Happiness is Getting Over a Flu Shot

I am practically back to normal, which means except for the pain in my arm, the Flu Shot Misery is going. (I expect pain in my arm from a flu shot; it was the rest of it that was such a violation.). I’m also working on Anna and realizing that while talking with Bob has been invaluable–always brainstorm with somebody who speaks your language and knows stuff that you don’t–I have opened myself up to a new “book done yet;” now it’s “how is your book going?” which could just be Bob being polite or could be his way of keeping me on task, since he has to read the new version before Tuesday when we’re going to slice and dice Anna. Which is good. I’d write more but I have to get back to plotting Anna. I have many new ideas, all of which make me happy. Now if they just made sense together . . .

What made you happy this week?

63 thoughts on “Happiness is Getting Over a Flu Shot

  1. Taking a news break until after the election has made me happy. It may be a very long break depending on how things go post election. Putting together jigsaw puzzles online while listening to Italian podcasts and movies makes me happy.
    We were supposed to meet with a family this afternoon for an outside picnic, but it’s really coming down now. I may bake some cookies and try to feel cozy.

  2. Having two days off after a very intense stretch ot time at work makes me happy.
    Having one more hour of sleep thanks to switching to winter hours feels giod, too.
    And the sun is shining.
    Pancakes made for a late brwakfast by dear daughter and husband. Very nice.
    A break from news seems a VERY, VERY good idea, too, as I always tend to feel pessimistic anyway. But nevertheless hoping….

    1. @Dodo, I feel hopeful (not 100%, but more the 50, we’ll say), but I think staying away from the news just keeps me on a even keel and not wildly oscillating back and forth. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. That’s my motto.

      1. Apart from Corona, our media looks with both horror and hope towards the US and it’s difficult not to feel apprehensive. So much depends for Europe on having a reliable partner. Even the kids are alarmed (the son is 15 so very interested in politics).
        Since we cannot do anything but hope for the best (i.e. a change), I will do just that.
        And concentrate on seeing the positive (not my strongest talent), e.g. the beautiful weather outside. Though with all my family members having to work and study (daughter for her English test tomorrow), there won’t be much time to go on an extended walk except alone. Sigh.

  3. Getting to listen in on “Jenny and Bob working on books” makes me extremely happy.

    Worked very part time this week, so had time to help darling sister with projects. Made my dough for Halloween sugar cookies so I can bake and decorate today. Was going to put up my large inflatable yard decorations, but DH needs to cut the grass one more time, so I have a great excuse to blow it off for today. Planning to make a special batch of cookies with sugar eyes on them to take to my favorite pizza emporium on Friday – they like their Christmas cookies so much, and it makes me feel normal in an abnormal world.

    For now, more coffee, new book, and possibly a fire to curl up near.

  4. A Zoom call with old friends followed by a walk round the hillfort and then a hot bath rounded off my working week beautifully. I’ve got a friend staying for a couple of nights, so lots of conversation and some boozy suppers. Plus, after several duds, I’m rereading ‘Something Human’ by A. J. Demas.

  5. I got another clean scan so the doctors are giving me a three month break from chemo. They will review at the next scan in three months. I am very grateful that this makes one year of clear scans. It is the longest I have had since being diagnosed.

    I also made some lovely banana bread.

  6. It’s been a difficult week, so much so that I ditched my to-do chart Thursday evening to watch a 2011 Stratford Festival performance of Twelfth Night. That made me happy, as did lunch with our transition priest on Wed. and with a former coworker on Friday. I went back and reread the Alice proposal for fun, too.

    I AM going to bake some bread today–all ingredients are here, and the day is open.

  7. I put together my sauerkraut yesterday. Now it’s just a matter of time.

    Don’t hve much of anything to do today, which makes me happy.

  8. Went to the Portland Museum of Art on Thursday, limited numbers, masks required, etc. Saw a Frederic Remington/Winslow Homer exhibit, and then wandered the galleries. So wonderful to be someplace different and see beautiful art, or at least interesting art.

    Some Autumn colors remaining, amazing golden light in the sunsets.

  9. I got my hair cut for the first time since January, and I bought a new car to replace my beloved 2003 Saturn, which I will be giving to my grandson. (The Saturn only has 66K miles on it. I don’t get around a whole lot.)

    1. I still have my 2003 Saturn with 114,000 miles on it and plan to keep it until it can no longer move. I’m sure your grandson will get a lot of use from your generous gift.

