So it’s been a week . . .

I fully intended to have the entire Act One of Anna up today. Then I got my flu and pneumonia shots and have been flat on my back for three days thanks to what I’m fairly sure is an immune response. I’m getting better every day so I’m not worried, but ye gods I do not want that pain again. I never thought anything could keep me from writing if I wanted to, but when it hurts to move your arms, typing is not fun.

Having said that, obviously I am typing again.

Before the Shot Disaster, I had also managed to do most of a collage, and that really opened up the book for me. It’s still a chaotic mess in my head, but I have a good direction to go in, and I’m loving the characters. I still have to find placeholders for the FBI team and the museum employees, and there are probably at least a dozen more plot objects, but I’ve got the major characters, kind of, and as always, moving them around in the collage has sparked a lot of ideas.

Plus, I’m thinking about how I want to arc this romance, and I think this one’s going to be different, move faster, so I’ll spend more story time with them working together, building the relationship, ditching the will/they/won’t/they because that, while fun, is one of those duh questions. It’s a romance novel, of course they will. In fact, they already have, but that was Lucy and Charlie, so there’s some deniability there.

The other thing is how important the three mystery subplots are, which should be “not that important” since they’re there to justify Anna and Nate working together while working out their differences. But still, they have to make sense, pile on top of each other, have a certain absurdity to them. Somebody dies, but we can spare him, so things never get too dire. This is going to take Psmith level of plotting.

All of which is to say, instead of posting Act One today, I’m writing it.

Here, have an unfinished collage (remember, not an artwork, just a writing tool):

26 thoughts on “So it’s been a week . . .

  1. Sorry about the physical reaction. I’m glad you’re getting better! Meanwhile I like the looks of this collage! Happy writing!

  2. So sorry about the shots. I only got the flu shot and it felt as if something rock solid had punched me in the arm. Still not even close to what you experienced, so I’m grateful for that escape.

  3. I did the same double shot cocktail and was down for 2 days. Besides injection sites, every joint in my body ached and I had chills that shook the bed. Still better than getting the diseases. Feel better!

  4. I learned last year to NEVER get a flu shot and a pneumonia shot at the same time. I was so sick – it took several days to get over. The flu shot always makes my arm sore but this was so much worst. You have my complete understanding and sympathy! Hope you get better soon.

      1. At our age, I think the pneumonia vaccine should be good for about ten years. This year’s flu gave me a sore shoulder, and it doesn’t usually have that effect. Still, I once had the flu, and have no desire to repeat the experience — death would have been a welcome friend for a couple of days there.

        Throw it off ASAP!

      2. Yes, you have learned your lesson well. I too doubled. Indeed my arm was sore, and I lost two days I don’t remember flat out in bed.

  5. I loaned Welcome to Temptation to my Mom who isn’t a big romance reader but has been craving light and optimistic lately, and she was DELIGHTED when the dead body showed up. Now I feel like I need to go find her all the cheerful romances I have with murder in them.

    1. You could try the Blackbird Sisters series ofbooks by Nancy Martin – romance – comedy – and murder .. I think there is about 10 of them .. I enjoyed all of them. probably best to read in order although not totally necessary

    1. Me, too. Otherwise it just assumes a HEA when the tricky part is learning how to grow in the same direction.

  6. Be well, Jenny. The senior flu shot made my arm hurt for days. I didn’t want my left arm to hurt and make writing difficult, so got it in my right arm. Realized that night that I sleep on my right side–not without pain for a few nights! A friend got flu, pneumonia, and shingles all on the same day, and was laid low for several days. One would think that the medical folks would warn one, but no.

  7. I’ve done my Shingles #1 (Sept), Flu (Oct), and in a couple of weeks, Shingles #2. We’ll see about Shingles #2 reaction, but it’s not like I’m scheduled up.

    I forgot about the Blackbird Sisters books, I look forward to getting back to them.

  8. When I got the shingles shot #1, my entire arm hurt for a week. The second one was worse. But I’m glad I got it. I had shingles once…oy.

    I’d definitely space the shots out, if you are having two next year.

    And yay for writing!

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