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The latest HWSEA post is up: Revising.. I’m not sure there’s enough info there to make it helpful, we’ve degenerated into nattering a lot, so I may put another post up there that streamlines the process I used to edit Nita. Assuming you all aren’t so tired of Nita you want to scream.

In other news, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is gone, and I am desperately trying to find a silver lining. I’d love to think her death would make things more difficult for Senate Republicans in Lean Democrat states, but mostly we just lost a great, strong, smart woman, who was probably really tired and just wanted to get out of those robe. RIP RBG, you were the best.

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  1. She was Something Else. The Author did an excellent job writing her character. I could wish He (or She) had written her a happier ending.

    1. Or maybe we just wish The Author had written us a happier ending. My mom was positive that she would be reunited with my dad after her death and I’ll never know if that happened. Maybe RBG is happily with Marty again. But I know she hopes we can delay replacing her on the court until after Trump is out of office.

  2. I am grieving. For all of us.

    On a side note, I would love to see more on revising and I can never get enough of Nita. I still have hopes that you will publish her someday.

    1. Oh, I have hopes of that, too.

      I think I’ll do an extra post for HWSWA on revising Nita. A cleaned up, stream-lined version. Our chat was a short on details.

  3. Noticed how quickly the flags were lowered with an election close to forty days away. Transparent much! We only just saw the movie on her career last week and it struck me of all that women have gained in the last fifty or so years. Imagine not being hired for a job because you would be a threat to the wives. She was amazeballs.

    1. PS, back in the day I was laid off for being six months pregnant and turned down for unemployment for being pregnant.

      1. Back in the day (college days) Roy Rogers restaurants paid us less than the guys because someday they’d have to support families whereas we’d just be wives. No, I’m not kidding. There’s a reason why the women of my generation are so damn mad.

        1. I started working with computers in 1976 ( yes I am old) and at the time I was a team lead and there was a guy who was newer than me and had less experience. I found he was making me money and it made me angry. I confronted my boss and heard the same old story.. He had a family to support and I did not.. and even today it a fact that women in comparable jobs are still paid less then men.

  4. My mother, as an engineering student, was given a C in a class where she’d earned at least a B, and the professor told her that it was because the young men needed the higher grades, as in ten years she’d be married and raising a family at home and they’d be working and supporting families. She graduated as the first woman four-year degree in enginering from her college in 1944 and immediately joined the Navy.

  5. Melissa’s link on HWSW was interesting, and alarming. It’s an essay on the crisis in publishing/bookselling, and how it’s affecting traditionally published authors. As far as I know, UK printers haven’t collapsed (but I don’t have access to trade news); but the business model’s the same: velocity rules. Hope I don’t lose my day job before I finally get my pension in a couple of years.

  6. I am feeling grateful that we had RBG for so long and that simply having her (aside from her being a Righteous Broad) raised people’s (especially women’s) awareness of the importance of SCOTUS. Losing her gave me a kick in the ass to throw a bunch of money at progressive candidates in swing states.

    Regarding revising, I think I’m more like Bob. 🙂 I usually write through start to finish, and write daily on any new project. But once a week or so I go back to the beginning and work through it all the way, since the new material sometimes means things at the start of the story need to be tweaked. Often it’s only a name or a description or a location, occasionally it’s an actual plot point (plot is something I discover as I go along).

    The theme is generally a mystery till the whole thing is done and then I’m like Oh. Which is when I return to read/write it through yet again. (I’ve even had the theme become clear only after beta reader/cover designer has her way with it.)

    One huge blessing with self-publishing is the freedom to keep revising. I am about to reload a title because I picked up the proof copy to re-read last week and found a couple of continuity errors. (Like you say: things show up on the physical page.) Fixing those errors gave me an excuse to tweak a couple other things, plus we’re giving it a new cover. It’s times like this I’m glad I’ve sold so few copies. Anybody whose attention is caught by the new cover will get an improved book.

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