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  1. Gasp! This line, {i}“Ease up, Mom, you’re killing him”{/i} has got me all heart-eyed!

  2. I loved the discussion about Grandpa’s money. I loved the entire thing, of course, but the bit about the money really smacks Nathan in the moral superiority.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Fairfax. That woman from the team is probably all up in this too. Hahahahaha! This. Is. So. Good.

  4. Sparkling and nourishing, like the champagne with orange juice.
    One “hmmm” moment: as Anna-Lucy gets into the car with Charlie after the police interview, she realizes she’s “violating one of Grandpa’s rules,” entering a car with an angry man with a gun. I inferred the parallel to the aborted kidnapping incident, even that she is dragging Charlie along, in her car, with only grudging consent. But this seems somehow bigger.
    Is there a list of grandpa’s rules? Her mob family knew she would be living her life trailed by people in payback mode, and trust funds and self-defense training are not failsafe protection against mean streets mischance (vid. lousy locks on pool house – or is that a springe set to catch woodcocks? QED Anna & Mama got it handled, really, like she keeps insisting).
    What is not said in that paragraph? Maybe you have set up a clever foreshadow which my mental maglight can’t penetrate. Leaves me wondering.
    O, Professional You! Perhaps I am meant to wonder.
    Congrats on maintaining Marco Polo mode. I await further exploratory discoveries.

  5. The plot thickens, and I love it. One thing though. The name of the Russian, Ljubov Volkov, is not right. Volkov is a common Russian surname, but Ljubov is a female name. There are no Russian guys named Ljubov, neither in Russia nor outside of Russia. Only women.

    1. Bless you, Olga. Google let me down.
      Although now I’m thinking it might be more fun if it was a woman.
      Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you.

      1. Maybe he’s not Russian and his fake ID was taken from the internet … he is pretending to be affiliated with his rivals

      2. Right… all kinds of complications ensue because this guy is using a woman’s name and hasn’t a clue. Nor do the Feds. It takes the Russian cleaning lady to set them straight.

        1. It takes the Russian cleaning lady to set them straight.

          But not until she sends a coded communique via channels to whatever the successor to the KGB is (her other bosses), so they can laugh, too.

  6. I love this so much. It’s the best thing I’m reading right now.

    It’s so light and free and entertaining and it just skips along. I’m not doing a very good job of explaining this, but I maybe like that it’s unedited. I know the word I want, it feels alive, and unfettered, like the opposite of covid. Love it.

  7. I love the shift from Charlie to Nathan to Agent Miller (any relation to Andie? That’d be interesting with Carter in the mix). I love Anna Banana (you just know straight away that this is not a standard interrogation). And I loved Carter’s snarky comment about Nate knowing all about a compromised interrogation. Anna’s hitting it pretty hard on the cold thing, though. And I adore every second of Angelina.

  8. Thank you Jenny. This is improving my year enormously. And it sounds like you’re having crazy fun with the writing again, which is just joyful to watch.

  9. That was fun. I love the image of her drunk mother hanging off the bad guy’s back by a garrote. Thank you so much for posting it.

    Question that came to me reading the end: how far away is Nate’s gun from where he is when the pool lights go out? Would he want it closer if he is concerned someone may try to murder them?

  10. I love Angelina rescuing her before Nate can. I can see why she’s pissed off, I’d be pissed off if he insisted on protecting me too, at least in that tone of voice.

  11. Something I noticed, since debauchery is clearly going to be a recurring theme: Anna never actually says anything about debauchery to him in Part One. She thinks it to herself, but no one says the word out loud on the page until *he* does with “It’s time to move into debauchery.” I think it’s clear that it’s meant to be a reference to something she’s said to him, but she hasn’t actually said it anywhere.

    This is so good, Jenny.

    1. That’s because the Part One that you read is from the end of Sept. I caught that in the rewrites and she mentions debauchery several times before he says it now. At some point I’ll put the rewrites up; but it’s all little things now, like switching the Russian guy in the garage to a Russian woman (thank you, Olga).

      But thank you for the head’s up. That really needed to be fixed.

  12. I know it’ll get fixed in Betas, but do they meet on Friday night or Saturday night? I’m all for Saturday, it allows them both to still be tired/jet-lagged on Monday morning.

    1. They meet late Saturday night around midnight, have breakfast at 7AM on Sunday, Nate takes a 9AM flight home.
      I’ll have to check that to make sure it’s clear.

  13. I’m loving this! Thank you–I had a trying meeting on Zoom this morning and needed to laugh and get involved with a good plot and strong characters.

  14. Good golly this was good! Even better than expected, and I always expect good things from a Crusie. I’m still smiling to have found and read this today. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Tons of fun!

    For some weird personal (unconscious) reason, when someone “rifles” through a closet I pronounce it in my head as “riffles.” Only after I had stopped and reminded myself of this, did I appreciate the fact that an FBI agent on a search would, of course, “rifle.”

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