      1. I used to say that the Saturn would outlast me, and it certainly may, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that the issue isn’t about the car’s driving ability but my own. I want things now like back up cameras and other safety features that didn’t even exist when I bought the Saturn in 2003.

  10. Two midterms last week. First one went well but not sure about 2nd one. Not my favourite subject and Instructor had technical issues so we started 30 mins late; 10 mins in, my dog threw up right behind my chair. I will laugh at this at some point.

    Snow in the forecast for tomorrow, so spent yesterday outside, cleaning up the gardens. I cut down my tomatoes and harvested the remaining Swiss chard. I’m keeping some radishes in the ground and hopefully they’ll go to seed – I need them for a school project.

    1. My newest replacement Kindle is a Paperwhite. It comes in two versions, WITH or WITHOUT Free Cellular Connectivity. Be sure you get the version you prefer, because the Without page doesn’t make it obvious! I also love the Fintie folio case Book style, because my hands are more comfortable holding a book than holding anything else. This is probably true for most of the Argh-ers . . . .

  11. Hey, at least it’s not, “write another damn book, Crusie.” 😀

    I’m glad you’re getting over the flu shot. I always carry some sort of diclofenac-type of anti-inflammatory cream or gel for flu shot appointments. Then I apply liberally up and down the arm and shoulder, even neck muscles.

    Barring any odd reactions like yours to 2 vaccines, it works quite well.

    It’s vacation. I’m still in cocoon and laze and recover mode. Hopefully, I snap out of it tomorrow. I’ll go make some lists. Item 1 buy spices, Item 2 buy chocolate.

  12. I got some visible yard work done, read a lot, and watched ‘The Music Man’ with Robert Preston (such a fan).

    Since my old Kindle is glitching to the point of not synching, I am treating myself to a new one for my birthday.

    Also, the husband brought home a dozen fresh donuts from Randy’s yesterday. He stopped on his way home because he wanted one, waited 40 minutes in the socially-distanced line, and by the time he got to the window thought ‘I’m not waiting 40 minutes for ONE donut.’

  13. Sitting in my comfy recliner, admiring the sunshine, my fire burning away, makes me very happy! I’ve read the Sunday paper, and will do chores soon. Maybe. VERY comfy!

    We did a last cleaning of Dad’s house, getting everything out. Professional cleaners come Monday. Papers were signed last Friday, so barring some buyer’s remorse, It Is Sold. This makes me maudlin-but-happy. Dad lived there 64 years. Hard to believe I will no longer make that drive to his house. But happy probation is almost complete!

  14. Spent ALL DAY yesterday cleaning out and rearranging my garage so that two cars can fit in. I had help, thank goodness. It’s a huge garage and it shouldn’t be a problem to get two cars in it, except that last year I backed into one of the doors and busted it. So now we can only use the left side.

    Recycled a LOT of boxes I was saving to kill the grass in my huge lawn. I kept a few of the best pieces of card board and the rest are gone. The garage looks so much better. It’s very happy making.

    Today I’ve done a lot of nothing. Also very happy making.

    1. Well, yes, after a garage wrangling day, a rest day is certainly called for!. Congratulations. I identify with the “best pieces of cardboard,” I have a box in the shed now labeled “boxes to good to throw away.”

  15. I’ve been spending the weekend at the Surrey International Writers Conference. It went virtual this year, of course, which makes me happy as it is nice not to have to pony up for travel, accommodations, etc. I am enjoying the workshops but it is the chatting with other writers that is so rewarding.

    BTW, Jenny, your name has come up more than once, as well as arghink.com. All in very positive ways, but I hope you would know that without me saying so! 🙂

    1. I thought I saw your name on one of the workshop chats. It was so great not to spend so much money on food , travel, etc., even though I live not far away. I also thought it would have been great if Jenny had been teaching a workshop or two. But I think a computer went missing last time Jenny was there.

      The keynote speakers were great too. Eileen Cook’s first published novel has a great quote from Jenny too. It is a small world.

        1. Of course not, Hope it didn’t sound like I implied that.

          I started going to Siwc the year after you were there, Bob was there, great workshops. Eileen was the final keynote speaker. Always inspiring.

          Yes, you write the best banter ever.

    2. I had a fabulous time in Surrey, met the most wonderful people, and got a great free pen. Nothing but good times there.

