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  1. I am writing this at 11:42. Site loaded just fine, despite Verizon throttling of my connectivity. We’ll see it if loads. Clicking “Post Comment” now.

    1. I have no idea what Feedly is.
      I guess the question is, was the site loading slowly before and is it fixed now? Mollie wants to know.

      1. The site’s never been slow to load when I first go to it; it just often will not reload when I hit ‘Post comment’. It was definitely still doing this a few days ago; but since it doesn’t happen every time, I’m not sure if things have changed. Will see if this posts.

        ETA: it didn’t. Nor did a second attempt. This is my third go. (I’m using Safari on an iPad.)

          1. Well, hell.

            For me, I’d comment, and then it would be slow to load and I’d get a “Safari is not responding” message, so I’d hit reload, which would give me a blank commenting box, comment again, and then it would load.

            Is that what was happening for you?

          2. Not exactly. Well, sort of. Sometimes I can go back to the page with my comment ready to load, and try again. But the failure-to-load routine goes more like: the progress bar stops at about half an inch; I keep hitting ‘reload’ or ‘post comment’ until eventually it loads a blank page (saying something like ‘the server stopped responding’) and I hit the back arrow and start again. Sometimes I think I hit the back arrow sooner and get back to where I can start again.

          3. PS. But, as demonstrated above, it can take three goes or more, sometimes, to post successfully.

            This just failed to post, but I aborted straight away by hitting the back arrow, and found my unposted comment here, ready for me to try again. I don’t think that always works.

      2. Oh… Feedly is an app that lets me view new blog posts from dozens of blogs in one screen.

        The site has always loaded normally for me if I go directly to it, but sometimes has issues in Feedly. So, I tend to go directly to it.

  2. I commented on the previous post, no worries, but I am using a computer and firefox, so may be a safari problem.

    1. I would second that guess. I got the same behavior described above with Safari but not on Chrome. Safari did flash a message that it successfully blocked some kind of interfering access so maybe it thinks what we’re getting is a protective feature rather than a bug.

      1. I do have an ad blocker, and of course Apple now does that too – but there are no ads on this site to be blocked. Maybe there’s some interference? I don’t have problems on other sites, but then I’m not trying to comment on them – apart from Instagram.

  3. I have problems similar to what Jane describes, but not always. I usually use Safari on a MacBook Air running 10.14.6, but I have the same problems using Chrome on it, and using either Safari or Chrome on the iPad Air 2 running iOS 13.7.
    I will be randomly surprised to have a comment post on the first attempt.

  4. Much as Jane says, except I’m not advanced enough to do the back button thing. It’s random. Often a comment works but a reply to someone else’s won’t

  5. I am able to post (though I lurk more than post) but I notice the text on the site/comments seems to be in bold font now. Maybe that’s just me?

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