Happiness is Comfortable Clothes

I remember a time when I had to wear pantyhose. Those were dark days. Then I quit my full time job and became a student/TA, and my wardrobe got much simpler. Then I became a full time writer, and my wardrobe bifurcated into Tour Clothes and Writing Clothes, aka pajamas and nightgowns. Then the virus hit and I left the Tour Clothes behind forever and now it’s Writing Clothes all the time. I’ve never been so comfortable in my life. I even have one Writing Clothes dress in several colors. It’s this one. Long enough to cover everything up without looking like a tent. Stretchy so it never binds. Hoodie if my head gets cold. And bonus, if I put this jacket over it with the hood down in back, it looks like I Made An Effort. Also, POCKETS.

The virus is a horrible thing, but it has made comfortable clothes a possibility 24/7. That makes me happy.

What made you happy this week?