  16. Today I downloaded an app (google clock) where I can set songs and/or podcasts as my alarms at various points of the day. I’ve been doing the pandemic mental spiral lately, and since music is a good motivator for me, I’m hoping this will help me stick to a routine on the hard days, so that there are (fingers crossed) fewer hard days.

    1. Sometimes I pick a comic and tell Alexa to play me some routines while I’m making the bed. It starts me out laughing which can help the rest of the day.

  17. We got rid of a lot of stuff this week, which is very happy-making. Huge load to Goodwill, 17 CD bookcases to a new home, and our Susie Cooper dishes are setting out on a roadtrip to their next home in Tennessee.

    Thursday we go to our visa appointment in San Francisco – it’s been a long wait for that one!

  18. Sunday. Shopping and Dining with the dotter (and apparently, also #2 Grandson is becoming a fixture in this.)

    Lowes. More pumpkins. Hay, Then Target. Clearance Halloween costumes. Make-up. Candy, which had to be the twins’ favorites, in case it wasn’t all given away. One of the pharmacy staff asked if I wanted a flu shot. I asked myself, “Why should Jenny suffer alone?” and nodded.

    Dinner was Burger King.

  19. Beautiful walk – the rain intensified the fall colors, and the mist turned the familiar park into another world.

    A happy video call with my art group. People email me their work, and I screen share so we can ooh, aah and advise.

    Gratitude that we have shelter, food and internet – it’s our main source of socializing, what with Zoom yoga, art group, family calls and even football watching.

    The HWSWA chats. This time around you both seem less…dogmatic? Maybe it’s easier when you’re working on separate books. The mutual support is lovely.

    1. Was it last year that you posted pictures of your dragon-in-the-attic dispensing Halloween candy to street-side kids? I thought it was brilliant then and now seems prescient. It’s COVID safe I think?

  20. A friend came for a garden visit, it was v enjoyable. Other people’s enthusiasm reinvigorates when you’ve been bogged down in the ‘too much to do’. Sallianne refreshes the street library at Rocky Plain School and I scored a few Mary Stewart books that she’d removed from circulation. Background, the school at Rocky Plain is not in use, hasn’t been for years. It’s a single weatherboard building that serviced local farms before buses and roads reduced travel times. My aunt used to teach there as a young woman. (Can’t you just see the kids piled on one horse getting there?)

    The garden is in full spring explosion, clematis budding, poppies, lupins, aquilegia. I love this period of spring.

    Had the pleasure of two of the offspring and their partners for a couple of days, very happy making.

  21. Happiness is a new kitten. Our older cat, after a careful introduction of a day spent watching the kitten through the screen I placed over the door, thinks this is one of the best things ever. The size difference between the two is extreme so Lindy is being very careful of the baby. The kitten whose brain is still the size of a pea, carefully sniffed Lindy’s nose then launched himself around Lindy’s neck. Other than being startled and jumping about a foot straight up and back, Lindy reacted reasonable calmly. We planned on another week of keeping the kitten confined to one room but he has somehow discovered how to shimmy around the screen (I have not seen it done, just the screen still in place and the kitten on the wrong side of it) so we have caved and he gets to do what he wants. Big surprise.

    I posted a video of the kitten playing with a sandel on working wednesday but it was my first time so I accidentally posted it twice. I will eventually figure out how to get rid of the extra one.

  22. My sister had surgery on Thursday and it was a rousing success. The same surgeon who did such a great job on her back fused some vertebrae in her neck so that they are no longer pinching a nerve and cutting off sensation in one of her hands. She can now close it again and is no longer dropping and breaking dishes regularly. I am so happy for her and am so glad that they are doing elective surgery once again.

    I’m also happy that I found a way to make an embarrassing situation into a happy out come. I have been collecting the Elephant and Piggie children’s books by Mo Willems. I carry a list of the ones I own with me so I do not buy the same books over and over. Unfortunately, I never put one of the titles on the list and I think I have bought it 4 times. This time, instead of returning the excess copy, I called Becky and asked her if her kids owned a copy.. They do not and will be glad to take my spare copy, thereby sparing me the embarrassment of returning this title yet again. And I finally added this title to my list so I won’t buy it again.

    1. Best wishes to your sister on her successful surgery. Thank god we did not live a hundred years ago and were just expected to become crippled and/or invalids as we aged.

  23. Charlotte’s Web rehearsal is going well (escalates next week) and friends and I are brainstorming doing an online holiday show…if we can just find the meeting time. Well, we have ideas.

