Working Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I’m making fettuccine (shallots and rosemary and mushrooms and tarragon and tomatoes and basil and garlic and lemon and baby peppers and possibly some steak but not much) and throwing things out (why did I think there was going to be a shortage of cardboard boxes?). Also working on Anna, which I shut down on when reality became a real bastard and refused to leave my brain. I’m thinking it’s time to bake something; there’s work and then there’s work where you get to eat something chocolate warm from the oven when you’re done.

What did you work on this week? Brag here.

49 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, November 4, 2020

  1. I worked as a poll worker on Sunday and the big day. It was a fun, painless experience both times. We got out on time, but I don’t feel well and could use some naps. Might schedule a bunch of medical checkups I’ve been putting off.
    Then again there’s a Protect the Vote protest tonight and might call a few senator’s offices. . .

  2. I have been making jewelry to sell at the holiday season because my brain can’t focus enough for writing. But the jewelry is done, so I have to figure out how to write somehow.

    Otherwise most of my work involves my actual job, managing an artist cooperative shop featuring local artists and craftspeople. A friend and I founded it 21 years ago, and we’re not sure it is going to survive this pandemic. It is way more stressful than usual, and I feel as though I am holding it together with duct tape and the sheer force of my will. And I’m running out of duct tape.

    1. I think a copy of your book was suggested to me by Netgalley… Furbidden Fatality. It sounds delightful!

  3. This past Friday, my DH and I went to my MIL’s house and repotted her outdoor plants. She’s 93, and it isn’t something she should be doing any more. I’m hoping to encourage her children and grandchildren to accept a plant or two, to lessen the burden on her. I don’t know that they think of that. During the colder months, her dining room is turned into a greenhouse for all of the flora in place. This is also the year that we are all very concerned for her health, so lessening the burden all around would be a good thing.

    At home I’m in the midst of prepping to go to a mini quilt retreat. A friend has a small cabin, and there will be five of us up there, sewing and being undisturbed by the world around us. With the social distancing of the porch, it should be a fine getaway. Hopefully, I’ll be productive.

    On Sunday, I happened upon a pattern/video for a No fog on glasses facemask. I could have sworn I clicked on the link in the Sunday happiness blog, but going back I couldn’t find it. It definitely intrigued me, so I made a couple to take with me on retreat. I’ll let you know if it works.

    I did finish up the main body of the mosaic crochet afghan. I still love it, although the border is taking forever. I’ll be happy when that is done.

    1. Was it this one? I’ve been sharing it far and wide.
      I’ve made two so far. I haven’t had the time to finish the 3 I cut. I expected to post those photos for Working Wednesday, alas, it is not to be.

    2. Love the mosaic afghan!

      I hope you have as much fun and relaxation as I did or more on my mini quilting retreat! The break was so needed!

  4. Last week I had one day off to burn off over time and a workshop on how to relax properly on Wednesday, so on one hand life was good. Ootoh the usual workload still had to be finished and a meeting be prepared for Monday, so when I went home last Friday (with 2,5 hrs plus) to start my one-week-holiday, I took work home anyway. And much will have accumulated in the meantime. Oh the joys of one-woman-departments…

    In spite of the weather outside being grayish outside, we’ll go for a walk and to pick up dear son’s new prescription glasses.

    There’s the idea to also get an early dinner from Dean & David (great chain with fresh salads, wraps and bowls). I love them and with a veggie as son, I’m not the only one.

    But before doing so I hope to finish some Ancient Greek and Latin homework (purely for leisure) and drill some Greek vocabulary into my head which it usually refuses to do. Latin is such a stroll in the park in contrast… but the Greek grammar is fascinatingly similar to German 😉

    Looking forward to tonight as we might continue to watch “Barbarians” on Netflix. Watched the positive review by Scorpio Martianus regarding the actor’s Latin pronunciation, so I’m keen on hearing them talk.
    I love so many books with Romans as the heroes (i.e. the Falco series by Lindsay Davis – very well researched). Here they are the oppressors, viewed from the perspective of the oppressed. By the German tribes – clearly the underdogs.
    “My” people in the South/Bavaria would be then have enjoyed the Roman culture already, but still would have been the conquered and underdogs.
    Barbarians recounts the battle of Varus’ legions (plus how it came about) that effectively stopped the Romans going any further north. The South continued to belong to the Empire (think Cambodunum and Augusta Vindelicorum).
    Although I do know that the tribes will succeed in the end, the whole topic is highly fascinating as in recent time there were new discoveries about where the battle took place and what happened with the defeated. It’s thrilling and exciting apart from gruesomeness. The show is not as gruesome as Game of Thrones though which was far too dark for my timid self.

  5. Exercised twice! I have started counting calories- first time ever. Pretty much it’s an awareness game for me. I have been over calories almost every day, but trending the right way. Eating slightly better, and we have stopped most junk food.

