Argh Author: Brenda Margriet’s After Words

Brenda Margriet has a new book out today (!), and if you act fast, you can get a great deal on Leeza’s journey.

A mystifying diary ignites a shared quest…and an unexpected romance.

July 21st, 1941
“The journey starts here. I don’t know if I’ll be able to record everything about it but I’ll try. My mother made me promise that I write in this journal as often as possible.”

The moment Leeza Boychuk reads these words, painstakingly penned in a battered, time-stained diary by a young Canadian soldier, she knows her life will change. With a failing business, a philandering ex-husband and an ocean between her and her son, she has her own battles. Yet the infantryman’s innocent yet brutal story haunts her.

Determined to return the journal to the soldier’s family, she enlists the help of Gavin Fletcher, an enigmatic widower. His calm steadfastness is soothing to Leeza’s tattered soul—until an unexpected kiss ignites a longing she isn’t ready to explore.

But Leeza can’t abandon her quest…even if it means confronting her feelings for this increasingly intriguing man.

And here’s your deal from Brenda:

AFTER WORDS is available for $2.99 for a limited time only. This link provides access to all retailers, including Amazon, B&N, Apple and Kobo.

(For those unfamiliar with the term, “seasoned romance” features main characters who have some living under their belts. After all, love isn’t restricted to twenty-year-olds!)

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    1. I am learning there is a whole world out there of books with older characters. I guess Amazon frowns on the use of “mature” (for some reason that sometimes leads to R-rated books!) LOL!

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