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        Going to the main page, no entry seems to exist later than 9/22/2020

    1. OMG! Crusie is fallible. Our Jenny is fallible, everyone! What will we do? What will we do? I am frankly shocked. Who would have believed there was gamb… errr, fallibility in Argh Ink.

  1. But your e-conversation is really fun! Tho I still don’t understand how people get published. Established authors. Are many authors self-publishing now? I’ll just keep reading the conversations, I learn something every time!

    1. I actually don’t know how it works now, I wasn’t kidding about being out of the game for ten years.
      I first sold in 1992 through a contest that gave me a terrible contract, but hooked me up with a great editor.
      You know, I should ask that here on the blog in the Monday post. We have a lot of published authors here. I think I’ll do that. It should be really interesting.
      Thanks for asking!

  2. Another great post, thank you, Jenny and Bob! And the link to the Rusch article was interesting, if depressing. Thanks for sharing it, Jenny and Melissa.
    Looking forward to next week’s HWSWA.

    1. Yeah, that Rusch article made me glad I’ve never gone for my dreams and tried to make a living via the arts.

      (Don’t want to run my own business, am not that good, want health insurance. Also somehow just have no care about publishing anything I ever wrote, probably because it’s so delayed gratification.)

  3. Something that just struck me about the whole gestalt of what you’ve posted lately:

    There’s stuff here about the need for a conflict box and a protagonist and antagonist in inescapable conflict, but it also sounds a lot like this is what you’ve been spending a lot of time cutting in Nita as too much political stuff…

    I guess it’s a very careful balance.

    1. The problem with Nita was that I didn’t run a conflict box so I didn’t notice I had two main plots, the romance and the political. Once I tried to run the box, it became obvious I had two, had to choose one, and that one was the romance.

      This time everything started off with two people together, so obviously a romance. I think it’s about two people trying really hard to fit in and forget about their pasts, and the one-night-with-a-stranger bit gives them alternate identities that keep using after they meet again and know each other’s names because they’re more honest as liars than they are in their daily lives. I think. The subplot is the art crime he’s investigating and she got sucked into when she went to Vegas on her bosses orders.

      I think.

      1. “they’re more honest as liars than they are in their daily lives” sounds fascinating and awesome.

  4. “I think I just want happy stories. No pain. ” ditto I would be happy to read this, no matter how wrong I am structurally.

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