    Goal is to try eating breakfast as Tim Ferris suggests in his book the 4 Hour Body. He has some extreme-seeming stuff, and I’m overwhelmed by the science bits, but the diet seems straightforward.

    I’ve added protein to breakfast so far where there was practically none, and I can’t believe how full I get! I mean, obviously, since I’ve known the impact, but now I FEEL it!

    When I run out of English muffins, I’m going to try his recommendation of spinach, lentils and eggs. Might try an omelet, we’ll see.

    And exercised on the new stepper twice. I felt guilt getting the stepper, so this is good! Twenty minutes, heart rate high and sweating like mad (unusual for me).

    Work, I have been out the planned half hour late only two days in a row! Today will be final day, then done on time is the goal. Feel like I’ve gotten my life back. O.o

    So, ignoring the damn election, it’s going pretty good here. We’ve got a COVID watch, but I’m ignoring that until 2 weeks have passed (while quarantining, don’t worry). Then I’ll consider the anxiety of it.

  6. I’m thinking I’ll go live with my brother in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada until life here becomes sane again. Oh Wait. Canada won’t let me in because COVID. And because I’m an American, which makes them saner than me.

    I’m supposed to be working on a newsletter for work. Ha! I can’t concentrate. I’m afraid it’s going to be a mess this week.

    I woke up at 3:00 am to check the results, which is crazy because we all know it’s going to be days. My daughter is moving to London. Maybe she’d take me as a boarder.

    1. Powell River is pretty but too remote for this city person — we were considering retiring there. I thought Americans could still fly in to see family. I know they fly in to work (film shooting here).

  7. I finished five freelance jobs yesterday, including a reissue of ‘Food Rules’ by Michael Pollan, which was fun. Alas, it turns out the Romanian translation I agreed to proof-read, which was supposed to be reasonably positive, with a bit of magical realism on the side, is hideously nihilistic. So I am not looking forward to the next week.

    Just picked up a load of plants from a friend who’s selling her house and doesn’t know when or where she’s going to be long-term. So I really need to do some potting on tomorrow, and to plant a David Austin rose (‘Lady Emma Hamilton’) that looks on its last legs, but which she wants me to try and revive. It needs to go in the allotment, which means I need to sort out the permanent layout of the plot immediately (it’s spending the night in an old compost bag).

  8. Did a little woodworking last weekend, a little housecleaning, and work. Work really makes me feel like a small rodent running on a wheel, but I did make some progress. I can’t understand how I can be so busy and still not get anything done.

    I managed to avoid all news yesterday, but weakened and peeked this morning. That was stupid. It’s still uncertain and much, much closer than I had hoped. Argh!!! What are people thinking!?!

  9. I just unloaded my dismay in a long Twitter thread. Struggling, so am reaching out. If anyone want to read and question for clarity. I’m sarahv2k there. Good, useful suggestions welcome.

    Also, if anyone hasn’t seen Prof Glaude on TV, do watch this clip once you’ve had a break from wall to wall voting coverage. Watch it and sit with it.

    It’s exactly what some people have asked many of us to do, and we haven’t. Or we’ve resisted. If we’re going to facilitate the extinction burst, it comes with removing the traits from ourselves.

    1. Wow. Thank you.
      I’ve always been irritated when people talk about the US “loosing its innocence.” We’re way too powerful to have the luxury of “innocence,” for God’s sake. Little children get to be innocent, it’s not an admirable trait for adults, it’s just ignorance.

      1. The whole ‘losing innocence’ thing is so dodgy. When we had our mass shooting at Port Arthur back in 1996, all the media talked about poor little Tasmania losing its innocence. This is a state that began as a penal colony and drove its Aboriginal population to the brink of extinction, among other crimes. Brutality was our foundation, and racism. Not much innocence there to lose, in my opinion.

    2. Thank you for sharing that, Sure Thing. That is essential viewing, and something my country also needs to confront in ourselves.

      I’m not on twitter, so will say here that I’m glad you’re reaching out, and that you remember that we’re all here for you. Please be kind to yourself today. x

  10. Rehearsing for a play, knitting a shrug. I did write a first scene of a play, we’ll see if I ever get back to that.

  11. Yesterday I went to the dentist and Charlie the dog went to the vet to get his anal glands cleaned out (just as gross as it sounds which is why I pay the vet to do it).

    Today I arranged an appointment with the periodontist for February 2021. Haven’t been there since January! I also emailed the provincial government about a COVID issue that’s not addressed on their website. I also went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make chicken breasts stuffed with blackberries, goat cheese, and spinach and to the hardware store to pick up my ergonomic snow shovel.

    Now that it’s almost noon, I’m going to work.

