Happiness is Getting Over a Flu Shot

I am practically back to normal, which means except for the pain in my arm, the Flu Shot Misery is going. (I expect pain in my arm from a flu shot; it was the rest of it that was such a violation.). I’m also working on Anna and realizing that while talking with Bob has been invaluable–always brainstorm with somebody who speaks your language and knows stuff that you don’t–I have opened myself up to a new “book done yet;” now it’s “how is your book going?” which could just be Bob being polite or could be his way of keeping me on task, since he has to read the new version before Tuesday when we’re going to slice and dice Anna. Which is good. I’d write more but I have to get back to plotting Anna. I have many new ideas, all of which make me happy. Now if they just made sense together . . .

What made you happy this week?