    I’m pretty pleased with my rainbow knitting project going on as well.

  24. Trace of an autumn sprinkle this morning motivated me to plant a native sage; then I – in a surprise addition to the plan – dug in four more plants. So now hope is on the menu (in addition to the big Other Thing). We shall see come Spring.

    Last night a start on the new Robert Galbraith, and awaiting is a NYer article on how the Louvre became great by favorite writer Adam Gopnik.

    Used bamboo sticklets to prop up the potted black locust and in the working discovered adorable little black blooms, first time ever. Success! A rare plant I’ve failed to kill — amazing.

    Bonus happy: shrimp in tamarind sauce for our weekly watch of Gardener’s World.

  25. This is the first year I had any reaction other than a sore arm to the flu shot, and I attributed it to the first time getting the super-charged version for old folks. I spent almost exactly 24 hours with a massive headache and total exhaustion, unable to get out of bed, and then I was fine.

    So I’m happy that’s over. And still glad I got the shot, considering the state of the pandemic even before flu season peaks.

    Beyond that, I’m happy that the adult daughter of my neighbors, who saw me quilting over the years but was never all that interested in it for herself, has suddenly discovered quilting, so I can experience her joy second-hand via Instagram and support her as needed.

  26. This one’s a little frivolous, but Judge Sullivan, who is presiding over the Michael Flynn case, accepted “our” amicus curiae brief among others (my contribution to this was a round of proofreading, as one of the pickier grammar/spelling/punctuation/usage/vocabulary buffs of the group). It suggests that Judge Sullivan might like to hear from Brandon Van Grack, who withdrew from the case a while ago, before the Judge actually rules. I will be following this with great interest for a number of reasons.

    1. Let me add to this a totally frivolous “spider chip cookies” for Halloween — when the cookies are out of the oven, still warm, take a toothpick and tease spider legs from the still-melted chocolate chips. Silliest looking things ever.

  27. I’m one of a group who organise a festival over New Year, but that’s been canceled due to covid. I was starting to think we’d be stuck with nothing for New Year. But today, we pushed the go button on a smaller camping get-together, so I’ll get to spend the holiday with my friends. That’s made me very happy.

    And I just spent a long weekend away with my husband. We stayed at a beautiful coastal town near here, and did a little walking, a lot of eating (waffles for brunch 3 days in a row) and a heap of relaxing. It was exactly what I needed. I’m back home with so much more energy that I even did an hour’s work in the garden this afternoon.

  28. Albatross!

    We took an extra day on the long weekend for a trip away, including a visit to one of the one accessible Northern Albatross nesting sites in the world. Awesome, and not in a ‘pretty cool’ usage, but actually awesome to see albatross in flight. Very happy.

    Also we ate great food, visited interesting museums, little walks, gorgeous views. Happy and grateful.

  29. Friday evening, my DH and I went to the State Fairgrounds. Several food vendors had been set up for a take out only option during the time that would have been the Fair. We wore our masks, scored a great parking space, stood in a socially distanced line and brought our booty home. It was very tasty, and nice to continue our streak of “we went to the Fair” years.

    Saturday I tackled the six months of growth on the other side of the fence (that we are still responsible for). It was a hard slog of work, but I’m happy that it is done. My DH got all my debris into our yard waste barrels and hauled them back around the block for pick up this week.

    With yesterday’s all day rain, I was even more happy that I’d taken care of the yard work. I was able to putter happily about the house. I also got to wish my aunt a happy 90th birthday. Her wish was not a party, but to have letters, so I’m off to type something up for her to get in the mail later this week.

  30. I went to the Smoky Mountains with Scout. Fought off a bear. Wrestled an alligator (not named Moot). Ate some rocks.
    Book done yet?

    1. I am in awe of your simple back-to-the-earth manliness.

      No, the book is not done yet. Yes, I know I said I’d send it to you by now. I think it’s so cute that you still think I’d meet a deadline.

  31. This is a bit left field but have you seen Anna Kendrick in Mr. Right? It just popped into my head when reading an Anna post. There is this scene toward the end where she’s figured out she’s very competent with a gun and she screams, I am a T-REX! and it just really gave me vibes toward your Anna.

  32. I spent the weekend with friends at a state park in West Virginia. To be extra cautious, I had a Covid test a couple of days before, but we were mostly outside and are all cautious types anyway. It was a great escape.

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