  12. Got my second shingles shot, working on refreshing my knowledge of a very useful multi-channel, single source publishing content management blah blah blah. Very dull to learn, but great to use.

  13. Bragging-Watchung our ballots being opened and counted. Home to take care of my dog and then going back for more.

    The public has no idea of the scope of the work in running an election.

  14. I managed to avoid the news entirely yesterday by reading. Finished a full-length book, a collection of historical short stories, and two novellas.

    Also have averaged 2500 words/day over the past week though not all in the same project. Have decided that it’s perfectly legit to spend NaNoWriMo writing three different novels because who the hell cares, writing is writing.

    Did tiny bits of housekeeping and watered the plants outside. My little vacation ended today with 209 emails in my work in-box. As of now I have whacked it down to 64. Will shortly have lunch and then attack it again.

  15. I read through the second draft of my middle-grade duck book (which is a followup to my chicken book) and discovered it was an incoherent mess. The main plot, which is the relationship between the kid and the duck, had pretty much disappeared. So it was really helpful to read some of your back posts about revision, and apply them.

    Now I’m reshaping the whole thing – bringing the meeting between kid and duck forward to the first chapter, so that even though they can’t communicate, there’s the beginning of something. Not quite sure how to fix the rest of it, but I remain optimistic.

    1. So because America’s on my mind, this immediately started ‘So be kind to your flat-footed friends, for a duck may be somebody’s mother . . .’ playing in my head.

      1. I’d forgotten about that. Had to go google the lyrics which I’d also forgotten:

        Be kind to your web footed friends,
        For that duck may be somebody’s mother
        She lives in a hole in a swamp
        Where the weather is always damp
        You may think that this is the end:
        Well it is, but to prove that we’re all liars
        We’re going to sing it again,
        But only this time we will sing a little higher . . .

        Over and over and over again.

        The bit about the swamp is timely.

    2. I feel your pain. I’m trying to focus on the Anna/Nate relationship arc, which means I’m borking the action subplots. I am having fun writing banter, but banter after awhile becomes like too much sugar, people start to get queasy.

      1. Banter is what I live on. Okay, I recognize action subplots are needed to set off all that life-making banter. Banter, always.

  16. It has been the type of week so far where I catch every minute I’m home with my cats for stress relief and try to get an early start to bed. I’m still waiting on the results tonight with bated breath but we may not know till late. I’m also still currently at work so I’m hoping to get some good food on the way home and settle down with Schitt’s Creek on netflix.

  17. Trying to meet a freelance deadline next Monday, complicated by fussy computer and life getting in the way. Ridiculous meeting at non-freelance work today. Hassles with dropping off a meal for people this evening.
    But I made pumpkin cake–I do love chocolate, but it’s the right time for pumpkin cake. Trying to get everything in order for an outpatient surgery Tuesday, and all the things get in the way of freelance work. Argh!

  18. I made cookie dough and mixed in the heath snack size candy bars that I got at 50% on Nov. 2nd since Halloween was over. I was completely able to avoid all Halloween candy until the 2nd and then all willpower was gone. I’ve been binging on sugar ever since.

    Not much accomplished at work. I’m making it to meetings, but that’s about it. At least we’ve had surprisingly gorgeous weather in MI, sunny and in the 60’sF. Normally, we’d be in the 40’s or lower and snow.

    I did go to a mini quilting retreat last weekend. I baked for it – cinnamon star bread, muffins, and rolls. (food: While there I did a Jelly Roll race to make a large baby quilt top and put borders around a panel for another baby quilt. (baby quilt tops: I also worked on making blocks for a 3rd top, one that’s for me (blocks:

    (Sorry, I know 3 links will put this post into moderation.)

  19. I mowed the lawn and picked up dog poop. 2 weeks ago I was shoveling 8 inches of snow. Today it was 75. I did not expect to wear shorts again this year. This seems much more like Colorado then Minnesota.

  20. It’s been a week. I spent yesterday glued to 538’s election feed and I still would be, except nothing’s happening so they’ve gone to bed like sensible people.

    We had a spray can explode in a cupboard on Saturday and spray stinky brown stuff everywhere. The cupboard had hundreds of things in it, and the smell even got into closed boxes. And did I mention it stinks. Five days later, we’re still cleaning up. And on top of that, it’s been pretty busy at work, and we’ve been frantically planning a New Year’s gathering for 100 people, and a friend’s coming to stay next week so we’ve been gardening and cleaning the rest of the house. Everything that’s not covered in stuff from the cupboard, anyway.

    On a much more positive note, we ended up with a glut of fruit, so I’ve been eating a lot of it. And I feel healthier. I’m seriously thinking of keeping it up. I could have fruit and nuts for breakfast and lunch and snacks, and then an actual meal at night. Effortless and very good for me – what’s not to like?

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