than hunting. If you haven’t bought any snares– I recommend Redneck Snares on Amazon–you can always rip some ligaments out of your non-primary arm and use those.

JENNY: Good tip about the non-primary arm.

BOB: And then you can eat the arm but only after stopping the bleeding.

JENNY: I am not eating my left arm.

BOB: After you use the ligaments to make snares, you use the larger bones as clubs and the ones from the hands as fishing lures.
No waste.


BOB: Wimp.

. . . which made me laugh.

And then Krissie’s box of Christmas presents arrived which made me feel like a little kid again, presents and snow and something to look forward to on Christmas.

What I’m saying is, the people in my life make me happy (and grateful). What made you happy this week?

Working Wednesday, December 16, 2020

I’m writing this on Tuesday because on Wednesday we’re supposed to get slammed with 16″ of snow. Upside: It’s not two feet, which we’ve gotten buried in before. So my work today and tomorrow (and for the pat four days) before the white stuff is making sure there’s firewood by my front door (in case the power goes out, which it always does, please don’t let the power go out) and plenty of food I don’t have to cook, which means cooking ahead. I have bottled water, blankets, dogs, and both people and pet food. As long as the power stays on, I’ll enjoy this–snow is beautiful–but if you don’t hear from me for awhile, it’ll be because I don’t have internet.

So what did you work on this week?

Happiness is a Little Snow

It snowed here Wednesday. It fell in gentle flakes and made my hellaciously overgrown yard with its backdrop of bare trees look like a holiday card. We didn’t get much, I could clear the walk with a push broom, but it fell for a couple of hours, and since it was going to be in the forties later that day, I didn’t even worry about the push broom. Weather Valium. Which is not to say that I want more, just that snow is beautiful (for about an inch) and that made me happy. (And now we’re getting fourteen inches on Wed. Because there is no free lunch winter.)

What made you happy this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, December 10, 2020

Krissie and I agreed to read Ten Things I Hate About the Duke, and then we started talking about one of her faves, Mine Until Midnight, and I said she should read Last Night’s Scandal, although it’s better if you read the book that comes before that (Lord Perfect) since that’s the one where Olivia and Peregrine meet as children and start their friendship (in fact most of that mini-series is good so I’m re-reading my way through the other three books, too). Then Krissie bought me her fave, The Prince of Midnight, so it’s pretty much been historical romance 24/7 here.

What did you read this week?

Working Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I think my brains dribbled out my ears this week. I have about fifty unanswered e-mails and several online tasks that my frontal lobe keeps sliding off of. Plus writing. Cleaning. Sending out my Christmas cards (ha). Getting presents sent since there will be no family get togethers. Yeah, I did none of that.

I’m covered with shame. Please tell everybody what you accomplished this week to distract from my slothfulness. (Sloths are five times slower than a drifting iceberg. That’s been me this week.)


I just got halfway through a book where the hero smirked, the heroine cried all the time, and they all circled the drain without arcing. So I skipped to the end. THREE epilogues. THREE.

I don’t know whether I’m just grumpy–I’m behind on everything–but lately romance is just annoying the hell out of me. I think I’ll go read Murderbot again.

THREE EPILOGUES. With smirking. Jesus wept.

Happiness is Hearing a Loved One’s Voice

I haven’t seen my daughter in forever, but tonight she called and we talked about pretty much everything, including remote gifting, which was almost like shopping with her. We had some professional gifts to talk about that, in the past, had always been huge boxes of really good chocolates (Esther Price) sent to businesses. But business is all remote now, so now the gifts are personal, and we both hit the net and looked at Tea Forte gifts and squeed and laughed over the same ones (those red holiday cups!). It wasn’t as good as being with her, I couldn’t hug her, but I could hear her beautiful voice and that made me so happy.

What made you happy this week?

This is a Good Book Thursday, December 3, 2020

I read Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall, and it was really, really good. If you liked Red, White, and Royal Blue, this is that with more edge. Plus funny as hell. Now reading Wild and Crazy Guys by Nick de Semiyen, a book about comedy in the 80s (all male) to be followed by a palate cleanser, Pretty Funny: Women Comedians and Body Politics, by Linda Mizejewski who I just realized was on my PhD general exams committee, something I’m sure she forgot immediately.

Then probably a re-read of Regina Barreca’s They Used To Call Me Snow White But I Drifted, Women’s Strategic Use of Humor. I learned a lot from that book, time to review. Oh, and I read If You Ask Me, one of Betty White’s memoirs, more of a stream of consciousness thing that was like a nice chat. Very good to read before bed.

What did you read this week?

Working Wednesday, December 2, 2020

So here it is, December. Normally, I’d be dealing with Christmas, working on the buying and wrapping and baking; this year I’m just looking forward to 2021, which won’t be nearly as much fun to type. That’s about best thing I can say about 2020: It was fun to type. I cleaned half my bathroom–there’s a lot of stuff in my bathroom, most of which does not belong there–and did a surface clean in my bedroom. That is, I cleaned the surfaces: the bay window, both (big) bed end tables and the bureau. If there is a surface, I will dump something on it, so that took some time. Big plans for the rest of this week? The other half of the bathroom and the bedroom floor, which is really just more surface, only lower.

What did you do this week?