31 thoughts on “We’re Talking about Bob’s New Idea on HWSWA

  1. Jenny: Three Wheels. Two Wheels died in the first scene, remember?

    Bob: I miss him.

    When I read this title, I thought it meant in Arresting Anna, ya know mob connection and whatnot.

    All these years later I realise that re-runs of the second Carol Burnett show heavily influenced my sense of humour. I tried to find and watch watch what I could of the first one and never got over Bob Mackie’s dress.

    1. Please, please, please bring Shane & Agnes back! That is the book ever. The one you turn to when everything goes to hell!

  2. I follow a DIY blogger from, I think, North Carolina and she and her husband were putting up these dark velvet curtains in their spare room. They had put the curtains on the rod and she was filming her husband as he was getting ready to put the curtain rod up. He had put the curtain rod on his shoulders because it was easier for him to carry everything that way and as soon as he started to stand up all I saw was Carol Burnett. I DM’d her and told her what a good laugh it had given me and that I really hoped she understood the joke (she is quite young and was not even born when the sketch first aired). Fortunately, she did.

  3. OMG, I want this book! Please tell Bob “book, book, book, book!” for me? I would love to revisit these characters, and the plot sounds like you, Jenny!

    1. Counting Anna, I have TEN books to finish.
      I’m not collaborating with anybody until I have those done.

      Arresting Anna
      Stealing Nadine
      Haunting Alice

      Paradise Park
      Monday Street

      You Again

      Surprise Lily

      Lavender’s Blue
      Rest in Pink
      (Yellow Brick Roadkill)

      The Devil in Nita Dodd

      And that’s before I get to the novellas

      “Ghost of a Chance” (Alice at 15)

      (“Hot Toy”)(Christmas)
      “Cold Hearts” (Valentine’s Day)
      “Warm Bodies” (Halloween)

      1. If you did all of these in this order up to Surprise Lily, I’d be deliriously happy.

        I admit to selfishly praying that I get to read the first 2, now 3 with Anna. No really, as in daily prayers. 🤷🏻‍♀️

          1. A million years ago it was a collaboration and it may be again, but right now it’s one of three books by three authors set in the same time and place. In other words, Krissie and Toni will write their own books and Cat (my protagonist) will be a minor character working in the background.

            It was just too hard getting our schedules to jive. Plus for a triple collaboration you really need to meet in person at least once, and that’s just not possible anymore. No, Zoom will not do it.

  4. Like everyone says, I would read Bob’s book for sure. There’s just so much to enjoy about the premise.

  5. Agnes and the Hitman is one of my favourite audio books. I am looking forward to reading this book. I had to Google red wedding because I have not watched Game of Thrones.

    As I was reading your discussion, I kept thinking what the bride would be feeling. She has to marry a man for political reasons rather than love. She has to make her family happy and the people of Andova, who would want to see a romantic wedding day. Now men are running around playing war games at the same venue as her wedding. Bridezilla moment!

    Just a suggestion: the bride takes one of the paint guns and shoots (with Jenny’s idea that the guns have been swapped). She could unwittingly restart the red wedding that Shane thought he had stopped. Now Shane (with the brides help) has to stop it again. Agnes accidently killed at the start of her book, which began the story and brought Shane into her life.

  6. Yeah, Bob’s book needs Carpenter, great foil to Shane.

    Wait. What? BOB’s writing screwball comedy?

  7. I know why Agnes is in Paris, So Bob won’t have to write any mushy sex scenes.
    (I can’t remember the expression he used and I’m too lazy to go look for the book)

  8. Both of you MUST write your books (Anna and Shane 2.0). Now! Although iwouldn’t be averse to another collaboration.

  9. I’m thinking I have to forget about the weekend assassin thing as it doesn’t make sense. Plus it’s a plot ploy that wouldn’t work. I think there are outside killers and at least one spy/turncoat in the wedding party. I’ll have to cogitate more on this. But if the groom wants a Red Wedding theme and the bride wants a traditional Andova wedding with swords and stuff, it sort of makes sense. I think dropping the Gone with the Wing thing is probably best. One rule I’m trying to follow is less is better. Simpler is better.

    1. I left a comment over at HWSWA, but destination weddings often include wedding party activities to keep people amused. I once had to organise a historical scavenger hunt, a high tea and pampering day, and a karaoke pub crawl for the same damn wedding. From the other side of the world. Bridesmaiding ain’t easy.

      So war games/ weapons training (how many guys know how to use a sword anyway?) to keep the groomsmen amused? I’d buy it.

      1. How on earth did you set up a historical scavenger hunt that has left you unlynched by the local museum staff?

        1. Find the object and take a photo with it. Do not steal the historical object. No liability is admitted for criminal stupidity.

  10. I want this new Shane book now that I know it is a possibility. The idea of him running a wedding is just so much fun. Especially if the theme is a wedding that turned into a massacre. I haven’t even seen or read Game of Thrones and I still know enough to think that’s a terrible idea.

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