3 thoughts on “HWSWA: Revising Examples

  1. “cut the hell out of it because I loved writing Button and Max and would have done their banter for another forty thousand words.” included in the outtakes please. The parts you are cutting, not another 40,000 words, obviously. Though if you were to feel the urge…….

  2. First, I REALLY hope that you post all these removed words on your site once the book publishes! I love looking over what was removed, once I’ve read the published novel.

    Second, newbie question: how do you determine word count? In college, lo these many years ago, me and my trusty manual typewriter knew one of my typed pages was around 250 words. How do you figure this out in the digital age?

    1. I’m on a Mac, and under”Tools” there’s a Word Count function.

      250 per page is pretty standard, but I do a lot of dialogue, so mine tend to be less.

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